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State Of Grace Tattoo @stateofgracetattoo 1
State Of Grace Tattoo @stateofgracetattoo 

Today we’re not just covering a single tattoo artist, but an entire tattoo studio. State of Grace Tattoo has been around for well over a decade and is home to nine highly talented tattoo artists. Between the nine standard artists and the various guest artists who tattoo at State of Grace on occasion, you can easily walk into the studio and get a phenomenal high quality tattoo in any style you could possibly want.

The shop is based out of San Jose, California and is very reasonably priced considering the amount of talent and quality that goes into each and every tattoo. If you’re looking for a studio with a stable of insanely talented artists, State of Grace Tattoo is a great studio to put on your list.

To see more badass work by State Of Grace and many others, check out TAM Issue 32!


San Jose, CA

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State Of Grace Tattoo @stateofgracetattoo @stateofgracetaki
State Of Grace Tattoo @stateofgracetattoo @stateofgracetaki


State Of Grace Tattoo @stateofgracetattoo @sef_kavafornia
State Of Grace Tattoo @stateofgracetattoo  @sef_kavafornia
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