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Badass Borderlands Tattoos


The Borderlands video game franchise is a series of games most commonly referred to as looter shooters. They’re first-person shooter games largely based around the idea of running around an expansive open world and looking for better and better weapons and gear to outfit your character with. You get these items largely by killing enemies. Borderlands, the first game in the series, was easily one of the most financially and critically successful looter shooters ever to be released. The unique cell-shaded graphics, world and eccentric characters captured the attention of gamers everywhere. There have currently been three main games in the Borderlands franchise and a variety of spinoffs. A fourth main title, which is supposedly meant to be Borderlands 3 (the third main game was a pre-sequel), is expected to be the next major game by Gearbox Software. Read More »

The Zombies are Coming!


It’s been a while since we talked about or featured zombies in a gallery, so why not do so even though we’re only 2 months away from Halloween? Seriously, we’ve found some pretty amazing zombie tattoos this time around that you’re sure to be at least mildly impressed by. Has the whole zombie craze finally started to die down or is it just lying in wait for the moment? For a while zombies were in everything – movies, television shows, video games, just hanging around – but thankfully the popularity meta has started shifted. Of course, zombies will never be completely gone. Hence this tattoo gallery. You’re welcome. Read More »

Awesome Lego Tattoos


To be clear, Lego is a plastic toy franchise created by The Lego Group – a privately held company in Denmark. The Lego Group started back in 1949 and originally only offered a colorful assortment of interlocking toy bricks. However, over the past 60 years the company has expanded its line of Lego products to include just about everything pop culture related and then some. Most recently, Lego had a rise in popularity due to The Lego Movie – a highly praised movie based entirely on the Lego counterparts of famous characters. The movie did so well that more Lego movies are coming. The next one, The Lego Batman Movie, is set to be released on February 10th, 2017. Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Jeff Zuck

Jeff Zuck @jeffzuck 7

Jeff Zuck is a traditional tattoo artist with decades of professional tattooing experience who enjoys creating original designs that tend to have an unexpected twist. From colorful displays to black-and-grey masterpieces, if you’re looking for a practiced master of the art form to create a one-of-a-kind traditional tattoo then Jeff is the artist for you. That being said, Mr. Zuck is one of those artists who prefers to have his work speak for itself. So in keeping with that sentiment, we won’t get long winded and will leave you to enjoy the stunning gallery of Jeff Zuck’s work in peace. To see more badass work by Jeff Zuck and many others, check out TAM Issue 1! Ann Arbor, MI IG – Read More »

Marvelous Mario Tattoos


If you’ve been closely following the site for the past week or so, then you’ve probably noticed an increased frequency in video game based galleries – the reason for which was explained in a previous gallery. Today, we’re focusing on the highest selling game franchise of all time – Mario. Oddly enough, Mario’s first appearance was in the 1981 game Donkey Kong. In the game, players would control Mario and make their way up towards Donkey Kong by jumping over barrels and climbing up ladders. The point was to save the prince and get a high score. Of course, over years Mario has evolved into the iconic Nintendo figurehead that he is today. The franchise has made Nintendo over a billion dollars alone and continues to pay dividends to this day. People love Mario and all the characters associated with him, which is what you’ll see in the tattoo gallery below. Enjoy. Read More »

Gorgeous Gears of War Tattoos


People forget about the Gears of War franchise when discussing the evolution of video games during the Xbox 360 and PS3 generation. The first title in the franchise, which was called Gears of War (go figure), was one of the first games to see massive interest and usage of online console multiplayer through Xbox Live. For an entire year it was THE go-to shooter for many people on the Xbox 360, before Halo 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare were released in 2007. Unfortunately the popularity of the series quickly tapered off with subsequent iterations as Halo and Call of Duty largely took over the competitive multiplayer shooter space in a gaming generation that would come to be dominated by FPS games. But Gears of War still has massive fans and is getting a new title beyond the original trilogy coming in October of 2016, with a new development team behind it, may revitalize and reshape the franchise. Read More »

Stunning Jellyfish Tattoos


Did you know that jellyfish are the oldest multi-organ animals on Earth? It’s been confirmed that they’ve floated around the sea for at least 500 million years and may have been around a lot longer than that. What many people find attractive about jellyfish are their odd lightbulb-like shape, translucent bodies (that means you can see through it) and colorful array of luminescence sported by many jellyfish species. Their design and nature lends itself well to colorful tattoo designs, particularly watercolor tattoos and anything else looking to utilize bright colors. We hope you enjoy this tattoo gallery and be sure to check back daily for more. Read More »

