Artist Spotlight – Steve Byrne

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Steve Byrne @steve_byrne_tattoo 000
Steve Byrne @steve_byrne_tattoo

Steve Byrne is a UK born and raised tattoo artist who specialies in traditional American style tattooing. He currently lives and works out of Rock of Ages Tattooing in Austin, Texas and has been a professional for over 15 years.

While his tattooing style may borrow from traditional American tattoos, he designs a wide variety of themes. Want a Japanese-inspired tattoo drawn in the classic American tattoo style? Then Steve is the premiere tattoo artist for you.

Anyone looking for a traditional tattoo should highly consider seeking out Steve Byrne.

To see more badass work by Steve Byrne and many others, check out TAM Issue 14!

Issue 14

Austin, Texas

IG –

Steve Byrne @steve_byrne_tattoo 1

Steve Byrne @steve_byrne_tattoo 2

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