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Artist Spotlight – Tony Sklepic

Tony Sklepic @tonysklepictattoo14

Tony Sklepic @tonysklepictattoo Tony Sklepic started tattooing in 2002 after he graduated high school and hasn’t stopped since. The realism that inspired him to become a tattoo artist in the first place, such as the work by artists like Nikko Hurtado and Paul Acker, is readily evident in the work you’ll see in his gallery featured below. In addition to being an avid tattoo enthusiast, Tony is also a self-proclaimed comic book, movie and music nerd who specializes in applying his full-color realism tattooing skills to large pop-culture influenced designs. Some of his biggest artistic influences outside of the tattoo world are comic book artists, like Jim Lee, Tony Moore and Ryan Ottley. In 2014 he founded Sanitarium Studios with fellow tattoo artist Karl Sundquist and has been tattooing from the Edmonton studio ever since. EDMONTON ALBERTA CANADA SANITARIUM STUDIOS IG – FB – More »

For the LOVE of Food

Gary @gaza666

Who doesn’t love good food? We need it to survive, to harness enough energy to get through the day, and if we’re going to partake of something that’s a necessity then why not make it something tasty? This tattoo gallery is all about great food. It features a lot of variety, just like the various pallet and preference differences that occur from person to person. While we may not all be able to agree on what constitutes the best food in the world, we CAN all agree that these tattoos are phenomenal, right? P.S. TAM takes no responsibility for the hunger you may feel after viewing this tasty food tattoo gallery.  Read More »

This is for the Father’s Out There!


Father’s Day, an international holiday celebrating fatherhood and the influence of fathers in society, is coming up soon so we’re priming you with a tattoo gallery all about celebrating fathers. The holiday is held on the third Sunday of June and lands on June 19th this year. In the early months of 1908, Anna Jarvis promoted, organized and successfully ran the first Mother’s Day celebration in Grafton, West Virginia. Grace Golden Clayton, inspired by Anna Jarvis’ work, organized the first Father’s Day celebration on July 5th, 1908 in Fairmont, West Virginia. It doubly served as a celebration to honor the 250 fathers that had passed away during the Monongah Mining Disaster that occurred in December the previous year. The celebration continued to be held off-and-on for decades, coming close to being made an official national US holiday many times until President Lyndon B. Johnson issued the first presidential proclamation honoring fathers in 1966 – during which he designated the third Sunday in June as Father’s Day. Six years later, Father’s Day was signed into law as a permanent national holiday by President Richard Nixon. Today it is celebrated around the world.  Read More »

R.I.P. – Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson


Not long after the world lost Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest boxers to ever step foot into the ring, it lost one of the greatest MMA fighters to ever step into an octagon – Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson. Kimbo’s fighting career arguable began in 2003, when he began participating in unsanctioned mutual combat street fights that were distributed online via sites like SublimeDirectory and YouTube. In his first taped fight, he left a large cut on his opponent’s right eye, which led to fans calling him “Slice”. This combined with his childhood nickname “Kimbo” is what ultimately led to his fighter nickname “Kimbo Slice”. He gained popularity from taped street fights, receiving the title of “King of the Web Brawlers” by Rolling Stone, and ended up signing a professional contract with EliteXC in 2007. He fought for EliteXC until it closed its doors after declaring bankruptcy in 2008. Dana White, the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, stated that Kimbo would have to earn his contract in the UFC by competing on The Ultimate Fighter – UFC’s reality TV competition. Kimbo took Dana White up on the offer and participated in The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights, and was the number one pick for coach Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. He ended up winning against Houston Alexander by unanimous decision during The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights finale. However, on May 8th, 2010, Kimbo lost in his first official heavyweight debut by TKO, after which Dana White said it was “probably Kimbo’s last fight in ...Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Timmy B

