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Tatu-derm and the Artists Who Use it!


In case you missed our last post, which you can go back and read by clicking here, Tatu-derm is a transparent waterproof bacterial barrier that protects new tattoos better than any aftercare method ever has . . . with a lot less hassle. It keeps tattoos safe from abrasions and infections when they’re most vulnerable, protecting your health and artistic investment without putting it at risk. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Thousands of tattoo studios all over the world have begun utilizing Tatu-derm and recommending it as the premier aftercare solution to their customers. Al Garcia @tattooalgarcia Stay True Tattoos It’s not as new as you may think either. When asked about Tatu-derm, Al Garcia from Stay True Tattoos said, “I’ve been using Tatu-derm for close to 4 years now. The first year I’d only use it on larger scale tattoos but, after seeing how great the results were, I started using it on all my clients!” Al Garcia, like most tattoo artists, had a pretty hard time with tattoo aftercare before Tatu-derm came along. “Prior to using Tatu-derm I had a pretty elaborate tattoo aftercare I’d give my clients. The aftercare instructions were long and thorough but there were just too many variables of things that could go wrong once the client left the studio.” What Al’s talking about is an all too familiar scenario to us all. The most common practice utilized by most tattoo artists has been to apply gauze directly to ...Read More »

The Risks of New Tattoos . . .

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It’s the moment of truth. Your tattoo artist has wiped way the cleanser and you are looking in the mirror or down at your fresh tattoo.  Most of us have total satisfaction with this event.  The time, thought, energy, physical endurance and the financial investment all comes to fruition in this single moment of the reveal. There are few experiences that compare to the sweetness and satisfaction of seeing your freshly completed tattoo for the first time! For many, this is when your tattoo looks its absolute best, fresh, crisp and the ink is in its truest color. This is the very same moment your tattoo is its most vulnerable two risks that can weaken or distort the color, cause breaks in the line work, bubble up and leave the tattoo open to nasty infections. Risk One – Abrasions.  The simplest things like a towel brushing over your new tattoo or the dreaded moment you wake up in the morning to find your sheets stuck to your fresh tattoo or the way stiff uniforms or clothing rubs on your tattoo. Not to mention the agony of your dog jumping on it! All of these things can cause abrasions, knock off scabs that have formed, compromise the quality of your ink but they can frickin’ hurt too! Risk Two – Dirt. No matter how meticulous you are about the care of your tattoo, dirt will get in open skin. Soap or topical after care products are not a barrier and still ...Read More »

The Newbies Guide to Tattoo Styles

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Traditional, Tribal, Portrait, New School, Geometric, Blackwork, on and on it goes — There are many different forms of tattooing that exist today, but many are derived from these basic forms and adapted from an aspect of design that contains these classic tattoo styles. These forms are the essential building blocks that will help guide you in tattoo style or design. Traditional – American Traditional or Old School is the oldest form of tattooing besides ancient tribal techniques. This includes solid black outlines, a basic color palate, less detail.   Popular images include hearts, roses and skulls.  Read More »

The Revv – Motorcycles & Tattoos Go Together Like . . . .


The Revv – Motorcycles and Tattoos go Together Like . . .            –  Bread and butter            –  Peas and carrots            – Oil leaks and Harleys (did we go too far with that one?) The Revv is a new social app launched by the app gurus at Plus11.  The Revv app is designed to bring bikers/motorcyclists together in a common, self-regulating community. In The Revv app community, users can post pictures of a common interest, discuss a wide variety of topics from rides, to mechanics and lifestyle, in the apps extensive forums. In just 6 months, The Revv app is already boasting nearly 75,000 users from all over the world and that number grows daily, as users share the app with their riding friends. It wasn’t too long after their launch in August 2015, that The Revv team saw that tattoos were a popular subject in the forums and in user posts, thus, making it a natural fit to be featured by Tattoo Artist Magazine. While there are many motorcyclists who do not have tattoos and likewise, many tattoo collectors do not ride motorcycles, there is a common respect and appreciation for a rebellious attitude, intense music and “brotherhood” style friendships that are hallmarks in both communities. Download TheRevv from the App Store Available for iOS and Andriod The reviews for the app are strong and users seem to zero in on a couple of key ...Read More »

