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What NOT To Do


To do, or not to do – that is the question! In these people’s cases, not to do would have been preferable. Seriously, these tattoos are terrible! (And we’ve seen some pretty bad tattoos.) Frankly, we’re surprised these people someone didn’t wind up letting their tattoos get infected and ruined. It probably would’ve improved the design. We regularly feature tattoo artists in our Artist Spotlight posts so that you have plenty of badass tattoo artist options all over the world and can avoid getting crap like the tattoos featured here.   Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Elliott Wells

Elliott Wells @elliottwells666 12

Elliott Wells grew up around a myriad of tattoo enthusiasts and fell in love with all things tattoo-oriented over the years before becoming an apprentice. He worked his ass off for years, doing everything from toilet cleaning to lunch runs as he learned his craft before becoming the full-fledged artist he is today. Wells’ unique art style was cultivated from years of him trying to draw images he found difficult to create. Eventually he worked out the kinks and became the master tattoo artist who can create the beautiful works of art you now see in the gallery below. If you’re interested in getting a tattoo by Elliott Wells, you can find him at Triplesix Studios in Sunderland, UK. Sunderland. UK Triplesix studios IG – FB – Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Roman Melnikov

Roman Melnikov @plebeyboy 3

Roman Melnikov is a Russian tattoo artist based in Moscow who’s most well-known for his unique, smoky blackwork tattoos. Take a lot at the gallery below and you’ll see prime examples of what we mean. That being said, he’s no stranger to more traditional tattoo designs and styles either, but not a lot of people look up artists with unique visions and ask them to tone their talents down. Melnikov is one of those tattoo artists we highly recommend you let surprise you and design whatever he wants, because it’s sure to be one-of-a-kind and something very few people have ever seen before. No Vvave Tattoo Moscow, Russia FB – IG –   Read More »

Fantastical Alice in Wonderland Tattoos

Nick imms @littlenicktattoo

“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (which has been commonly shortened to Alice in Wonderland) was a novel written by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll back in 1865. It’s about a girl named Alice who falls through a rabbit hole into a fantasy world full of all sorts of odd and strange anthropomorphic creatures. The main point of the book is to toy with logic and real world reason, and even 150 years later it stands as one of the most popular examples of the literary nonsense genre. But that’s not what you probably know Alice in Wonderland from. The story was more popularly translated as an animated film for children by Disney in 1951, which plays host to a lot of the iconic imagery most people think of when someone brings up the story. A lot of the tattoos depicted below draw inspiration from the 50s film that many people grew up watching as children. That being said, there have been many adaptations and renditions of Alice in Wonderland. The most commonly referenced in recent memory, which should also be accredited for some of the tattoos featured in this gallery, is the live action film version of Alice in Wonderland that was directed by Tim Burton and starred Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter. In fact, earlier this year in 2016, the film’s sequel entitled Alice Through the ... Read More »

Infected Tattoos Warning

Screen shot 2016-07-21 at 11.19.35 AM

While we understand that every now and then a tattoo will get infected even with the proper care and attention, generally, whether or not a tattoo gets infected comes down to how well it was cared for. We’ve posted before about infected tattoos and attempted to give you all the tools you need to avoid any sort of mishaps. However, despite our efforts, infected tattoo pictures and concerns continue to be a daily occurrence. Let this gallery be a warning to you all. Tattooing breaks the skin and leaves it open and vulnerable for a few days while it heals. If you don’t protect the affected area during this tattoo, you will wind up ruining your tattoo and possibly end up significantly impacting your health in a negative way. Don’t be like the people featured in the gallery below and take care of your tattoos properly.   Read More »

These Bad Tattoos Make Us LOL


We see a lot of tattoos on a daily basis. Many of the tattoos we see are professionally created and impressive on some level, even if they’re not deemed gallery-worthy at the moment they’re seen. But we also come across plenty of terrible tattoos too – as you’ve probably seen – and sometimes these tattoos are so bad that we can’t avoid laughing our asses off. Sometimes it’s not the tattoos themselves, sometimes it’s the subject matter or overall design, but make no mistake, these tattoos are bad and we don’t wish them on anyone. Seriously, there are better ways to show your love of Kraft mac-and-cheese than getting a tattoo of the box. Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Audi

@auditattoos 5

Audi started his tattoo career apprenticing with his mentor all along the east coast of the US. In 2004 he moved back to his state of origin in New Hampshire and began tattooing at Midnight Moon Tattoo studio. He primarily specializes in black-and-grey tattoos but, as you can see from the gallery below, he’s no stranger to colorful tattoos either. If you’re looking for a highly detailed, realistic tattoo and find yourself in Meredith, New Hampshire, look up Audi and you surely won’t be disappointed. He’s also made posters, T-shirt designs, and creates oil paintings and pencil and charcoal drawings too. Meredith, NH Midnight Moon Tattoo IG – FB – Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Evan Olin

