Badass Dragon Tattoos

Who doesn’t like dragons? They’re by far the most popular mythical creature ever dreamed up, with a rich historical background that have convinced many people that they may have even once been real – or at least something like dragons. The first recorded mention of a “dragon” is taken from the

The Cutest Hello Kitty Tattoos Ever

Hello Kitty was originally created by Yko Shimizu as a character aimed towards appealing to pre-adolescent females, but so many adults took to the anthropomorphic white Japanese Bobtail cat with a bow that the Sanrio – the Japanese company that owns the character – shifted their products to include their

The Best Dragon Ball Z Tattoos We’ve Ever Seen

In the Pokemon tattoo gallery we posted earlier today, we talked about a popular 90s franchise whose fans have grown old enough to start getting nostalgic tattoos of the franchise they’ve adored for over 20 years. Dragonball Z is one such franchise. In fact, it predates Pokemon by about seven