Awesome Halo Tattoos


There were plenty of massively popular FPS (first-person shooters) before the Halo franchise started with Halo: Combat Evolved. PC gamers has thoroughly enjoyed game franchises like Quake, Unreal Tournament and DOOM for years before 2001 rolled around. But there’s no denying the massive impact Halo had on the gaming industry. Halo: Combat Evolved was heralded as one of the best first-person shooters ever to be released on a gaming console. While there had been popular FPS games before, like Golden Eye, Halo’s eased control scheme coupled with its release right around the time multiplayer-online gaming was starting to grow and progress made the franchise a dominant force in gaming whose only real competition was the Call of Duty franchise. That being said, what largely set the first Halo game apart from its competition was its story. Master Chief and Cortana became instant favorites for an entire generation of gaming fans. Hence the plethora of high quality Halo tattoos you’ll see in the gallery below. Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Alex Binnie

Alex Binnie @abinniepaperandskin 7

Alex Binnie got his first tattoo back in the 70s and started getting heavily tattooed in the 80s before he began tattooing towards the latter part of the decade. That means he has close to 30 years of tattooing experience under his belt! His experience and practiced expertise shows in every tattoo he designs and inks. He’s been the owner of Into You Tattoo & Piercing for longer than many shops have been around and continues to work out the London-based studio to this day. If you’re looking for an insanely talented and practiced hand to design and ink your next tattoo, you should seek out Alex Binnie. To see more badass work by Alex Binnie and many others, check out TAM Issue 12! IG – Read More »

Putting the Fun in Fungi

Em Hodgson @emloutattoo

No, we’re not going to gross you out with a bunch of fungus facts or anything like that. We just thought we’d share an odd tattoo theme that we were surprised to find so many high quality pictures for. Apparently a lot of people really like mushrooms, or at least like them enough to have images of mushrooms tattooed on their bodies. Whatever the reason, these are some pretty awesome fungi. And yes, mushrooms are fungus. Maybe the gallery below will help some of you come up with your next tattoo idea, which you should promptly share with us on Instagram when it comes to fruition.   Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Tony Hundahl

Tony Hundahl @t_hundahl 9

Tony Hundahl has been tattooing as a paid professional since 1998. He specializes in tattoos that feature a lot of bold imagery and movement while simultaneously being based off of traditional western and Japanese styles, although his unique flair could look a little new school-esque to the untrained eye. His number one goal for each of his tattoos is to create something powerful that will stand the test of time as best as it possibly can. You can take any idea to Tony and he’ll craft you a one-of-a-kind design you won’t see anywhere else, and if you’re given the chance to do so then we highly suggest you take advantage of it. To see more badass work by Tony Hundahl and many others, check out TAM Issue 14! Austin, TX IG – Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Juan Puente

Juan Puente @classicjuan 11

Having started tattooing in Orange County in 1992, Juan Puente has almost 25 years of tattooing experience. He currently works in San Francisco out of Black Heart Tattoo, which was founded back in 2004 and is the home of numerous highly talented artists. Juan primarily enjoys working with fine line black-and-grey and bold traditional tattoos but, as you’ll see in the gallery below, he’s quite eclectic and able to create any sort of tattoo design you may desire. If you have a chance to get a tattoo by this master of the industry, we highly suggest you take advantage of it. To see more badass work by Juan Puente and many others, check out TAM Issue 13!  San Francisco, California IG – FB – Read More »

Badass Minecraft Tattoos


Minecraft’s effect on the video game industry can’t be understated. Created by Markus “Notch” Persson singlehandedly, Minecraft became a gaming phenomenon that fundamentally altered the industry in a number of ways. It brought about an entirely new genre of games, vastly popularized and pushed the capabilities of procedural generation, and put indie gaming and development on the map so-to-speak. Minecraft was released in 2011 and not only are the effects of its existence still being felt to this day, but the game is still going strong and widely popular. That’s why we’re adding its gallery among the list of gaming tattoo galleries we’ve put together thus far. Read More »

Amazing Kraken Tattoos


The Kraken is a legendary sea monster that supposedly lives off the coast of Norway and Greenland. Many people have hypothesized that the tales of this enormous creature that’s big enough to utterly destroy large ships comes from recounts of giant squids – which were actually thought to be long extinct and myths themselves until researchers discovered a live giant squid in its natural habitat in 2004. But, while giant squids ranging from 33 to 43 feet might be real, the Kraken most likely is not. But that won’t stop it from living in fiction for many more generations still to come. Read More »

Who Ever Said Roses are Red?


Roses aren’t just red, and we’re not even talking about tattoos. Roses can actually be bred to flower with all sorts of colors. That being said, the blue color in this gallery’s featured image isn’t one of them. The only way to get a blue rose is to color the petals yourself. Florists typically use a spray to color white roses blue in order to offer them to customers. Each different rose color actually stands for different attractions and kinds of love, ranging from romantic to friendship. Granted, most people don’t care or keep track of that, but it may be worth considering before you buy a bouquet of roses for someone. Read More »