10 Reasons Tattoo Artists Should Use Booker

Booker is the single most important tool a tattoo studio owner can integrate into daily operations to assure ongoing success.  Booker is easy-to-use software that provides the tools you need to connect and engage with local consumers in search of your services. One of the biggest challenges facing  tattoo businesses is acquiring new customers.  With Booker, the marketing software is built-in and you have the power to expand your reach, streamline the booking process, control your inventory, and manage your studio with automated ease. Below are our Top 10 Reasons to Use Booker in YOUR Tattoo Studio Booking Features. The calendar is the heartbeat of any tattoo studio.  Booker’s studio calendar makes it easy to manage appointments, track client information and collect deposits from one device. Social Promotion. Publish coupons, specials, or information about guest artists to a variety of social platforms from one device. Plus, with Booker, you can easily offer gift certificates! Client Reminder & Thank You Features. Booker can be set up to text or email clients of upcoming appointments to keep your schedule tight and efficient. You can also send thank you notes after appointments or sales to keep the customer connected to your brand before and after their visit. Enforce Cancellation Policies. Booker’s credit card encryption system helps you enforce cancellation policies with ease. When a client doesn’t show, you can charge their card automatically without ever compromising their security or leaving it in the hands of an artist or receptionist. Merchant Processing. If you’re selling ...Read More »

Game-changer! Introducing the Helios Rotary Pen

Helios Pen with Helios Cart2

For the Professional Tattoo Artist!  The NEW Helios Rotary Pen is COMING SOON and this innovative tattoo machine is already taking the world of professional tattooing by storm. From its first mention on social media late last year, artists have been lining up to get a hold of this powerful new tool. The Helios Rotary Pen’s sleek form and interchangeable cartridge system is the first of its kind, portable, comfortable, and fully adjustable. Artists from around the world have been making a switch to the Helios Rotary Pen and giving sensational reviews about how it has been exceeding their expectations. The Helios Rotary Pen is the ideal tattoo machine for large & small black and grey work, soft shading, fine line/detail work, and soft color techniques.  – What makes the Helios Rotary Pen so different? The Helios rotary pen is CNC machined from premium aircraft-grade aluminum in Europe. With a weight of only 3.17oz., you will have an incredibly lightweight feel, with perfect balance. The fully adjustable needle stroke allows the machine to be used as a liner or a shader, giving complete control of needle depth from 0 – 2.5mm, making Helios the equivalent of a short-stroke machine. The quiet but powerful German-made motor runs at a speed of 8,000 – 13,000 RPM, and is compatible with most standard power supplies. The Helios Rotary Pen is designed for use with Helios Tattoo Needle Cartridges. Although several brands of cartridges have been tested with the pen, they do not guarantee optimal performance if ...Read More »

Tattoo Artist & Studio Marketing that Sticks!

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 – TAM SPECIAL: SAVE 15% on ANY new sticker order – just use the code: “TAM15” @checkout!!   Fact: When you put a sticker in the hands of your customer or fan, they become a marketing vehicle for your brand!  Tattoo Artist Magazine welcomes as a new advertiser. This is SUPER COOL for anyone who wants some rad stickers to pass out or sell and to increase their notoriety &/or Brand. — As artists and designers themselves, the team at MakeStickers developed an easy and affordable online die cut sticker program using proprietary technology.  They knew that at any given moment a tattoo artist, studio owner or even enthusiast needs handouts to promote their brand, event or interest. Before the launch of, business owners were faced with a very cumbersome process to get their hands on custom stickers, a seemingly magic marketing tool. They had to jump through hoops like minimum orders, surprise set-up fees and long delivery times.  is breezy easy.  Simply upload your logo or design, review your preview, choose your quantity, and place your order! Their design team manually reviews every order to make sure it looks perfect. NO minimum order! NO set up fees! NO hidden fees! Standard shipping is FREE Orders printed in shipped with in a few days! The really cool part is it doesn’t matter if you want one fickin’ awesome sticker as a gift or if you need thousands for a trade show – is the ...Read More »

CandyLipz: Super Pouty Lips Instantly


Tattoos are self-expression, self-beautification . . . the spirit of youth and rebellion.  But no matter how much skin is covered in ink or not covered, many of us look in the mirror and wish we had different color eyes, smother skin or even plumper lips. CandyLipz is one of those Hollywood secrets that has captured the beauty industry by storm!  Today’s top celebrities, like the Kardashians, Angelina Jolie and Jessica Beal are all making full lips the newest beautify craze. While some are blessed with sexy pouty lips, others have to work for it.  Finally, there is a solution!  If you experience thinning of the lips, concerns with lip asymmetry, lip lines/grooves/pits, smoker’s lines, drooping of the cupid’s bow and corners of the mouth, and/or lengthening of the lip philtrum, CandyLipz is built to improve the appearance of your lips instantly. Achieve, full, sensual lips, without surgery or injections with CandyLipz. CandyLipz Products are 100% dermatologist tested with Clinical Trials and proven results. Check out just a few of the before and afters from unedited real user images. CandyLipz isn’t just for women. Men are using CandyLipz to create a more expressive and sensual lip line, like Brad Pitt, Charlie Hunnam and John Legend.   Who invented CandyLipz?  Thienna’s Story CandyLipz was invented by Thienna Ho, an amazing and fascinating person. She holds four athletic world records, created the world famous Sulfur Diet and is considered to be one the world’s leading experts in human skin color and skin ...Read More »