Super Spiderman Tattoos

Yeah, sure, Batman and Superman are easily the most recognizable and famous comic book superheroes. But Spiderman is easily the 3rd most popular and up in the 1st and 2nd spots for many people. The first Marvel-based adaptation of the web crawler hit movie theaters all around the world in Captain

Sensational Skateboard Tattoos

The first skateboards were made with wooden boxes or boards and roller skate wheels. However, that’s all anyone really knows about the beginning of skateboarding. The best its origins can be narrowed down to is sometime in the 1940s or early 1950s by surfers in California. The first manufactured skateboards were

Artist Spotlight – Scott M. Harrison

Scott M. Harrison is a professional tattoo artist with well over a decade of tattooing experience who has made a name for himself in the tattoo industry with his highly talented artistic ability and unique design vision. His tattoos often include a mix of styles, making him a great choice

Point Out the Fail…..Ready, Set, GO!

Have you ever seen those old “Spot the Difference” images – where two nearly identical images are placed side-by-side and you have to point out the subtle differences? Think of this tattoo gallery like that, only there’s only one image and you get to point out all the ways the

Badass Dead Space Tattoos

Dead Space is a third-person shooter gaming franchise that started very much as a survival horror game series before pivoting to pure action. It was basically hit with the Predator effect – where everything’s full of suspense and intrigue until you know what the Predator looks like. Since the franchise started

Lovely Lower Back Tattoos… We Think…

It was really difficult to find decent looking lower back tattoos. Either the tattoos were awful or the pictures were taken by a 4-year-old who couldn’t keep his hand still while tapping the camera button on his iPhone. (Seriously, why are so many people bad at taking pictures?) We’ll let you

Amazing Leopard (Jaguar?) Tattoos

Yes, we put together the tattoo gallery below with the intention of focusing on leopards but we’re not quite sure all of the tattoos depict leopards. Some of the tattoos look like they may be of jaguars. While both big cats fall into the Panthera genus, they are not the

Badass Mortal Kombat Tattoos

Mortal Kombat is a fighting video game franchise that began in 1992 and has been as popular and influential to the fighting game genre as the Street Fighter genre ever since. The series made a name for itself by essentially being the R-rated version of Street Fighter, with bloody finishing

Amazing Angel Tattoos

Angels are regarded as supernatural/spiritual beings that are superior to humans in every respect. They appear in a variety of religious texts and thousands of supernatural stories, often as forces of good dedicated to helping good vanquish evil. They’re usually the most virtuous beings in any stories where their featured. However,

Artist Spotlight – Aaron Hodges

Aaron Hodges started tattooing in the summer of 2001 and has been working his ass off to master the craft ever since. While many people might say he’s achieved his goal, Hodges continues to push himself and strives to make each tattoo better than the last. He doesn’t tie himself to