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Phenomenal Nature Tattoos

Nature-Tats (1)

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, people have been taking nature for granted and largely stopped caring about the environment they live in. Don’t worry, we’re not here to preach about global warming or anything. Where you stand on the subject of the environment is you own business. That being said, there is a lot of great imagery born naturally in nature that can inspire some phenomenal tattoos. This is what the gallery below is all about – tattoos inspired by Mother Nature and things found in nature. We hope you enjoy these amazingly designed nature tattoos as much as we do, and be sure to check back regularly for more themed galleries.    Read More »

Amazing Will Smith Tattoos

Victor Chil @victor_chil

Will Smith is one of the most prominent and famous actors of the last few decades. He largely made his name as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which is a bit because the series was only named as such due to Will Smith’s rapper name being The Fresh Prince. Lucky for us he quickly rose to stardom as the lead in the television series more due to his evolving action chops than anything to do with his rap career. After the series ended he moved from the small screen to the big screen. Smith has been listed as one of the most bankable stars in the world according to Forbes. It’s no wonder why when you consider that, as of 2014, 17 of the 21 films he’s lead have grossed over $100 million and 5 of those cracked $500 million too. Not only have his films grossed $6.6 billion, he’s also received Best Actor Oscar nomination for Ali and The Pursuit of Happyness. (Yes, happiness is actually spelled wrong in the movie’s title. But it’s a great film nonetheless.) Speaking of Ali, due to the boxer’s recent departure, the film will actually be seeing a return to select theatres to celebrate Muhammad Ali’s legacy. (And of course make a bunch of rich people even richer.) You can check out our Muhammad Ali tattoo gallery in honor of the boxer’s recent passing and lifetime accomplishments here. The sequel to Independence Day, which largely starred Will Smith alongside a plethora of other ...Read More »

Incredible Dragon Tattoos

Eight @eighttattoo

Last time we talked about dragons we spoke about the mythological creature’s origins and how it’s older depictions were much more snake-like in nature. (You can check out our last dragon tattoo gallery here.) This time let’s talk about more modern depictions, specifically the scaly, fire-puking, winged giant lizard creatures we’re more used to seeing in D&D inspired cinema and the hit TV series Game of Thrones. The more modern dragon motifs have been prominent since J.R.R. Tolkien wrote The Hobbit and Silmarillion. He’s often created as the forefather of high fantasy, which is where these Medieval style of dragons tend to hail from. Unlike the East Asian dragons of yesteryear, today’s dragons are much bigger assholes, often dead set on charbroiling everything in sight because they just want to see the world burn. That being said, modern dragons aren’t nearly as popular or depicted in tattoo designs. So enjoy this dragon gallery full of East Asian inspired dragons. (How ya like dem apples?)  Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Georgia Grey

Georgia Grey @georgia_grey7

Georgia Grey @georgia_grey There are of course plenty and today we’re covering one of the most talented female tattoo artists in North America – Georgia Grey. She specializes in watercolor and illustrative designs and, as her namesake suggests, has a traditional American tattooing background. She works out of Big Bang Tattoo in New York City alongside fifteen of some of the most talented tattoo artists in the business. According to her bio page on Big Bang’s website, Georgia believes, “Every day is a new painting waiting to happen on someone’s skin.” Her passion and artistry shines through with each tattoo she designs and is made readily available in the gallery below. If you find yourself in New York City and are looking for a unique tattoo by one of the most talented artists in the business, look up Big Bang Tattoo and try to book Georgia if you can.  NYC IG – More »

Sensational Scenic Landscape Tattoos

Scenic-Tats (1)

People have been hanging up wondrous scenic displays on their walls since before they had walls to hang them on. (That’s a caveman reference.) This tattoo gallery shows off the tat version of the scenic landscape paintings people have seen in the art galleries for centuries. This is another gallery that shows off how tattoos can be, and often are, just as artistic as traditional pieces of art. Anything you can put on a canvas can be inked on human skin without losing an ounce of artistry, it just takes a talented tattoo artist like the many we’ve created spotlight articles on thus far.  Read More »

