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Awesome Torch Tattoos

Alemão @tattooalemao

The 2016 Rio Olympic Games are being held right now, as this is being written, which means the torch relay has been achieved and the Olympic fire has been lit. While the Olympic flame has always been a symbol of the Games since ancient times, the torch and torch relay event at the start of the opening ceremony started in 1936 during the Summer Olympics in Berlin. The torch connects each Olympic Games location with its origins in Greece by running the torch from the ancient site of the Olympic Games in Olympia, Greece to wherever the events are being held in the chosen host country. Today the torch is lit several months before the opening ceremony. Eleven women, who represent the Vestal Virgins, perform a celebration at the Temple of Hera where the torch is lit by sun rays that are concentrated by a parabolic mirror. The torch then travels around Greece before it starts making its way to the host city. After the torch lights the Olympic flame, the flame is kept lit throughout the Games until it is put out to symbolize their official end.  The torch has become the modern official symbol of the Olympic Games and the final stretch of the relay, which is often run by a celebrity of some sort, is one of the most watched events of the entire celebration. Over the years a lot of unique torch images have served to represent the Olympic torch. With so much cultural heritage behind ...Read More »

Adorable Baby Tattoos


Some people adore babies. Others can’t stand them. If you fall under the latter category then this tattoo gallery isn’t for you. It focuses on baby tattoos, which includes but isn’t limited to tattoo designs of actual babies. For the most part, people are advised to avoid getting tattoos that feature the names of significant others. You never know how your feelings might change over the years and don’t want Todd’s name still etched on your chest after you discover he’s been cheating on your with your best friend. Kids, however, are the exception to this rule. Remembering the life you helped bring into this world, regardless of how good or bad the relationship turns out, isn’t something most parents ever regret. Hence the wonderful tattoos depicted below.Read More »

Does It Get Any Stranger Than This?!


Working within the tattoo and body modification industry for years, we’ve all seen a lot of strange things over the years. Which is why we have to ask if it gets any stranger than what you’ll see in the galleries below. Granted, we’re sure many people will think, “Oh course there are stranger things. There’s a lizard man walking about the world right now!” But the thing is, we at least understand those types of body modifications more than these travesties. At least the lizard man had a clear idea of what he wanted and achieved his ideal body image. We have no idea what happened to the people in this gallery though. And that makes it all incredibly strange to us.Read More »

Why You Shouldn’t Let Scratchers Tattoo You


Your friend has a tattoo gun and is looking for people to practice on? He/she can draw really well so you’re sure it’ll come out fine?! We’d like to think the people below had a conversation that included someone else asking those questions in an incredulous fashion, but the truth is probably that half of the people featured in the gallery below were drunk on some level and thought, “Tattoo? Hell yeah!” Do yourself a favor and make sure the tattoos you get are done by a professional and not some in-home scratcher that will leave you in one of our “bad tattoos” galleries.Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Koray Karagözler

Koray Karagozler @koray_karagozler 14

Koray Karagözler is a professional tattoo artist who specializes in watercolor tattoos. He works out of Turkey and imbues each tattoo design he works on with so much color and energy that we’re sure everyone checking out the gallery of his work below will be incredibly impressed. He doesn’t just create your traditional watercolor tattoos either. Koray excels at incorporating a variety of other styles with watercolors in order to make each design that much more special and unique. If you’re looking for a colorful watercolor tattoo, you should definitely try to get it done by this master of the craft. Turkey IG – FB – More »

Old Russian Prison Tattoos


Tattoos have been a part of prison culture for just about as long as modern tattooing has been around. It’s largely where tattoos got their bad reputation, with many people correlating tattoos with convicted criminals. We don’t want to perpetuate any stereotypes, but it’d be wrong not to acknowledge tattooing’s heritage even if it does have a rather dark history. Besides, we don’t know what any of these men were in prison for. All we know is that they got some sick tattoos while they were there. We hope you enjoy this historic gallery, and be sure to check back regularly for more tattoos every day.Read More »

What are Stick and Poke Tattoos?


Stick and poke tattoos are essentially jail tattoos. They’re unregulated tattoos people apply to each other by using any needle-like tool they can get their hands to stick and poke ink into someone else’s skin. That’s why most stick and poke tattoos look like shit. They’re crafted by people who have no experience tattooing whatsoever using the most basic instruments possible. Many people use ink they get out of everyday office pens to apply stick and poke tattoos. We’re not quite sure why they’ve become so popular in recent years. For the most part, stick and poke tattoos are terrible and should be avoided at all costs. The quality of the tattoos in the gallery below should be all the evidence you need to avoid stick and poke tattoos like the plague.Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Soma Zöld

Soma Zöld @soma_tattooart 14

Soma Zöld has been drawing and painting his entire life, and was even taught by the Hungarian painter Mihály Bakonyi in his youth. By the end of high school Soma began taking a serious interest in tattooing and found himself working at Stinger’s Tattoo in Budapest shortly after finishing school. He’s been professionally tattooing since 2008 and has enjoyed pushing his artistic limits in the industry ever since. He doesn’t specialize in any particular form but enjoys crafting colorful realism tattoos most. If you find yourself looking for a new tattoo in Budapest, you should definitely look up Soma Zöld immediately. Budapest, Hungary IG – FB – More »

When Tattooing Goes Horribly Wrong!


