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Welcome to the DANGER ZONE! Today we’re taking a look at Archer. (No, not “archery” or “archers”. We’re not talking about anything that has to do with a bow and arrow.) We’re talking about the American adult animated spy comedy television series that has run for 7 seasons and has already been renewed for 3 more, with season 8 premiering in January 2017.

For those of you unfamiliar with this wildly popular animated television series, it primarily follows Sterling Malory Archer and his co-workers who work at a spy organization known as ISIS.  (Not the terrorist group. It stands for “International Secret Intelligence Service”.)

Sterling (who goes primarily by his last name, hence the title of the show) believes himself to be “the world’s greatest spy” but is basically to be considered one of the worst. (It doesn’t help that he’s constantly bragging to strangers that he’s a spy.)

Suffice to say, Archer and his group of coworkers are some of the most dysfunctional characters you’ll ever come across. As an adult animated series, the show constantly pushes the boundaries of political correctness and utilizes crass humor that’s intended for adults.

It’s hard to explain what makes the show so appealing aside from exclaiming just how laugh-out-loud funny it is. That being said, no show makes it to 7, soon-to-be 10, seasons on comedic chops alone. As dysfunctional and exaggerated as the characters may be, they’re largely likable and related in their own weird ways. The series does a great job getting the audience to care about its characters, no matter how anti-hero or even outright villainous they may be.

Being animated, the series can get away with a lot of imagery that wouldn’t be allowed on cable in a live action series. It also helps keep the show’s budget low and affordable too.

If you’re a fan of the series, you’re sure to love the tattoos featured in this gallery. But you’ll probably find something you like even if you’ve never seen a single episode.

Archer Tattoos (1)
Archer Tattoos (2)

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