Sizzling Hot Harley Quinn Tattoos

Harley-Tats (1)

If you’ve seen any trailers of DC’s next major upcoming blockbuster movie, Suicide Squad, then you’ve already been introduced to one of the most iconic villains in recent comic book history – Harley Quinn. She’s the black and red jester best known as The Joker’s sociopathic, heavily abused and masochistic sidekick. Over the last couple of decades she’s come to be as popular as The Joker, if not more. What’s truly interesting about Harley Quinn is that she doesn’t have a comic book origin. The character actually first appeared on Batman: The Animated Series in 1992 and was originally intended to be a one-off character. However, she turned out to be so popular that the showrunners decided to make her The Joker’s on-again, off-again sidekick. Over the years Harley Quinn has become synonymous with The Joker in both the various animated series that followed the original 90s cartoon and many of the comic book series that followed suit. She became so popular that she got her own ongoing comic book series and has appeared as a starring character in other books and spin-offs. We’ve put this tattoo gallery together in preparations for the upcoming movie in August, but even if that movie wasn’t set to be one of the most anticipated films of 2016 we’d still be here. Harley Quinn is one of the most popular fictional characters of recent memory. Just check out a couple pictures from any Comic-Con in the last few years. We hope you enjoy this ...Read More »

Sexy Pinup Girl Tattoos

Pinup-Tats-3 (7)

We’ve done a couple pinup girl tattoo galleries in the past, which you can check out here and here, but it’s been a while since we showed off one of the oldest tattoo styles in history. Pinup girl tattoos have been popular for almost over a century, and we know how much most of you enjoy pinup girl galleries too. Be sure to check out our past pinup girl galleries for more information on the history of pinup girl tattoos within tattoo culture. If you have any pinup girl tattoos you want to show off, be sure to share it with us on Instagram and maybe you’ll see your tattoo in a gallery in the near future.  Read More »

Sensational Snake Tattoos

Snake-Tat (3)

We showed off Medusa in our latest Ancient Greece tattoo gallery, who has a head full of snakes, and dragons, which are largely credited to have been inspired by snakes. It only makes sense for us to finally focus on snakes. That’s why this gallery is all about snake tattoos. Snake fossil records are difficult to discover and date because they’re usually small and fragile. That being said, the oldest known snake fossils are dated between 112 and 94 million years old. They’re one of the oldest living and most common animal suborders on the planet. We hope you enjoy this gallery as much as you enjoyed our previous snake-like tattoos.    Read More »

Stunning Jewel Tattoos

Jewel-Tats (1)

We’ve talked about how diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but the other jewels deserve love too. Jewels of all colors and cuts have been highly sought after for millennia. Wars have been fought over jewels do to their supposed worth, even though jewels are really only shiny rocks we ascribe value to in an arbitrary capacity. Still, jewels looks really nice when they’re crafted into beautiful designs and jewelry, like depicted in the tattoo gallery below. If you liked our previous diamond gallery then you’re sure to love this one. Have any jewel tattoos of your own you’d like to show off? Be sure to share them on Instagram and maybe you’ll see your tattoo in an upcoming gallery.  Read More »

Death Defying Tattoos

Death-Tats (1)

People have been personifying death for millennia in an attempt to explain and understand why everything dies eventually. Death is the great equalizer. The end we are all doomed to meet eventually. Some people choose to go about ignore that fact, while others choose to embrace it. The people who got the tattoos in this gallery likely fall in the latter category. They were clearly interested in death enough to have it personified on their person for all of eternity. (Do you think Death is flattered upon meeting people with tattoos of itself?) Regardless of your stance on death, these tattoos are pretty awesome. Enjoy.  Read More »

Fiery Hot Tattoos

Fire-Tats (4)

The other day we talked about firefighters and showed off a plethora of firefighter tattoos in a gallery all about honoring one of real life’s heroes. Today we’re taking a look at the firefighter’s natural enemy and showing off some great looking fire tattoos. These tattoos are bit more all over the place design and symbolism-wise because fire can be used in combination with a lot of other symbols. It’s also commonly used to depict phoenixes or phoenix feathers, which you’ll also see in the gallery below. Pyromaniacs are sure going to love the gallery we’ve prepared below, but we’re also sure even those most fearful of fire will find something to enjoy.  Read More »