Tattoos can go horribly wrong is a variety of ways, from misspelled words to design confusion. Unfortunately, tattoo guns don’t come with erasers. Mistakes often aren’t easy or simple to fix. You either have to go over the mistake again and hide it within the design or potentially be left with the mistake forever. The gallery below shows a bunch of tattoos who went horribly wrong, either in the overall decision-making process or during their application. Most of them are clearly screwed up because they were crafted by amateurs, and are prime examples of why you should always hire a professional for all of your tattooing needs.Read More »

Lyrical Tattoos


Music has just about always been a part of the humanity. Something about it speaks to us on a deep level. A good song can resonate and impact people’s lives, getting them motivated or helping them decide on a course of action. Most of us have plenty of songs we know by heart. Songs we sing along to whenever we hear them. The people in this gallery certainly have at least one song that means so much to them that they’ve decided to get the lyrics inscribed upon their skin. To be honest, we’re not entirely sure all of these are song lyrics, but we’re choosing to believe they’re photo tags aren’t lying. Enjoy.Read More »

Goregous Tattooed Women


You like tattoos? You like sexy women? How about a gallery full of stunning tattooed women? All of these women have at least one thing in common – they all know at least one good tattoo artist. We’d never show off a collection of bad tattoos (aside from out bad tattoo centric galleries) no matter how sexy the model (male or female) in question was. Some of the ladies are professional models and some just enjoy showing off their tattoos on Instagram. We’ll let you figure out who’s who. Hope you enjoy the gallery and be sure to check back daily for more tattoo goodness.Read More »

Bangin’ Bat Tattoos


There are a lot of common misconceptions people have about bats, and we’re not talking about those related to vampire mythology. For starters, most bats don’t feed on blood. About 70% are insectivores – i.e. they eat insects. Most others nom on fruit. Only vampire bats and a few other species feed on blood or other animals. Bats also aren’t the flying cave rats people make them out to be. They don’t just hangout in caves sleeping and shitting all day. Bats actually provide vital ecological roles in their environments, such as pollinating flowers and dispersing fruit seeds. There are even plant species that entirely depend on bats for procreation and survival. Fruit bats are the largest and cutest species of bats known to man. They have a fox-like facial structure and are undeniably adorable when eating bananas. We’re not making this up! Check out the video below. After watching that video, and even if you didn’t, we’re sure you’ll love the bat tattoo gallery featured below. Be sure to check back regularly for more tattoo galleries like this one.Read More »

What the Ffffffffff…


We’re all for people being free to modify their bodies as they wish, but we’re not going to pretend like we understand every body modification we’ve ever seen. Just because we’re in the industry doesn’t mean we “get it” any more than you do. Hence the gallery you see below. These are a collection of body piercing photos where we simply don’t understand why these people decided to get the piercings they got. Honestly, we can’t even comment to whether or not they’re good or bad. They just ARE – they exist. It’s an odd gallery to be sure, but one we thought you all might find as fascinating as we do.Read More »

Wow, Very Bad!


There are a lot of bad tattoos in the gallery below that will surely shock and amaze you at just how terrible they are. However, we’d like to talk about one in particular – the man with the dick down his leg. First of all, the tattoo is terribly drawn. It’s not even a good-looking dick. Secondly, this is one of the worst tattoo ideas anyone could ever have. Why would you get a tattoo of something that dwarfs one of your own body parts? It’s essentially a reminder of your own inadequacy at that point, because it’s clear as day you won’t ever reach the proportions of your tattoo! In short, we’re pretty sure he’s massively over compensating for something.Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Szejn Szejnowski

Szejn Szejnowski @szejno4

Szejn Szejnowski’s artistic roots began to take hold as a graffiti artist, which is readily apparent in a lot of the tattoos he designs. He’s made a name for himself in the tattoo industry by combining the graffiti and tattoo worlds to create a new artistic design style altogether. That’s not all he does though. If you visit Szejn at Juniorink in Warsaw, Poland and want something more traditional, you’ll get a tattoo that’s just as high quality as any of his signature art style tattoos. He’s a well-rounded artist who clearly loves what he does, and you should definitely try to get a tattoo done by him if you can. Warsaw, Poland Juniorink IG – FB – More »