This is Why You Should NOT Trust Scratchers!

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Scratchers, in tattooing terms, is an untrained tattoo artist who tattoos outside of a studio utilizing any equipment he/she can get their hands on. Generally speaking, nowadays scratchers are people who think tattooing is simply taking a tattoo gun and sketching – or “scratching” – a design onto someone’s skin. They get people by having their friends and family talk them up to others and by offering tattoos for a fraction of a professional’s price.

While a lot of historically well-known tattoo artists back-in-the-day got their starts as scratchers, it’s not a common way into the industry today. Most budding tattoo artists start as studio apprentices and learn their craft from other professionals.

Take this tattoo gallery as a warning sign and avoid scratchers at all costs. You don’t want to end up with a shitty tattoo like one of these on your body, messing up your skin for a quick buck.



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