TAM Is Back With Issue#40 Release!

TAM #40!!!

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Tattoo Artist Magazine #40 Features:

  • Kate Hellenbrand, Godmother of American Tattooing: Get a revealing history lesson with Shanghai Kate, including the problems women face in the world of tattooing, such as misogyny & elitism, and dating way back. Kate’s incredible story has often been trivialized by the modern tattoo myth-makers, but she was there, side by side with the greats like Sailor Jerry, Mike Malone, Ed Hardy, Thom deVita, Jack Rudy, Zeke Owen, and so many more!
  • Russ Abbott: One of the most influential artists on the cutting edge of the modern tattoo movement. This award-winning artist has his roots in the street shops of yesteryear and who has earned a reputation for powerful, original tattoo work capable of breaking through all boundaries of artistic genres.
  • The Rise of Tattoo Schools Eric Perfect, Myke Chambers, Chad Knight, Guy Prandstatter & More Weigh in on a serious growing issue facing the industry
  • Step by Step: Digital cover art by Russ Abbott
  • New Article by Chuck Eldridge and the Tattoo Archive
  • Social Share Columns of our friends at the top online tattoo sites
  • Q&A with Andreas Coenen
  • Whats on Your Shelf, a new column by Harriet the Book Mistress
  • Book Reviews on just a few of the exciting new projects released recently
  • & A Lot More

We’re Unboxing the Newest Addition to the Tattoo Industry

Tattooing isn’t just an art form, it’s a way of life. The rich history and culture of the industry is something that deserves to be memorialized and appreciated the same way we appreciate beautiful works of body art. Now is YOUR chance to own your own collection of tattoo memorabilia, with Tattoo Crate.Much like other subscription boxes, Tattoo Crate takes all the interesting bits of tattoo culture and delivers them right to your door! Tattoo Crate is a quarterly box that brings you an interesting and practical assortment of tattoo-related items from aftercare product samples, apparel, and one of a kind works of art from your favorite tattoo artists.

In this crate, you’ll find:


Permanent Doodles Coloring Book – Created by Ink Master Robbie Ripoll & Bobby Link!

Stickers & Buttons from Tattoo Artists Around the World

Tattoo Collector/Tattoo Artist Pins

TAM T-Shirt

Digital Links to Never Before Seen Tattoo Collections

Plus! Every box comes with a mystery item and info from well-established tattoo artists!

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