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Artist Spotlight – Becky Foster

Becky Foster @beckyfostertattoo 9

Becky Foster @beckyfostertattoo Becky Foster is a phenomenal tattoo artist who works out of Norwich, England and doesn’t tend to specialize in any given form of tattooing. One day she’ll design a traditional portrait realism piece, the next she might be working on a watercolor abstract tattoo.  You’ll see the high variance of her abilities in the gallery below. Like a lot of tattoo artists, Becky prefers for people to focus more on her art than herself, so we’ll let the tattoos speak for her from here on out. We just hope you enjoy the gallery, and if you ever find yourself in Norwich, England you should look her up for a badass Becky Foster original of your own. Norwich UK IG – FB – Read More »



Friends don’t let friends get bad tattoos, but sometimes your friends fail to listen to you or see reason. When that happens, there’s only one thing to do – share their failure with the entire world! The tattoos featured in today’s gallery are some of the worst failures we’ve ever seen, and certainly deserve a #TattooFails regardless of where they’re posted. Of course, we here at TAM never want to see people with horrible tattoos, but sometimes they’re just too bad to ignore. Not to mention all of you really seem to like looking at examples of what NOT to do. We hope you enjoy this gallery as much as you’ve enjoyed the past few tattoo fail galleries, and we hope none of you find any of your designs on our naughty lists. Read More »

Shark Week is Coming! Are You Ready?


Did you know Shark Week is turning 28-years-old next week? It was started as a week-long programming block for the Discovery Channel created by Tom Golden and on July 17th, 1988 and has reoccurred every year since. It kicks off next Sunday, on June 26th, and is why we’re giving you a shark-focused tattoo gallery. The original goal of Shark Week was to correct common misconceptions people had about sharks and increase public awareness of shark-focused conservation efforts. However, the programming became so popular that it’s taken on a persona of its own and is now more about increasing Discovery Channel’s ratings than anything else. The truth is that sharks aren’t the oceanic monsters people make them out to be, and that they’ve been hunted and killed by the millions largely due to their monstrous appearance than anything else.   Read More »

Adorable Siberian Husky Tattoos

Husky-Tats (1)

Okay, we’re going to be completely honest with you. Someone who works here at TAM has an intense love for Siberian Huskies. They’re cute, cuddly, wolf-like and are one of the most adored dog breeds on the planet. Therefore, you’re getting a tattoo gallery featuring them. We’ve done dog and cat galleries before, but today we’re looking at a singular breed that has a ton of tattoo representations floating around the internet. If you have a Husky tattoo you want to show off, be sure to share it with us on Instagram and maybe you’ll see your tattoo in an upcoming gallery. Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Eduard Vîrlan


Eduard Vîrlan @virlaneduardtattoo Eduard Vîrlan is a Romanian tattoo artists based out of Biosart Tattoo Salon in Bucharest, Romania. He specializes in realistic portrait and black-and-grey tattoos but, as you can see in the gallery below, isn’t a stranger to using colors either. We’ll let his art speak for him. Romania BioArt Tattoo Bucharest IG –  FB – Read More »

Creative Car Tattoos

Car-Tats (1)

Do you remember getting your first car? For some people, it’s an inane task that was bound to happen, happens, and then a few years down the line they get car #2 and that’s that. But for other people it’s a memorable experience that they’ll never forget. We’re guessing a lot of the people featured in this car tattoo gallery remember their first car quite fondly. These are quality car tattoos that have little or nothing to do with racing or speed. It’s just all about the vehicle. Enjoy checking out this gallery and remembering your first car too. Read More »

Awesome Animal Skull Tattoos

ALIXE COOPER @alixecooper

We’ve featured animal and death tattoos in their own galleries, so today we’re combining the two in a gallery dedicated to one of the most popular pieces of artist imagery – animal skulls. The interest in animal skulls tends to come from the same places we talked about in our death tattoo gallery, so we won’t go into that further. Instead, we just hope you enjoy the gallery as much as we enjoyed putting it together. If you have any animal skull tattoos you’d like to show off to the world, please be sure to share them with us on Instagram and maybe your tattoo will find its way in one of our upcoming galleries.   Read More »

Beautiful Badass Bee Tattoos

Bee-Tats (10)

Bees are flying insects known for their role in pollination and producing honey and beeswax, which have multiple food, health and various practical applications. The most known species of bee is the European honey bee. It’s known for its black and yellow colors and vicious stinger that detaches upon impact and leads to the bee’s death shortly thereafter. Most bee tattoo depictions feature the European honey bee. These bee tattoos show off why bees are featured in a lot of tattoo designs. We hope you enjoy this gallery whether you’re a bee enthusiast or not. And if you have any bee tattoos you’d like to show off, be sure to share them with us on Instagram. Read More »