Titillating Television Tattoos

TV-Tats (1)

The television, aka TV, was first made available in the 1920s. However, it didn’t become popular until after World War II. Yep, that’s right. Televisions haven’t even been around for 100 years and they’re already commonplace in just about every home. Whether or not televisions should be as commonplace and consumed as they are is another matter entirely though. People have been railing against the use of televisions for decades, claiming they “rot the brain” and cause brain cancer – neither of which have been supported by actual scientific fact. Let’s be honest, they’re more metaphorical claims than anything else. Many of the television tattoos featured in this gallery seek to make a statement too. Whether or not you agree with their statement is another matter entirely though. These television tattoos are amazing and we’re sure you’ll enjoy them as much as we do.  Read More »

Badass Warcraft Tattoos

Warcraft-Tats (1)

Warcraft is the name of a fictional franchise of video games, novels and soon to be live-action film adaptations that many people believe started with the massively successful MMO (massively multiplayer online) game, World of Warcraft. It actually started with a game in 1994 called Warcraft: Orcs and Humans. Blizzard Entertainment, the company behind the creation and publication of the Warcraft franchise – which also now happens to be one of the most financially successful video game development studios in the world – published the MS-DOS real-time strategy game back on November 23rd, 1994. They have since cultivated and built upon the lore started in the first game with 13 other titles – if you count each World of Warcraft expansion as its own standalone title. Speaking of which, World of Warcraft, which is one of the longest standing and by far the most financially successful MMORPG ever created, is so popular that at its peak of popularity it had over 12 million subscribers paying $15 per month to continue playing the game. That peak was back in 2010, six years after the game was officially released. As of January 2014, over 100 million accounts had been created over the game’s lifetime. To say Warcraft is popular would be a massive understatement, which is why the live-action film of the same name set to be released on June 10th, 2016 is expected to do quite well at the box office despite its overall quality. Whether or not it makes enough ...Read More »

Awesome Ancient Greek Tattoos

Greek-Tats (1)

Ancient Greece and Greek culture has been studied and admired for centuries by people various professions, cultures and creeds. It’s a civilization that lasted between the 8th century BC to about 600 AD and had a massively influential role on the Roman Empire, making Classical Greece the seminal culture that provided the foundation for which most modern Western culture and civilization is based. Going over the history of Ancient Greece and all the highlights of the era would take multiple years and entail a wealth of information most of you already know and/or don’t care about. For our purposes it’s simply important to note that Ancient Greece is where the Greek pantheon of gods originated from. A lot of classical tales of heroism, and in fact the very idea of the western hero and hero’s journey, started in Ancient Greece. This is why so many of the tattoos you see in this gallery depict either Greek gods or creatures from Greek mythology, like the ever popular Medusa. They’re not focal points of this gallery just because they belong to Greek mythology. Greek mythology is arguably the most impactful mark Ancient Greece left on the world. The Roman Gods, which would come soon after the fall of Ancient Greece, were practically carbon copies and rip-offs of the Greek pantheon, which is why so many people have a hard time telling the two apart. The impact Greek mythology and storytelling has had through the centuries is difficult to understate. Without it some ...Read More »

The Most Impressive Lizard Tattoos You’ll Ever See

Lizard-tattoos (1)

Lizards are a group of reptiles with over 6000 species spread around the globe except for Antarctica. Many lizard species have evolved to look quite differently from its cousins depending on the conditions the species had to adapt to in order to survive. Lizards are so good at adapting that many are directly descended from dinosaur species. Many species have gained very unique and interesting abilities, like being able to change color and camouflage at will or even regenerate entire body parts. It’s no wonder why so many people find lizards interesting enough to warrant a tattoo, and there are quite a few amazing lizard tattoos out and about. (It was hard to pick only ten for this gallery.) We hope you enjoy the gallery and look forward to the next as much as we do.  Read More »