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Artist Spotlight – Coen Mitchell

Coen Mitchell @coenmitchell14

  Coen Mitchell @coenmitchell Auckland, New Zealand Coen Mitchell is a professional tattoo artist based in Orewa, Auckland, New Zealand who works alongside Steve Butcher and three other talented artists at Matt Jordan’s Ship Shape Tattoo Studio. Even though he’s only been tattooing for three years, Coen has made a name for himself with what he calls “mosaic flow”, a unique form of linework/dotwork tattooing style. He was inspired by Polynesian patterns, symmetry and use of flow on the body to create his unique style. You’ll find plenty of mosaic flow tattoos in the gallery below, but he also tattoos black and grey realism/portrait tattoos – although he’s no stranger to using color too. If you ever find yourself in New Zealand and looking for a unique tattoo style for your next tat, you can’t go wrong with Coen Mitchell. IG – FB –   Read More »

Badass Unique Animal Tattoos

Mark Duhan @markduhan

There are a lot of animals that get a bunch of love from tattoo enthusiasts, like dogs, cats and lions. But there are a ton of animals that you don’t see nearly as often, making it hard for us to create a full length gallery for them. That’s why we’re bringing you today’s unique creatures gallery. These are badass animal tattoo designs that feature animals that aren’t the subject of tattoos as often as their more popular counterparts. We’re not saying these animals are less popular in general, we just have a hard time finding stunningly done tattoos of them. If you have a unique animal tattoo design you want to share, be sure to do so on Instagram and maybe you’ll all make it possible for us to feature some of these animals in their own gallery.   Read More »

Puurrfect Cat Tattoos

Matteo Pasqualin @matteopasqualin

Earlier we talked about man’s best friend (you can check it out here), so it’s only fair we now bring you a gallery about its feline counterpart. The ongoing debate about whether or not dogs and cats are better will continue to rage despite any claims we make, and frankly there are people in both camps here at TAM so we wouldn’t be able to come up with a definitive answer anyway. That being said, even dog lovers can’t deny how amazing these cat tattoos look. If you’re a lover of great tattoos, you’ll find a way to set aside your dog/cat opinions and love these tattoos no matter what.   Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Dave Wah

DAVE WAH @davewahtattoos2

  Dave Wah   @davewahtattoos Dave Wah is a tattoo artist that works at and owns the Stay Humble Tattoo Company in Baltimore, Maryland. He strives to be the best tattoo artist in the world and, while best is an opinion that can never be proven, the high standards he holds for himself certainly show in each piece he designs. Wah does both black and grey and colored ink tattoos, choosing to follow a well-rounded path of being able to do anything instead of specializing in any one particular tattoo style. He often frequents tattoo conventions and events all over North America, and could be one of the most accessible tattoo artists we’ve covered. Westminster, Maryland STAY HUMBLE TATTOO COMPANY IG – FB –   Read More »

Stunning Man’s Best Friend Tattoos

Matteo Pasqualin @matteopasqualin

Dogs are man’s best friend. This is usually the point where we’d give you some fun facts as to why this idiom exists, but do we really have to? It’s a well-known fact all over the world – like dogs being a thousand times better than cats. (Okay, maybe that last bit was more opinion than fact.) Recent studies have discovered that many domestic dogs come from the now extinct Taymyr wolf that once existed tens of thousands of years ago. These new findings suggest that domesticated dogs started to arise around the time people became hunter-gatherers, not agriculturists – which is much sooner than previously thought. We’ve put together a tattoo gallery all about man’s best friend. Even if you – for some unknown reason – prefer cats over dogs, you can’t deny these tattoos are simply amazing.   Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Matteo Pasqualin

Matteo Pasqualin @matteopasqualin10

Matteo Pasqualin @matteopasqualin Porto Viro (Italy) THE INKERS TATTOO SHOP Matteo Pasqualin has been tattooing since 1997. When he initially began it was for the fun and curiosity the art form offered. After years of training in almost all styles of tattooing, Pasqualin chose to focus on portrait and realistic tattoos, and he has become one of the premier black and grey portrait realism artists in the business. Although he continues to be an ever-learning student who seeks to improve his craft daily and discover new techniques. The gallery below shows off the immersive talent Pasqualin applies to each of his designs, and he’s available for booking by anyone who seeks him out at his studio – The Inkers Tattoo Shop – in Porto Viro, Italy. IG – FB – Read More »

Badass Tattoos that Go Choo-Choo

Alex Nuñez @alexnuneztattoo

Trains have been an incredibly important form of transportation that have captured the imaginations and wonderment of the young and old for decades. There are tons of train enthusiasts who build model trains and enjoy all things train-based as much as tattoo enthusiasts loving seeing and getting new tattoos. Sometimes the two meet and fantastic train tattoos are born, which is what prompted the current gallery. These are some of the most amazing train tattoos we’ve ever seen and each artist certainly deserves to be commended for the talent they’ve shown in creating these works of art. If you like trains or tattoos, then this gallery is perfect for you. Enjoy   Read More »

Diamonds are a Girl’s Bestfriend


These diamond tattoos certainly take the old saying, “Diamonds are forever”, literally – although maybe that’s not quite as true as it used to be as far as tattoos are concerned. Regardless, we all know diamonds are a girl’s bestfriend and many of the images in this gallery seek to prove the point. There’s no shortage of lovely ladies sporting amazing diamond tattoos, and this gallery has some of the best around. Thinking about getting a diamond tattoo design of your own? Be sure to share it with us on Instagram and you might find your tattoo and Instagram account on an upcoming gallery post.   Read More »

For the American Thrash, Metal, Rock, and Heavy Metal Fans!

