Kickass Katana Tattoos

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Historically speaking, katanas are traditional Japanese swords that were used by samurai during Japan’s feudal era. They’re characterized by their distinctive slightly curved singular edge and long grip that serves to naturally accommodate a two-handed fighting style.

That being said, katanas were in official use long after Japan’s feudal era ended. All Japanese officers were required to wear a sword, many opting for katanas, during World War II. Each of the swords were traditionally made but, because so many were required, many of the blacksmiths involved in their creation didn’t know how they were traditionally crafted and utilized their own methods.

Nowadays, katanas are mostly depicted in works of fiction. They’re often considered “cool-looking” and fascinate modern audiences, which is why it was a breeze to find ten well-crafted katana tattoos for this gallery.

We hope you enjoy the gallery below, and be sure to check back daily for more tattoo galleries.

Katana Tattoos (1)
Katana Tattoos (2)

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