Artist Spotlight – Roman Melnikov

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Roman Melnikov @plebeyboy 1
Roman Melnikov @plebeyboy

Roman Melnikov is a Russian tattoo artist based in Moscow who’s most well-known for his unique, smoky blackwork tattoos. Take a lot at the gallery below and you’ll see prime examples of what we mean.

That being said, he’s no stranger to more traditional tattoo designs and styles either, but not a lot of people look up artists with unique visions and ask them to tone their talents down. Melnikov is one of those tattoo artists we highly recommend you let surprise you and design whatever he wants, because it’s sure to be one-of-a-kind and something very few people have ever seen before.

No Vvave Tattoo

Moscow, Russia

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Roman Melnikov @plebeyboy 2

Roman Melnikov @plebeyboy 3

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