The Risks of New Tattoos . . .

It’s the moment of truth. Your tattoo artist has wiped way the cleanser and you are looking in the mirror or down at your fresh tattoo.  Most of us have total satisfaction with this event.  The time, thought, energy, physical endurance and the financial investment all comes to fruition in this single moment of the reveal.

There are few experiences that compare to the sweetness and satisfaction of seeing your freshly completed tattoo for the first time! For many, this is when your tattoo looks its absolute best, fresh, crisp and the ink is in its truest color.

This is the very same moment your tattoo is its most vulnerable two risks that can weaken or distort the color, cause breaks in the line work, bubble up and leave the tattoo open to nasty infections.

Risk One – Abrasions.  The simplest things like a towel brushing over your new tattoo or the dreaded moment you wake up in the morning to find your sheets stuck to your fresh tattoo or the way stiff uniforms or clothing rubs on your tattoo. Not to mention the agony of your dog jumping on it! All of these things can cause abrasions, knock off scabs that have formed, compromise the quality of your ink but they can frickin’ hurt too!

Risk Two – Dirt. No matter how meticulous you are about the care of your tattoo, dirt will get in open skin. Soap or topical after care products are not a barrier and still leave the open skin exposed. Exposure to your daily environment can be a source of infection – pets, gym equipment, chemicals, public surfaces, dirt and debris – causing irritation and discomfort that can be avoided.

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Nick Quote

Tatu-derm® was created by an inked inventor who saw opportunities for improving the tattoo experience. Angry that his back stuck to the sheets after a new tattoo, he developed Tatu-derm® to protect new tattoos from infection and abrasion.


Finally, a medically responsible solution to protect your tattoo investment and improve the overall tattoo experience. Eliminate scabs and experience easier recovery by keeping dirt and germs out while keeping moisture in. Minimize irritation, retain best color and keep your tattoo hydrated without topical aftercare supplies that can be messy, expensive and time consuming.

Tatu-derm® is a transparent, sterile bandage for new tattoos, manufactured in the USA. Tatu-derm® eliminates the need to take excessive precautions with new tattoos and takes the confusion out of understanding how to take care of your new tattoo for optimal results.

Using the same breathable thin film technology used by healthcare professionals for decades, Tatu-derm® eliminates the need for multiple daily washings and provides a comfortable layer of protection from dirt, bacteria, abrasion and water while keeping skin hydrated.

Tatu-derm® is a transparent breathable film that keeps your new tattoo sharp and reduces color loss due to abrasions and infection due to dirt.

The thin film contains no active ingredients, provides flexible coverage that conforms to most body parts, and the medical grade adhesive sticks only to dry skin, allowing the open skin on the new tattoo to breathe.

Consumer Warning:
Until recent years, many people left the tattoo studio with nothing but a gauze bandage or worse, plastic wrap and masking tape. A tattoo creates a wound that must heal. Plastic wrap, gauze and tape does not protect your investment through the entire 4-6 week healing process.

Order Tatu-derm before you head to your new tattoo appointment so your tattoo is covered and safe before you even get home.
Order Tatu-derm® before you head to your new tattoo appointment so your tattoo is covered and safe before you even get home.

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Watch how Tatu-derm® is changing the industry by protecting the health and investment of tattoo enthusiasts around the world.
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