Artist Spotlight – Milker Cordova

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MILKER CORDOVA @milkercordova 00
MILKER CORDOVA @milkercordova

Milker Cordova is a highly talented Venezuelan tattoo artist who works out of Elite Tattoo Studio in Caracas, Venezuela. He specializes in realism tattoos but isn’t a stranger to most abstract or cartoony work either. He’s able to bring any crazy idea you have to life and make it look so real you might think he’s actually seen the crazy creation of your dreams (or nightmares).

He’s well versed at covering poor tattoos with insanely beautiful professional designs. If you have a tattoo you want to cover with something better, he’s definitely a top contender to work with.

If you find yourself in Caracas, we highly suggest getting a tattoo by this master craftsman.

Elite Tattoo Studio

Caracas, Venezuela

IG –

FB –

MILKER CORDOVA @milkercordova 1

MILKER CORDOVA @milkercordova 2

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