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• #1 ranked blog for professional tattoo artists on the Internet
• 65% of blog readers are tattoo artists
• 35% of blog readers are non-tattooers; tattoo enthusiasts interested in lifestyle/culture, music, art, fashion, etc.

• 60% male / 40% female readership
• Ages 18-35

Web Stats*:
• 75,000+ page views per month
• 35,000+ TAM Blog Subscribers

Other Social Networking Stats*:
• 27,000+ Facebook Fans
• 21,000+ Twitter Followers
• 11,000+ Instagram Followers

Ad Sizes/Rates:
• 135×135 static banner / $100 per month or $1,000 per year
• 220×220 static banner / $200 per month or $2,000 per year
• Other website real estate available – just ask!

Ad Formats:
• JPG, GIF, PNG accepted

• Any ad placed on the TAM Blog will be visible from every page/post. There are over 500 posts and 18 pages of content*, which is the equivalent of paying for one ad and getting over 500!

* As of September 2012

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