Freakin’ Awesome Fish Tattoos

Fish-Tats (1)

Did you know that fish have been incredibly important to human survival since practically the dawn of time? A lot of ancient civilizations relied quite heavily on fish, which is a bit of a no-brainer when you consider how many settlements were built near water for water sources anyway. Fish still serve an important role in human survival today too. So we’re dedicating this tattoo gallery to fish – not just for the role they’ve played in human survival, but because they also just look so darn cool as centric subjects for tattoo designs. Got a fish tattoo you want to show off? Be sure to share it with us on Instagram and maybe your fish tattoo will wind up in a future gallery. Read More »

Must See Creative and Beautiful Flower Tattoos

Little Andy  @littleandytattoo

We live in a fast world. It’s full of fast food, fast cards, fast internet speeds, and it only gets faster every day. Because of how fast it is, a lot of people fail to stop and smell the roses. They forget to take from this fast world, breathe for a bit, calm down and enjoy the world around them. This gallery may not focus on roses in particular, but it’s all about flowers in general – flowers that most people take for granted and fail to even notice during the hustle and bustle that life offers. We hope you take a few seconds out of your busy day to enjoy this gallery. Breaks are good for the soul.   Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Renan Batista

Renan Batista @renanbatistatattoo5

Renan Batista @renanbatistatattoo , which is of course located in Berlin, Germany, where he creates stunning artworks on skin and paper. Renan is a well-rounded artist who has stunning artwork to offer everyone, even if they’re not interested in getting a tattoo. That being said, you’d be crazy to pass up the opportunity to get a tattoo done by this masterful artist. If you find yourself in or around Berlin, you should definitely stop by Berlin Ink Tattooing and see what Renan can do for you. Berlin Berlin Ink IG – FB – Read More »

LGBT Pride Tattoos


We’d all like to believe the human race has evolved over the years. Not physically of course, that form of evolution takes thousands of years, but in a moral sense. In a large part, we have, but every so often tragic situations remind us that hate and persecution are still very much part of the human condition. Last Sunday, on June 12th, 2016, one of the worst hate crimes in US history since 9/11 occurred in Orlando, FL when a open fire in a gay nightclub, killing almost 50 people and seriously wounding 50 more. The thoughts and prayers of everyone here at TAM go out to the multitudes of families who affected by this horrific tragedy. We here at TAM believe in equality in all it’s forms, which is why we’re doing what we can and celebrating the LGBT community with this gallery. It isn’t much, but it’s what we do here and we hope you enjoy these tattoos too. Read More »

Sensational South Park Tattoos

South-Park-Tats (1)

South Park is an animated television series that debuted in 1997 and is still on the air today. It was created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone for Comedy Central television network, and it has been one of the highest rated series for the network for almost 20 years. The series is so popular is has spawned toy lines, multiple video games and a full-length theatrical film. The series is popular due to its timely crass comedy that largely makes fun of popular celebrities and sensitive events. We hope you enjoy these South Park tattoos even if you don’t enjoy the show. Read More »

Gaming Tats in Honor of E3

E3-Tats-Gallery (8)

E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, is one of the largest video game conventions on the planet. It’s where video game publishers and accessory manufacturers advertise upcoming games and game-related merchandise. It’s currently going on as this is written, which is why we thought this is probably a great time to give you a video game centric tattoo gallery. The convention tends to be held in Los Angeles, California around the second or third week in June each year and proceeds to take over the entirety of games media as pundits and gaming fans dissect every little nugget of gaming information they can from each massive gaming company’s conference. Who will “win” E3 this year? We’ll let other gamers decide. We just hope you enjoy this gaming tattoo gallery alongside the E3 madness too. Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Derek Turcotte

Derek Turcotte @drkturcotte8

Derek Turcotte is a tattoo artist who specializes in new school tattoos and works out of Canmore, Alberta Canada. He’s so good that many people consider him to be the new school tattoo master, and be sure to check out the pictures in the gallery below before you start to disagree. That being said, his style isn’t entirely new school focused. It’s a unique blend of realism and new school coupled with over-exaggerated illustrative drawings that combine to create unique collages you won’t see anywhere else. He excels with color and his talent oozes out of each tattoo he designs. If you have a chance to get a tattoo done by Derek Turcotte, do not pass up the opportunity. Canmore, Alberta Canada Electric Grizzly Tattoo IG – FB –   Read More »