Why Tattooing Is Universal

Maori face paint (Ralph Orlowski/Reuters) A National Geographic photographer explains why many cultures view the body as a blank canvas. OLGA KHAZAN ORIGINAL ARTICLE FOUND HERE ASPEN, Colo.—Tattooing, when you think about it, is like smiling: Nearly every culture does it, but not always for the same reason. In a given society, the motivation for covering oneself

‘Scratchers:’ They’re illegal and they could be putting your health at risk

http://video.fox17online.com/Scratchers-continue-to-be-a-problem-in-West-Michigan-26557456 They are called 'scratchers' and they are a growing concern for area county health officials. The term refers to tattoo artists practicing without a license, which is illegal in most states including Michigan, and they are usually doing it right out of their own homes. While the offers they advertise seem

A Tattoo That Completes a New Breast

By CAITLIN KIERNANOriginal Article HERE FINKSBURG, MD. — A tattoo parlor here has become a mecca for an unlikely crowd: women with breast cancer. Little Vinnie’s Tattoos offers designs ranging from swordfish and skulls to intricate Japanese-style art. But women who have undergone treatment for breast cancer do not typically come for traditional ink. They

Tattoo Artist Brings Dots And Lines To New Heights In Stunning Geometric Ink Designs

The Huffington Post  | By Katherine Brooks original article here Imagine this scene: Sharp waves stretch back for as far as you can see, eating up the horizon in a vast display of stunning movement. Like the peaks and troughs of a chaotic line graph, the seas capture jumping fish as they weave in and

Women Finding Beauty in Tragedy: p-ink.org

Find out how to get involved! This year’s P.ink Day will be October 10th. Last year was a huge success—it was truly a transformative event. Check these amazing pictures Still, last year was a prototype experience. We learned from it and the plan is to make our next P.ink Day even better. -- [button color="pink"

Fresh Ink for the Human Canvas

3-D, Watercolor and Flash Tattoos  Elizabeth Vogt shows off her watercolor tattoo. CreditRajah Bose for The New York Times article by: http://www.nytimes.com If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, or adding another one to the half-dozen or so you already have, the options of what are available may have multiplied since the last time

FDA: Contaminated tattoo ink causing infections

This is why you SHOULD NOT get tattooed at home or by a scratcher. Thinking about getting inked? Check the bottle first. The Food and Drug Administration is warning tattoo parlors, their customers and those buying at-home tattoo kits that not all tattoo ink is safe. Last month, California company White and Blue

Where Is Bjork…? Part II

By John Niederkorn Iceland may be a tiny island-country in an obscure isolated corner of the world, but the hearts and spirits of the Icelandic people are larger and broader than a Viking’s shoulders… Much like this charred volcanic rock of an island, the Icelandic Tattoo convention stands alone in the

Dave Waugh: Work in Progress Session VI (By Hunter Spanks)

By Hunter Spanks 1:41pm August 29, 2012 and Lizzy finds herself back in Georgetown at Jinx Proof Tattoo for the sixth session on her back piece by Dave Waugh. A mystical piece complete with unicorns, naked women, hidden cocks and butt plugs just to round things out. Dave prepares a message

VICE: In Cuba, Tattoo Artists Make More than Doctors and Lawyers

Story by Jasper Craven. Photos by Stacey Rupolo. (Story originally appears at www.VICE.com.) This year, a 52-year-old politician named Miguel Diaz-Canel was appointed vice president of the ruling Council of State in Cuba, making him a likely future leader of the country. Some Cubans hope he will lead their country

Assistance Through Creative Block

By Melissa Fusco At one time or another in every artist's life, including myself, we have all experienced some type of artist block. There are many levels of creative block, from just the annoyance of interrupted flow that is short-lived or even deeper resulting in depression, lack of self-worth, loss of