Timmy B @timmy_b_4133

Timmy B @timmy_b_413 Timmy B started tattooing in 2005, but not in the traditional sense some would assume. He didn’t undergo an apprenticeship. Instead, Timmy started his tattoo career by working out of other people’s kitchens and participating in tattoo parties every weekend he could. He used a toaster oven as an autoclave and scrubbed tubes bare-handed. He couldn’t find a shop that would take him under their wing so, determined to start learning how to tattoo, Timmy B bothered a kitchen magician tattoo artist for months until he finally agreed to hire Timmy for $100 a day, with parties often running up to 12 hours. Timmy specializes in a blend of realism and new school art styles, which you can see characterized in his work that’s featured throughout this gallery. He works out of Tattoo Afterlife, also known as NiteOwl Tattoo, in downtown Northampton, MA on the corner of Pleasant and Pearl St.  NiteOwl Tattoo Northampton Massachusetts IG – More »

Statue of Liberty Tattoos


The Statue of Liberty was built by Gustave Eiffel on October 28th, 1886. It was a gift to the United States from the people of France in honor of America’s Declaration of Independence – hence why the date of the declaration, July 4th, 1776, is inscribed on the tabula ansata in the statue’s left hand. Despite being trashed in just about every disaster and apocalypse movie known to man, the statue still stands as a universal symbol of freedom and hope – of principles the United States were founded upon. These are the same values echoed in the tattoo gallery below, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.  Read More »

Badass Wing Tats

Wing-Tats (1)

People have been fascinated with the idea of flying since the first caveman saw a bird flutter through the air. The Wright Brothers made that dream a reality, but being trapped in a giant steel box with dozens of other people isn’t really most people’s ideal flight scenario. It’s a far cry from having wings and being able to freely soar among the clouds on your own. Maybe one day mutants will become real and some of us will be able to relate a bit more with Angel from the X-Men, but right now tattooed wings are the closed people can get to having actual wings of their own. We hope you enjoy this gallery, and be sure to check back daily for more tattoo galleries too.Read More »

Awe-inspiring Artemis Tattoos

Artemis-Tats (6)

We’ve covered Ancient Greece but we haven’t touched on any of the Greek gods yet. That changes with today’s gallery, which is all about Artemis. Artemis is one of the lesser characterized and discussed of the Greek gods, especially when you compare her to someone like Zeus or his brothers, but she still remains one of the most popular Greek goddess to date. She’s the goddess of the hunt, which is why you’ll often see her characterized with a bow and surrounded by animals or within a wilderness setting. In addition to all things related to hunting, she was thought to preside over childbirth, virginity and was the protector of young girls. We hope you enjoy Artemis’ tattoo gallery, and be sure to check back daily for more tattoo galleries.Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Rember Orellana

Rember orellana @rember_tattoos7

Rember Orellana @rember_tattoos Rember Orellana never thought he’d wind up working as a tattoo artist. He started working as an amateur boxer for a couple years before becoming a wrestler for six. He always loved to draw and paint though. In 2007 a friend of his suggested he look into tattooing, and Orellana hasn’t looked back since. Orellana is an all-around artist. Looking for a portrait realism design? He can do that. Want something more abstract? He can do that too. He doesn’t tie himself to any one specialty and switches up his styles on a tat-by-tat basis. His quality and ability never falters, making him an excellent choice for anyone looking to get any kind of tattoo imaginable. He’s based out of Dallas, Texas but travels often while trying to make an appearance at every tattoo show and convention he can. If you get a chance to have him tattoo something for you, we highly suggest you take advantage of the opportunity. Dallas, TX. IG – FB – More »

Badass Tattoo Machine Tattoos

cleen rockone @cleenrockone

Tattooing has been around for millennia, but tattoo machines are a more recent phenomenon that revolutionized tattoo design possibilities. They started with the electric pen that was invented by Thomas Edison in 1876. While it was intended more to be a duplicating device than anything else, in 1891 Samuel O’Reilly discovered it could be used to introduce ink into the skin and set out to improve the design for the sole purpose of tattooing. The first tattoo machine, which was patented by O’Reilly, was rotary, but that wouldn’t last long. Not 20 days later, Thomas Riley, who was based in London, patented the single coil machine. Soon after, Alfred Charles South, who also originated from London, patented the two-coil tattoo machine configuration. And the rest, as they say, is history. Nowadays most modern tattoo machines use electromagnets to operate. Machines have slowly evolved over the last century, giving tattoo artists more possibilities with each innovation. These tattoos, and this gallery, seek to celebrate the mechanism that makes modern tattooing possible today. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.  Read More »