Lance Steele  @steele_ink.PNG

Linkin Park, Tool, Pearl Jam, the list of popular rock bands goes on and on – and no, we’re not here to argue what’s rock and what’s not. We’re just here to give you a badass tattoo gallery that you won’t find anywhere else, and today we’re focusing on tattoos featuring popular American rock bands. Music inspires a lot of things, giving music lovers a lot of different symbols and icons to work with when creating their design. It could be the logo of your favorite album or something from your favorite song lyric. The possibilities are endless, and we hope you enjoy this gallery as much as we do.   Read More »

Entrancing Hannya Tattoos


The Hannya is a mask used in Noh theater, which is a major form of classical Japanese musical drama that has been performed since the 14th Century. The mask represents a jealous female serpent and is most commonly featured with two sharp bull horns, a leering mouth and metallic eyes. It’s one of the most popular Japanese symbols today, seen in artwork of all styles and is largely featured in a wide variety of Japanese tattoo designs. Its demonic overtones and expressive expression makes it a favorite symbol for a lot of people. These are some of the most beautiful Hannya tattoos we’ve ever seen, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy them as much as we do.   Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Dan Pemble

Dan Pemble  @danpemble3

  Dan Pemble is the owner of Sacred Tattoo Studio who’s been drawing tattoo designs since he was 17 and has a deep love of tattooing and tattoo culture. The shop is located in Marquette, MI and instantly screams quality the second you walk into the work, which is exactly what you’re going to get from a tattoo drawn by Dan Pemble. Pemble and the staff at Sacred Tattoo Studio pride themselves in specializing in all forms of tattoos too, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to get your particular favorite style done. Pemble has known since the ripe old age of five that he was going to be an artist and it shows. For more information on Dan Pemble and his tattoo studio, check out the above video and the gallery below. If you have a chance to get a tattoo done by this talented artist, we highly recommend you do so. Sacred Tattoo Studio Marquette, MI Instagram – Facebook – Read More »

Stunning Symbolic Peacock Tattoos

Roy vd Berg  @royboytattoo

The peacock has been a prized creature due to its majestic appearance and scarcity for centuries. Historically, the peacock has always stood as a symbol of nobility for its regal outward appearance and watchfulness for the eye-like designs on its feathers that it uses to trick predators into thinking it’s larger than it really is. It can also stand for guidance, holiness and protection too. The peacock is a very beautiful, colorful and unique bird, making it a prime tattoo design subject even if you don’t care about the symbolism it comes with. We hope you find the following peacock tattoos as exquisite as we do.   Read More »

Badass Ice Cold Drink Tattoos!

Victor @sicvic77

You might want to go get a jacket and a drink, because this gallery is sure to get you a bit chilled and thirsty at the same time. It’s all about tattoos featuring ice cold beverages, many of which include some of the most recognizable brand names on the planet. These badass ice cold drink tattoos take on all the pleasing characteristics that make people think fondly of Coca-Cola, Pepsi and their other favorite beverage brands that offer dozens of popular drinks. The drinks might not be good for you, but phenomenal tattoos like these can do wonders for self-esteem. Which side of the fence are you on? Pepsi or Coke? Regardless of your choice, we’re pretty sure everyone can agree that the glass bottles are so much better than plastic.   Read More »

20 Incredible Full Back Tattoos

Kevin Lablanc. @kevin_leblanc

Full back tattoos never cease to amaze us – as you may have noticed from our three other full back tattoo galleries found here, here and here. They give so much room for creativity and no two full back tattoos are ever alike. These tattoos require so much time, patience and perseverance that we feel almost obligated to show off all the badass full back tattoos we can. Want the world to see your full back tat? Be sure to share it with us on Instagram and you might see yours in the next gallery – which, let’s face it, may not be too far out. Enjoy.   Read More »

Most Amazing Eye Tattoos

Andrzej Niuniek Misztal @niuniekrock

Some say the eyes are the window to the soul. If that’s the case then the people in these galleries just opened a few extra windows. This gallery is focused on eye tattoos – not tattoos that people get in their eyes, that’s something different entirely. The human eye has been used symbolically for centuries, from the Eye of Horus to the Illuminati’s Eye of Providence – otherwise known as the all-seeing eye of God. As you can see from the gallery below, the human eye can go with a vast amount of designs. Got an eye tattoo of your own? Share it with us on Instagram or Facebook and maybe you’ll see your tattoo in our next gallery!   Read More »