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Abey Alvarez @abeyalvarez 00
Abey Alvarez @abeyalvarez

Abey Alvarez is a tattoo artist who owns and operates out of 3 Foot Radius Tattoo in Southern California. He learned about tattooing from his cellmate while incarcerated in the late 90s and tattooed himself upon release with a homemade tattoo gun. From there he started tattooing anyone who would let him and will readily admit that his work during his time as a scratcher was far from good, but that’s how he learned and eventually became the master craftsman he is today.

He’s an award winning tattoo artist who specializes in black-and-grey tattoos. Abey’s mostly well known for his realism designs, but he’s also no stranger to various other styles of art. He’s constantly looking to better himself as an artist and expand his horizons.

You don’t have to take our word for it though. The video above and the gallery below should be more than enough to show you just how special of an opportunity getting a tattoo done by Abey Alvarez would be.

Southern Cali

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