Artist Spotlight – Slawek Sadowski Slav

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Slawek Sadowski Slav @slavtattoo00
Slawek Sadowski Slav @slavtattoo

Slawek Sadowski Slav is a portrait realism tattoo artist who’s primarily known for his tattoos of fictional people and objects. He primarily works with black-and-grey ink but is equally talented with colors and knows how to use just the lightest splash of color in a design and make it just as, if not more, effective as the fully-colored version of the same design would’ve been.

Sadowski primarily tattoos out of West London Ink, which you can find in (yep, you guessed it) London, but he has been known to work as a guest artist in various tattoo studios all over Europe. Anyone looking to get a tattoo by him – and we can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t – can easily set up an appointment by following the West London Ink link below and checking out the site’s contact page.

West London/Wroclaw/Lublin

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Slawek Sadowski Slav @slavtattoo1

Slawek Sadowski Slav @slavtattoo2

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