Awesome Pigeon Tattoos

Yes, pigeons. We made a tattoo gallery based around pigeons – which apparently many people widely misspell as “pidgeons”. This is the type of tattoo gallery that gets made on a Friday afternoon when you just can’t think of anything else. And frankly, it’s remarkable that there are so many high

Artist Spotlight – Robert Pho

Robert Pho is a masterful tattoo artist who has been professionally tattooing for over 25 years. He’s the founder of Skin Design Tattoo, a tattoo studio based out of Las Vegas, and has received international acclaim as being one of the best black-and-grey tattoo artists on the planet. A true student

Tattoo TV Shows are a Mixed Bag

 Artist, author and regular TAMblog contributor Dan Henk offers his take on tattoo tv shows and what you really need to know...   The TV shows on tattooing have been a mixed bag. I think that's pretty clear to everyone in the industry.   I have heard plenty of feedback from tattooers who just

Fantastic Lightning Tattoos

Have you ever just watched lightning dance across a cloudy night’s sky? Depending on where you live, you may have never had the pleasure to experience lightning at all. But that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the beautiful artwork often inspired by one of the most destructive all-natural forces on

Artist Spotlight – Paul Dobleman

Paul Dobleman is an artist’s artist. He doesn’t tattoo for fame or recognition. (Although the same could probably be said for all of the artists we spotlight.) He tattoos simply because it’s what he loves to do, and he’s been doing for quite a while now. He specializes in neo traditional

RIP – Gene Wilder 9.11.1933 – 8.29.2016

On August 29th. 2016 the world lost one of the greatest comedic talents it has ever seen in Gene Wilder. He passed away at age 83 from complications of Alzheirmer’s disease, but his inspirational talent is sure to live on for many decades and centuries still to come. Gene Wilder was

Gorgeous Lipstick Tattoos

Lipstick is a cosmetic product containing pigments, oils, waxes, and emollients that apply color, texture, and protection to the lips. (That’s according to Wikipedia and by now you should realize that a guy is the one writing this post.) Lipstick is estimated to have been invented and first utilized almost

Impressive Metroid Tattoos

The Metroid franchise began back in 1986 with a game on the Nintendo Entertainment System simply titled Metroid. It follows Samus Aran as she – a fact that was initially disguised from the player until much later in the game for shock factor – attempts to retrieve parasitic Metroid organisms

What’s Wrong with These Tattoos? Everything!

Yesterday we brought you a gallery of bad piercings after a plethora of posts featuring phenomenal tattoos. Today, we’re bringing you a gallery of horrendous tattoos. While we’d like to touch on exactly what makes these tattoos so bad, it’d be easier to discuss what isn’t wrong with them. These tattoos

Artist Spotlight – Adrian Lee

Adrian Lee is a masterful tattoo artist with decades of experience who tattoos out of Analog Tattoo in San Francisco, California. He was one of the first artists featured in TAM due to his awe-inspiringly unique tattoo designs. Adrian primarily specializes in realism tattoos, but is masterful at blending the

Menacing Clown Tattoos

Does anyone actually find clowns funny? To some, they work better as nightmarish figures in a Stephen King novel than modern day jesters. Today’s comedic sensibilities have mostly surpassed the era of clowns, leaving them only really fit for small children’s parties and circuses – because for some unexplained reason

Artist Spotlight – Mike Dorsey

Mike Dorsey is a professional tattoo artist and painter who has been working for twenty-seven years and still loves what he does to this day. He primarily specializes in traditional tattoos inspired by Japanese culture. If you’re looking for a Japanese-inspired tattoo, big or small, Mike is definitely the artist