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Advertise With TAM

advertise with TAMTAM ADS: E-mail us to hear about our unique and expansive new ad packages. Artists welcomed.

For more information about rates and conditions please e-mail:



• #1 ranked blog for professional tattoo artists on the Internet
• 65% of blog readers are tattoo artists
• 35% of blog readers are non-tattooers; tattoo enthusiasts interested in lifestyle/culture, music, art, fashion, etc.

• 64% male / 36% female readership
• Ages 18-35

Web Stats*:
• 75,000+ page views per month
• 35,000+ TAM Blog Subscribers

Other Social Networking Stats*:
• 3.6 million + Facebook Fans
• 70,000 + Twitter Followers
• 100,000 + Instagram Followers

Ad Sizes/Sample:
Get your business listed on our homepage. We have the following banner ads space available: content/articles (banner sizes: 728 x 90, 468×60 and 300×300) and side bar ads (banner sizes: 300×300, 300 x 250 and 300×600). Your Ad can be in text and/or image format. Your banner ad will display your information and also linked to a website/blog/other page of your choice (be sure to identify the redirect url).

Above Article/Before Fold


Mid Article


After Article/Footer Area


*Min 3 month advertising service sign up term. Discounts available for extended contracts and for multiple location.

**  JPG, GIF, PNG accepted

*** Last updated: October 2014

Spaces are limited! Ready to get started? Email:



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