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Animal tattoos

Fantastic Fox Tattoos


A fox is a small-to-medium sized, omnivorous mammals that are adored all over the world for their cute-sy appearance. This appearance, which is similar to that of many domesticated dogs, often leads people to believe that foxes are similar to the more docile canines that live in people’s homes – which is an incorrect assumption. In fact, foxes are behavorially more akin to wolves – making them difficult to tame and, as such, often illegal to keep as a domesticated animal. But regardless, people will continue to love foxes for their outward appearance regardless of whether or not they’re ever allowed to keep one as a pet. So here are some adorable fox tattoos.Read More »

Chipper Chipmunk Tattoos


Yes, chipper is a word. It means cheerful and lively, and it serves as a great word to describe chipmunks. What about the title image? Ever heard of irony? Why are you theoretical people so judgmental?! This gallery came about because we wanted to do an Alvin and the Chipmunks gallery but we were having a hard time finding Alvin and the Chipmunks tattoos. However, we did find a collection of really awesome general chipmunk tattoos, which you’ll find in the gallery below. You’ll even still come across Alvin too, so relax and enjoy this wonderful gallery of chipmunk tattoos.Read More »

Amazing Leopard (Jaguar?) Tattoos


Yes, we put together the tattoo gallery below with the intention of focusing on leopards but we’re not quite sure all of the tattoos depict leopards. Some of the tattoos look like they may be of jaguars. While both big cats fall into the Panthera genus, they are not the same. But we’re not zoologists and we’re assuming most of the tattoo artists and customers involved in the tattoos below aren’t either. (That should be a pretty safe assumption.) Does it really matter though? If you’re a fan of leopards then you probably like jaguars too. So here’s a leopard gallery that might have some sneaky jaguar tattoos too.Read More »

Phenomenal Bear Tattoos


Who doesn’t like bears? There are a lot of lovable brand bears, from Yogi to Smokey to even the Charmin bears. Bears are wonderful furry creatures who have just the right mix of adorableness and ferocity. If you like bears then you’re going to love the gallery. We found some amazing bear tattoos, and there were more than enough to choose from – so many that we may even make another one! Do you want another bear tattoo gallery? Let us known in the comment section below, because we’re always sure to give the people what they want.Read More »

Awe-Inspiring Wolf Tattoos


Dogs are cool. They fun-loving, adorable, insanely loyal and man’s best friend for a reason. But wolves are cooler. Sure there may be documented cases of wolves hunting and eating men, so they’re clearly not as friendly as their domesticated counterpart, but they look so badass that it’s hard not to forgive their dangerous nature. Some of the most popular dog breeds in the world are the ones that look most like wolves for a reason. If wolves weren’t as instinctually dangerous and hard to come by as they are, many dog owners would own wolves instead. Wolves are so popular that finding badass, well-crafted wolf tattoos is an embarrassment of riches. It seems like people go out of their way to ensure wolf tattoos are done right, and we hope you enjoy this gallery full of some of the best wolf tattoos the internet has to offer.Read More »

Bangin’ Bat Tattoos


There are a lot of common misconceptions people have about bats, and we’re not talking about those related to vampire mythology. For starters, most bats don’t feed on blood. About 70% are insectivores – i.e. they eat insects. Most others nom on fruit. Only vampire bats and a few other species feed on blood or other animals. Bats also aren’t the flying cave rats people make them out to be. They don’t just hangout in caves sleeping and shitting all day. Bats actually provide vital ecological roles in their environments, such as pollinating flowers and dispersing fruit seeds. There are even plant species that entirely depend on bats for procreation and survival. Fruit bats are the largest and cutest species of bats known to man. They have a fox-like facial structure and are undeniably adorable when eating bananas. We’re not making this up! Check out the video below. After watching that video, and even if you didn’t, we’re sure you’ll love the bat tattoo gallery featured below. Be sure to check back regularly for more tattoo galleries like this one.Read More »

Incredible Octopus Tattoos

Brandon @mistah_b

Octopi (that’s the plural form off octopus) have been getting a lot more recognition and interest than ever since Pixar’s Finding Dory featured one as a lovable side character named Hank. That being said, many people have been in awe of octopi well before the movie came out. They’re interesting, unique creatures, and one of the largest invertebrates on the planet. (That means they don’t have a backbone.) Octopi actually don’t have a skeleton at all, which allows them to squeeze into tight spaces you’d think impossible for the rather large looking creature. The only hard part of an octopus is its razor sharp beak, which is hidden in the center of its tentacles, underneath its body, and is primarily used to eat crabs, clams and other mollusks. If you’re interested in octopi then you’re sure to love this tattoo gallery.  Read More »

Adorable Siberian Husky Tattoos

Husky-Tats (1)

