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Tattoo Artist Magazine (TAM)Blog is the #1 Tattoo Lifestyle Blog on the Planet Since 2010! (In print since 2003!)


TAM Traffic & Social Influence

  • 1,000,000+ page views per month on the TAMblog
  • 7,000,000+ TAM Facebook Fans
  • 800,000+ Instagram Followers
  • 85,000+ Twitter Followers
  • 38,000+ Email Subscribers

The TAM Blog Audience

  • 67% are Tattoo Enthusiasts with diverse interest in lifestyle, culture, music, art and fashion
  • 33% are Tattoo Professionals; artists, studio owners and industry suppliers
  • 64% are male
  • 36% are female

The Tattoo Audience

  • One in five American’s have tattoos
  • American’s spend $2.3 billion on tattoos annually
  • On average, a new tattoo studio opens every day in the United States.
  • 25% of those with tattoos have a college education

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About  Tattoo Artist Magazine:  Tattoo Artist Magazine (TAM) was launched in 2003 by Atlanta artist ‘Crash’, (a 25 year veteran tattoo artist),with the primary mission to educate, inspire and entertain the professional tattoo world. Over the last several years TAM has expanded that same vision to include the broader (ever-growing) tattoo culture, quickly garnering a massive following and international acclaim online and on social media due to its authentic grass roots approach; it is, after all, the ONLY collaborative, community-created  tattoo media project in the world. Tattoo Artist Magazine is well-known for featuring the hottest, most important, and most influential tattoo artists and community leaders in the tattoo industry, with more than 200 Top Tattoo Artists participating thus far in TAM’s ongoing creation. The TAM Project is also supplemented by the World’s #1 Tattoo-Related BLOG site, (,which boasts more than one million views per months, plus an audience of more than 6.5m FaceBook followers, all backed by a robust Social Media network. 

“No matter who you are or what you do, everyone needs visibility in today’s market.”