Artist Spotlight – Eugene Knysh

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Eugene Knysh @levgen_eugeneknysh 00
Eugene Knysh @levgen_eugeneknysh

Eugene Knysh, also known as Levgen, has been tattooing for almost a decade and comes from a self-taught background that not many people can boast. He’s never attended a single art class or any sort of formal school for tattooing. He simply started drawing on paper one day because he felt like it, went on to graffiti art and eventually met a friend at university who was tattooing at the time and decided to get into it.

He specializes in colorful realism tattoos and has already made a name for himself for good reason. If you get a chance to be tattooed by Levgen, we highly suggest you take advantage of the opportunity.

Wroclaw, Poland

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Eugene Knysh @levgen_eugeneknysh 1

Eugene Knysh @levgen_eugeneknysh 2

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