Fantastic Fallout Tattoos

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The last time we showed off a tattoo gallery based around a video game franchise, we talked about The Witcher – a fictional fantasy rpg (roleplaying game) series set in the Middle Ages. Today we’re sticking in the same genre but going to an apocalyptic future with Fallout.

Like The Witcher, way before it ever saw a console release, Fallout began on PC. The first games in the franchise, simply titled Fallout, was released in 1997 and was an isometric roleplaying game created by Interplay Entertainment. It was essentially the spiritual successor of Wasteland, a critically acclaimed game that came out in 1988 but hadn’t yet gotten a direct sequel. (Wasteland 2 didn’t come until 2014, largely due to the advent of crowdfunding.)

The Fallout franchise’s premise is pretty simple at its core. What if the Cold War erupted and the entire world was nuked to all hell? Life has always found ways to survive in the most catastrophic of circumstances, and people foresaw the nuclear war coming. What if a small portion of the population hid underground in vaults until the land was livable again?

The stories and overarching world that has been spawned from these ideas is massive and has mad multiple game development and publishing studios, most recent and notably Bethesda, billions (no, that’s not a typo, Fallout 4 alone made $750 million in 24 hours) of dollars over the years. Counting mobile apps and spin-off titles, there have been 7 Fallout games over the past 19 years. Almost all of which have been met by critical acclaim of varying degrees.

It’s one of the most popular gaming franchises in existence today. The last main title, Fallout 4, was released on November 10th, 2015 and people already can’t wait for the 5th installment.

We hope you enjoy the Fallout tattoo gallery below as much as many have enjoy the franchise over the years.
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