Okay, we’re going to be completely honest with you. Someone who works here at TAM has an intense love for Siberian Huskies. They’re cute, cuddly, wolf-like and are one of the most adored dog breeds on the planet. Therefore, you’re getting a tattoo gallery featuring them. We’ve done dog and cat galleries before, but today we’re looking at a singular breed that has a ton of tattoo representations floating around the internet. If you have a Husky tattoo you want to show off, be sure to share it with us on Instagram and maybe you’ll see your tattoo in an upcoming gallery.Read More »

Awesome Animal Skull Tattoos

ALIXE COOPER @alixecooper

We’ve featured animal and death tattoos in their own galleries, so today we’re combining the two in a gallery dedicated to one of the most popular pieces of artist imagery – animal skulls. The interest in animal skulls tends to come from the same places we talked about in our death tattoo gallery, so we won’t go into that further. Instead, we just hope you enjoy the gallery as much as we enjoyed putting it together. If you have any animal skull tattoos you’d like to show off to the world, please be sure to share them with us on Instagram and maybe your tattoo will find its way in one of our upcoming galleries.  Read More »

Sensational Snake Tattoos

Snake-Tat (3)

We showed off Medusa in our latest Ancient Greece tattoo gallery, who has a head full of snakes, and dragons, which are largely credited to have been inspired by snakes. It only makes sense for us to finally focus on snakes. That’s why this gallery is all about snake tattoos. Snake fossil records are difficult to discover and date because they’re usually small and fragile. That being said, the oldest known snake fossils are dated between 112 and 94 million years old. They’re one of the oldest living and most common animal suborders on the planet. We hope you enjoy this gallery as much as you enjoyed our previous snake-like tattoos.    Read More »

The Most Impressive Lizard Tattoos You’ll Ever See

Lizard-tattoos (1)

Lizards are a group of reptiles with over 6000 species spread around the globe except for Antarctica. Many lizard species have evolved to look quite differently from its cousins depending on the conditions the species had to adapt to in order to survive. Lizards are so good at adapting that many are directly descended from dinosaur species. Many species have gained very unique and interesting abilities, like being able to change color and camouflage at will or even regenerate entire body parts. It’s no wonder why so many people find lizards interesting enough to warrant a tattoo, and there are quite a few amazing lizard tattoos out and about. (It was hard to pick only ten for this gallery.) We hope you enjoy the gallery and look forward to the next as much as we do.  Read More »

Fantastic Feather Tattoos

Nicole Eveland @tinytempestxoxo

Feather tattoos are among the most popular designs requested in tattoo studios each day. While the overall symbolism of a feather is fairly basic in nature, the options for feathers are limitless, making them very snowflake-like – that is to say, no two feather tattoos are alike. This sort of innate individualism is due to a couple of different factors. First of all, there are a lot of different types of birds throughout the world and each has a unique feather design that can make for a large variety in feather tattoos. When you start factoring in mythical bird-like beings too, like phoenix feathers and whatnot, the sky’s the limit, so to speak. When you add different tattoo styles to the designs, the tattoo options for feathers become endless. A watercolor bluejay feather tattoo is going to look very different from a portrait realism version, and so on and so forth. We hope you enjoy today’s feather gallery as much as we do and hope you share any of your feather tattoos with us and the rest of the world on Instagram. If you do, you might even see your feather tattoo in our next gallery.  Read More »

Irresistibly Adorable Pet Tattoos

Pets-tats (3)

Pet owners often love their pets to intense degrees. They’re often integral parts of the family, sometimes more beloved than certain other human members. And why not? There’s even scientific evidence that suggests pets increase their owner’s overall mental and physical health. With that in mind, is it any wonder why many pet owners would get tattoos of their most adored family member? This gallery is all about pet tattoos, specifically tattoos people got of their actual pets – although, admittedly, we couldn’t confirm they were all tied to singular real life animals. Still, this is a pretty impressive pet gallery. If you own a pet, maybe your next tattoo can be of him/her too.Read More »

TAM isn’t “Lioning” These Are Great Tattoos!


We think lions are so nice we’re doing a gallery for them twice. There were so many amazing lion tattoos out and about that we thought it’d be criminal to the King of the Jungle if we didn’t show off even more. If you missed it, you can check out our prior lion tattoo gallery here. There’s not much more we can say about lions that we didn’t already say before, or that you don’t already know, so we’ll leave you in peace to enjoy the gallery for the amazing tattoo showing that it is.  Read More »

The Cutest Rabbit Tattoos Ever

Rabbit (2)

Rabbits are some of the most commonly found animals in the world. They thrive in a number of biomes, procreate at explosive rates and adapt quite well – which has resulted in a lot of different rabbit species. That being said, rabbits are some of the cutest looking animals on the planet and are beloved by millions for their cutesy looks and the way their nose wiggles. This gallery is made up of some of the most amazing looking rabbit tattoos you’ll ever seen. If you like rabbits or tattoos, you’re going to love this gallery.Read More »