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Featured Artist Spotlight: Anali De Laney

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TAM is excited to feature another amazing tattoo artist making her mark around the world!     — Anali De Laney is an American tattoo artist specializing in realism. This talented artist is just 24 years old and living in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where she owns her own private tattooing studio  — Never More Atelier. Just check out this gallery of recent work to see why she’s garnering so much international attention and praise! Wow! Getting into tattooing at an early age, Anali started an apprenticeship when she was just 18 years old and was tattooing full time by the next year! Since then she has lived and tattooed in New York, Connecticut, California, and now Pennsylvania, meeting many like-minded, talented and ambitious tattooers along the way. Anali says: “I have had the rare pleasure of working alongside artists who have taught me so many things to help me grow and progress. Without them I wouldn’t be on the path that I am.”  Anali’s private studio, Never More, was created to provide a comfortable, pleasant atmosphere for all her lovely clients and it’s also given her the freedom to travel frequently, which is her passion. Never More provides clients with a one on one, stress free experience. Equipped with a full kitchen and coffee bar, Anali encourages clients to feel at home and they often enjoy movies together during sessions. Never More also provides complimentary aftercare soaps and ointment made locally in Harrisburg by another small business “Zanabella Plant-Based Skincare”  In the past year, Anali has traveled a lot and enjoyed it. The experiences were so wonderful that she will ...Read More »

Artists Spotlight – State Of Grace Tattoo

State Of Grace Tattoo @stateofgracetattoo 1

Today we’re not just covering a single tattoo artist, but an entire tattoo studio. State of Grace Tattoo has been around for well over a decade and is home to nine highly talented tattoo artists. Between the nine standard artists and the various guest artists who tattoo at State of Grace on occasion, you can easily walk into the studio and get a phenomenal high quality tattoo in any style you could possibly want. The shop is based out of San Jose, California and is very reasonably priced considering the amount of talent and quality that goes into each and every tattoo. If you’re looking for a studio with a stable of insanely talented artists, State of Grace Tattoo is a great studio to put on your list. To see more badass work by State Of Grace and many others, check out TAM Issue 32! San Jose, CA  IG – FB –  Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Bryan Burk


Bryan Burk is the owner of Dark Horse Tattoo in Los Angeles and has been a professional tattoo artist for close to 20 years now. He’s known for having his own unique style of tattooing that borrows from a wide variety of styles but doesn’t really fit any particular genre. If you’re looking for a high quality, one-of-a-kind tattoo and want to get it done in a chill, judgement-free tattoo studio then Bryan Burk at Dark Horse Tattoo is definitely an artist and shop location worth considering. (But don’t worry if you couldn’t follow that mess of a sentence, we’re sure the video above and the gallery below will tell you all you need to know.) To see more badass work by Bryan Burk and many others, check out TAM Issue 32! Los Angeles Dark Horse Tattoo IG – FB – More »

Artist Spotlight – Joel Long

Joel Long @joeldlong 3

Joel Long started tattooing on the 4th of July I 1992. Instead of enjoying a fireworks display, he chose to stay home and tattoo himself. He was inspired by traditional Japanese and American tattoos, particularly Japanese bodysuits – which explains why he specializes in and enjoys tattooing traditional Japanese tattoos like the ones featured in the gallery below. With nearly 15 years of experience, you can rest assured that any tattoo you have done by Joel will be professionally crafted and high quality. If you find yourself in Boulder, CO, we suggest looking up Bolder Ink and getting your own Joel Long original tattoo. To see more badass work by Uncle Allan and many others, check out TAM Issue 13! IG – FB – More »

Artist Spotlight – Uncle Allan


Uncle Allan is a professional tattoo artist who works out of Berlin, Germany and has well over a decade of professional tattooing experience. While some may be quick to label him as a primarily traditional tattoo artist, if you look closely at his work you’ll see that it’s actually difficult to categorize. He specializes in his own unique style that’s a cross between traditional and neo-traditional with a splash of new school. That being said, Uncle Allan’s easily one of the most talented tattoo artists on the planet. If you have an opportunity to get tattooed by him, we highly suggest you take it. To see more badass work by Uncle Allan and many others, check out TAM Issue 14! Berlin, Germany IG – More »

Badass Scorpion Tattoos


Scorpions are predatory arachnids, meaning they have eight legs and hunt other living creatures and insects for food. They’re highly adaptable and can be found natively on all continents except Antarctica. There are about 1750 different species of scorpion formally documented and recognized. The biggest attribute people know scorpions for is their venom, although on 25 of the 1750 known species have venom that’s capable of killing humans. Most scorpion stings, while painful, are harmless to humans. Healthy adults don’t normally need treatment for stings from scorpions found in the United States. That being said, deadly or not, scorpions are pretty cool-looking and are great subject matter for tattoo designs. So we hope you enjoy this gallery even if your idea of scorpion badassery has now changed.       the_ad id=”36293″]Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Steve Byrne

Steve Byrne @steve_byrne_tattoo 14

Steve Byrne is a UK born and raised tattoo artist who specialies in traditional American style tattooing. He currently lives and works out of Rock of Ages Tattooing in Austin, Texas and has been a professional for over 15 years. While his tattooing style may borrow from traditional American tattoos, he designs a wide variety of themes. Want a Japanese-inspired tattoo drawn in the classic American tattoo style? Then Steve is the premiere tattoo artist for you. Anyone looking for a traditional tattoo should highly consider seeking out Steve Byrne. To see more badass work by Steve Byrne and many others, check out TAM Issue 14! Austin, Texas IG – More »