Evan Olin @evanolintattoo 6

Evan Olin has a Bachelor’s Degree in Illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design and a classical art background. Take one look at the gallery below and you’ll see just how impeccably Evan Olin uses his well-practiced talents in every tattoo he creates. He primarily specializes in painted realism tattoos but his skills cover a wide variety of styles and design options that ensure anyone who comes to see Evan happily leaves with just about any kind of tattoo their heart desires. In his Powerline Tattoo bio, Evan says his main goal is to provide one-of-a-kind tattoos his customers can be proud of. We’re certain he’s achieved his goal with ease. Powerline Tattoo Cranston, Rhode Island IG – FB – Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Tyler Malek

tyler malek  @tylermalek 5

If you search for Tyler Malek’s tattooing background, you won’t find much. Even the studio he tattoos in, Underworld Tattoo Company, doesn’t have an official website or background information. That being said, take one look at his work and you’ll know everything you need. Tyler’s an incredibly talented tattoo artist that specializes realism designs but, as you can see from the bird tattoo, he’s no stranger to colorful illustrative tattoos too. He’s one of those artists who can and will tattoo in a variety of styles. If you get a chance to get a tattoo from Tyler at Underworld Tattoo Company in Salem, New Hampshire then don’t pass up on the opportunity. Salem, NH Underworld Tattoo Company IG – FB – Read More »

Eye-Poppingly Stunning Pinup Girl Tattoos

Bethany Rivers @bethanyriverstattoos

Does anyone ever get tired of pinup girl tattoos? Judging by all of your reactions to our previous pinup girl tattoo galleries, which you can view here and here, the more pinup girl tattoo galleries, the better. That being said, it’s been over a month since our last pinup girl tattoo gallery, which you can find here. After you’ve seen them all, let us know which gallery you like the most. Actually, which tattoo do you like the most? Feel free to let us know through the comment section below or on Facebook.   Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Valentin Hirsch

Valentin Hirsch@valentinhirschtattoo 4

Valentin Hirsch is a tattoo artist from Berlin who specializes in a form of tattooing you may not be familiar with – symmetry. Not too long ago Valentin released a book featuring his unique symmetrical tattoo designs that you won’t find anywhere else. He’s a one-of-a-kind tattoo artist that is immensely creative and gives each client a tattoo design they won’t likely see on anyone else. The gallery below shows off Valentin’s iconic symmetrical tattoo style. If you’re interested in getting your own Valentin Hirsch original tattoo, you can contact him via his personal website. If given half the chance, we highly suggest taking the opportunity. Berlin IG – FB – Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Adam Aguas

Adam Aguas @adamaguastattoos 7

  Most of the tattoo artists we show off in our spotlights have been tattooing for ten years or more. Adam Aguas has actually only been in the business for about half that time, yet he’s already making a name for himself at Mayday Tattoo Co in Chicago, Illinois. Adam specializes in new school illustrative tattoos, many of which feature characters and iconic imagery from a variety of pop culture franchises – from Disney princesses to Marvel superheroes. He likes to share his work and even comment on each piece on his own portfolio site. You certainly won’t be disappointed getting a tattoo by this master craftsman. Chicago, Illinois Mayday Tattoo Co IG – FB – Read More »

Bro, Your Tattoo Looks Like Shit

Screen shot 2016-07-13 at 12.04.50 PM

You can’t always stop your friends from making bad decisions, but you CAN tell them when they’ve made one. We like to think of ourselves as friends to all tattoo enthusiasts around the world, which is why we’re being brutally honest and letting each of the people in the pictures below know that their tattoos are absolutely terrible. Seriously, did you tattoo yourself? Did a five-year-old draw your tattoo? (If that is the case, then some of these are actually impressive.) Don’t worry. If you’re one of the poor souls in these pictures, (or have something similar!), there’s still time to have a real tattoo artist cover your bad tattoos with a better design. Read More »

These Piercings Don’t Look Healthy…


If your piercing looks even remotely like the ones shown in the gallery below, you’ve done fucked up! We don’t know for sure, but we’re willing to bet most of these – if not all of them – are do-it-yourself piercing jobs gone horribly wrong. There’s a reason people pay professionals to do their body modifications for them, and it’s not because they’re “suckers” or have more money than they know what to do with. It’s because they know just how unhealthy poorly done body modifications can be. Modern medicine has come a long way, but it still can’t fix utter stupidity. If you get poor tattoos and/or piercings and don’t take care of them properly, you can seriously impact your health in a permanent negative manner. You could even risk fatality! (That means death.) Don’t end up like one of the morons in the pictures below. Make sure you get all your body modifications professionally done and conduct all aftercare appropriately. After all, your life can wind up in the balance. Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Kerry Irvine

Kerry Irvine @kerryirvinetattoo 5

Kerry Irvine has been tattooing for over a decade and currently works at Modern Electric Tattoo in Bromsgrove, UK. She specializes and prefers to tattoo colorful realism and painted tattoo designs. Kerry prefers to let her work do the talking for her, and its quality certainly speaks volumes about her abilities. If you find yourself in the UK and craving a new tattoo by a master artists, you should definitely try to schedule a meeting with Kerry Irvine. You certainly won’t walk away disappointed.  Bromsgrove, UK Modern Electric Tattoo IG – FB – Read More »