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WARNING: At least one of the pictures in the gallery below is going to make you a bit squeamish and cringe in disgust. We don’t not advise anyone to view this gallery shortly before or after eating, unless you’re trying to stop yourself from doing so.

Why do we keep showing off horrendous piercings and the consequences of them? Frankly, you guys click on this posts more than our nice, happy, professional tattoo galleries, and we’re also trying to bring awareness to people and stop piercings like these from happening.

We’re all for body modification in a variety of forms, and we thoroughly believe people should be free to do with their body as they wish, but permanent mutilation should still be avoided at all costs. That’s why we keep churning your stomach with these pictures. Hopefully we’ll start seeing less of them and will be unable to garner enough photos to make more galleries in the future.



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