Artist Spotlight – Scott M. Harrison

Scott Harrison @scott_m_harrison 3

Scott M. Harrison is a professional tattoo artist with well over a decade of tattooing experience who has made a name for himself in the tattoo industry with his highly talented artistic ability and unique design vision. His tattoos often include a mix of styles, making him a great choice for anyone who is looking to get a one-of-a-kind tattoo. He’s been featured in numerous magazine publications and travels internationally – giving people all over the world the chance to be tattooed by a master artist. We highly suggest getting a tattoo created by Scott if at all possible.     Sydney, Australia FB – IG –  Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Aaron Hodges

Aaron Hodges @aaronhodgesart 10

Aaron Hodges started tattooing in the summer of 2001 and has been working his ass off to master the craft ever since. While many people might say he’s achieved his goal, Hodges continues to push himself and strives to make each tattoo better than the last. He doesn’t tie himself to a particular design or stylistic specialty and takes pride in being challenged, whether that’s with a tattoo design or through one of his oil paintings. Anyone looking for a unique tattoo by a practiced artist with a BFA from the California College of the Arts need look no further than Aaron Hodges. To see more badass work by Aaron Hodges and many others, check out TAM Issue 39! San Francisco, California IG – FB – More »

Artist Spotlight – Robert Pho

Robert Pho 10

Robert Pho is a masterful tattoo artist who has been professionally tattooing for over 25 years. He’s the founder of Skin Design Tattoo, a tattoo studio based out of Las Vegas, and has received international acclaim as being one of the best black-and-grey tattoo artists on the planet. A true student of the game, to this day Robert Pho is constantly working to better his craft and raise the standard for black-and-grey ink within the industry. His waiting list is routinely months long, but if you can find yourself sitting in a chair getting tattooed by this man then you should certainly take advantage of the opportunity. To see more badass work by Robert Pho and many others, check out TAM Issue 38! IG – FB – More »

Artist Spotlight – Paul Dobleman

Paul Dobleman @pauldobleman 4

Paul Dobleman is an artist’s artist. He doesn’t tattoo for fame or recognition. (Although the same could probably be said for all of the artists we spotlight.) He tattoos simply because it’s what he loves to do, and he’s been doing for quite a while now. He specializes in neo traditional tattoos – which are tattoos that are designed to have a very traditional feel to them but utilize new techniques, inks and styles to bring traditional tattoos into the modern era. As such, it can be difficult to definitively say if a tattoo is traditional or neo traditional because the two forms are very closely related. However, we contend that if a neo traditional tattoo is done properly then it’s supposed to be difficult to discern from a traditional tattoo anyway. That being said, Paul Dobleman is a master. If you get a chance to get a tattoo from him, we highly suggest you take advantage of the situation. To see more badass work by Paul Dobleman and many others, check out TAM Issue 38!  San Francisco, California Spider Murphy’s Tattoo IG – FB – More »

Artist Spotlight – Adrian Lee

Adrian Lee@adrianatak 11

Adrian Lee is a masterful tattoo artist with decades of experience who tattoos out of Analog Tattoo in San Francisco, California. He was one of the first artists featured in TAM due to his awe-inspiringly unique tattoo designs. Adrian primarily specializes in realism tattoos, but is masterful at blending the style with various others to create pieces that defy traditional genre definitions. If you’re looking for a unique tattoo by a master of the craft, then Adrian Lee should definitely be on your list of artists to be tattooed by. You’re sure to walk away with a one-of-a-kind other people will be jealous of. To see more badass work by Adrian Lee and many others, check out TAM Issue 1! San Francisco IG – More »

Artist Spotlight – Mike Dorsey

Mike Dorsey @mikedorseytattoo 3

Mike Dorsey is a professional tattoo artist and painter who has been working for twenty-seven years and still loves what he does to this day. He primarily specializes in traditional tattoos inspired by Japanese culture. If you’re looking for a Japanese-inspired tattoo, big or small, Mike is definitely the artist you want to go to if you’re looking for an expert who’ll provide a unique high quality tattoo without fail. You can find Mike Dorsey in Cincinnati, Ohio or on the road at one of many tattoo conventions. If you get an opportunity to be tattooed by this master of the art, we highly suggest you take advantage of it. To see more badass work by Mike Dorsey and many others, check out TAM Issue 1! Cincinnati IG – FB – More »

Artist Spotlight – Chris Trevino

Chris Trevino @Chris Trevino 9

Chris Trevino is a Texas-based professional tattoo artist who has been featured in TAM for his work before because he is absolutely incredible. He works out of an aptly named studio called Perfection Tattoo, which is what you’re going to get if you’re tattooed by this master of tattooing. Do we really need to hype this man up any more than his artwork already does? Check out the gallery below and then, if you want to see more about Chris Trevino and exclusive images of his work, check out TAM Issue 11 for all the Trevino tattoos your heart desires.   Perfection Tattoo IG – FB – More »

Artist Spotlight – Jeff Zuck

Jeff Zuck @jeffzuck 7

Jeff Zuck is a traditional tattoo artist with decades of professional tattooing experience who enjoys creating original designs that tend to have an unexpected twist. From colorful displays to black-and-grey masterpieces, if you’re looking for a practiced master of the art form to create a one-of-a-kind traditional tattoo then Jeff is the artist for you. That being said, Mr. Zuck is one of those artists who prefers to have his work speak for itself. So in keeping with that sentiment, we won’t get long winded and will leave you to enjoy the stunning gallery of Jeff Zuck’s work in peace. To see more badass work by Jeff Zuck and many others, check out TAM Issue 1! Ann Arbor, MI IG – More »