Tatu-derm and the Artists Who Use it!

In case you missed our last post, which you can go back and read by clicking here, Tatu-derm is a transparent waterproof bacterial barrier that protects new tattoos better than any aftercare method ever has . . . with a lot less hassle. It keeps tattoos safe from abrasions and infections when they’re most vulnerable, protecting your health and artistic investment without putting it at risk.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Thousands of tattoo studios all over the world have begun utilizing Tatu-derm and recommending it as the premier aftercare solution to their customers.


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Al Garcia @tattooalgarcia
Stay True Tattoos

Al Garcia
“ . . . After seeing how great the results were, I started using it on all my clients!”

It’s not as new as you may think either. When asked about Tatu-derm, Al Garcia from Stay True Tattoos said, “I’ve been using Tatu-derm for close to 4 years now. The first year I’d only use it on larger scale tattoos but, after seeing how great the results were, I started using it on all my clients!”

Al Garcia, like most tattoo artists, had a pretty hard time with tattoo aftercare before Tatu-derm came along. “Prior to using Tatu-derm I had a pretty elaborate tattoo aftercare I’d give my clients. The aftercare instructions were long and thorough but there were just too many variables of things that could go wrong once the client left the studio.”

What Al’s talking about is an all too familiar scenario to us all. The most common practice utilized by most tattoo artists has been to apply gauze directly to a new tattoo before encasing it in saran wrap. There are two major issues with this old way of doing things though:

  1. It never fully protects the tattoo.
  2. The tattoo can be ruined while taking the bandages off.

Mark Duham @markduhan
Skin Deep Tattoo

Mark Duham
“Tatu-derm is a far superior healing product . . .”

We asked Mark Duhan, the artist who owns Skin Deep Ink Tattoo, about his old aftercare techniques. He said, “Before offering Tatu-derm to my clients I was wrapping people with the old school meat packing bandages and medical tape. Clients would leak fluids out of their bandages. They weren’t even close to being sealed well on the edges, and I’m sure contaminants could get through that barrier. I’m sure many clients took the bandage off when they got home or sooner, in the car.”

Mark-Duhan-Tatuderm (1)Now Mark uses Tatu-derm and hasn’t looked back since. “I, as well as my clients, am so glad I made the switch. Tatu-derm is a far superior healing product to anything else available to today’s tattooer. My clients love it. Some of them even buy it from me for other healing purposes like cuts and scratches. I use it on myself if I have any open wound that I want to protect while I’m tattooing. The response is always the same the next time I see a client, ‘That clear stuff is awesome!’”

With all the artistry involved, it’s easy to forget that tattooing creates an open wound that’s prone to infection. As regular visitors of TAM have seen in numerous articles, infected tattoos are a very real and not-so-rare occurrence. As tattoos increase in popularity, the negative effects of shoddy aftercare are coming into the limelight and attracting the attention of lawmakers who are seeking to crack down on tattooing regulation.

Vyvyn Lazongo @vyvyn
Madame Lazonga’s Tattoo

Vyvyn Lazongo
“The product is like wearing a second skin . . .”

Tatu-derm couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s elegant and highly effective aftercare solution is sure to save millions of people as it becomes commonplace in tattoo artist studios all over the world.

It’s so effective that new and old artists alike are more than happy to change their aftercare methods and welcome Tatu-derm into their shops. Vyvyn Lazonga, owner and proprietor of Madame Lazonga’s Tattoo which has been around since 1972, said, “I found out about Tatu-Derm from a fellow tattoo artist a couple of years ago. I decided to try it out after listening to what great healing results they were seeing from using it. 

The product is like wearing a second skin, it’s light and see-through which makes it convenient for others to see your new tattoo.  I have had such good results with it compared to the old method of using typical bandages.  There’s something about it that helps the body use it’s own fluid to help it heal faster with very little scabbing. It’s completely sterile so I don’t have to tell my clients to wash their skin and change the bandage after a few hours like I did with the old method.  After tattooing for 45 years I am so happy to have found this type of bandage because it makes a huge difference in the healing process.

 I have to say that Donna, the owner of Tatu-Derm, has always been very professional and quick in sending me the product.”


When you are in the tattoo business for the long-term and want your clients to refer you to others, Tatu-derm makes sure your work and the customer’s investment gets the best care.

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