Impressive Orc Tattoos

Orc-Tats (1)

Earlier this week we gave you a Warcraft gallery in honor of the new movie coming out this week. Today, we’re doubling down despite the negative reviews and giving you another gallery focused on one of the most anticipated video game movies of recent memories. Orcs are a major races found in the Warcraft world, which is why this article is all about one of the most popular green-skinned races in high fantasy. Orcs are a fantasy race of creatures that was largely introduced in Tolkien lore but has since been expanded on by popular culture. Warcraft gave these creatures a level of intelligence and sympathy on par with humans, which is sure to be front and center in the coming movie.Read More »

Wondrous Watercolor Tattoos

Watercolor-Tats (3)

Watercolor tattoos are one of the most unique tattoo art styles that you can receive today. It consists of utilizing bright colored ink and little to no hard outlines to create a fluid tattoo design reminiscent of a watercolor painting. These tattoos are also made with watered-down ink, hence why they’re called watercolor tattoos. These tattoos are becoming more and more popular, despite their need for more often touch-ups because of their lack of black lines. If you’re looking for something vibrant and unique, you should consider getting a watercolor tattoo the next time you find yourself looking for a new tattoo design.    Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Timur Lysenko

Timur Lysenko @timur_lysenko13

Timur Lysenko @timur_lysenko Timur Lysenko is a tattoo artist who was born in London but currently lives and works out of Wroclaw, Poland. He specializes in his own unique design style that utilizes splashes of colored ink within amazing black-and-grey tattoos that show off Lysenko’s mastery over tattoo fundamentals – which enables him to create finely detailed works of art. That being said, Lysenko is so talented he can create any sort of design you like. He’s one of the best artists to go to if you’re looking for an artist who can help you find some inspiration and unique design ideas to ensure you don’t see anything like your tattoo on anyone else. Want something impressively unique? Be sure to look up Lysenko. Lives in Wroclaw, Poland IG – FB – More »

Phenomenal Nature Tattoos

Nature-Tats (1)

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, people have been taking nature for granted and largely stopped caring about the environment they live in. Don’t worry, we’re not here to preach about global warming or anything. Where you stand on the subject of the environment is you own business. That being said, there is a lot of great imagery born naturally in nature that can inspire some phenomenal tattoos. This is what the gallery below is all about – tattoos inspired by Mother Nature and things found in nature. We hope you enjoy these amazingly designed nature tattoos as much as we do, and be sure to check back regularly for more themed galleries.    Read More »

Amazing Will Smith Tattoos

Victor Chil @victor_chil

Will Smith is one of the most prominent and famous actors of the last few decades. He largely made his name as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which is a bit because the series was only named as such due to Will Smith’s rapper name being The Fresh Prince. Lucky for us he quickly rose to stardom as the lead in the television series more due to his evolving action chops than anything to do with his rap career. After the series ended he moved from the small screen to the big screen. Smith has been listed as one of the most bankable stars in the world according to Forbes. It’s no wonder why when you consider that, as of 2014, 17 of the 21 films he’s lead have grossed over $100 million and 5 of those cracked $500 million too. Not only have his films grossed $6.6 billion, he’s also received Best Actor Oscar nomination for Ali and The Pursuit of Happyness. (Yes, happiness is actually spelled wrong in the movie’s title. But it’s a great film nonetheless.) Speaking of Ali, due to the boxer’s recent departure, the film will actually be seeing a return to select theatres to celebrate Muhammad Ali’s legacy. (And of course make a bunch of rich people even richer.) You can check out our Muhammad Ali tattoo gallery in honor of the boxer’s recent passing and lifetime accomplishments here. The sequel to Independence Day, which largely starred Will Smith alongside a plethora of other ...Read More »