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15 Incredible Walter White Tattoos

Jack Brizuela @staygoldtattooph_ig

Walter White is the main character whose story is told in Breaking Bad, one of the most popular television series of recent memory. His life is forever changed upon being diagnosed with cancer, so we figured now would be a great time to give you a Walter White themed tattoo gallery – seeing as how September is cancer awareness month and also the same month on which the show ended in 2013. It’s pretty crazy how people are still talking about this show three years after it ended as if it were still running new episodes. Hype still hasn’t really died down, and we’re not going to let it. So enjoy the Walter White gallery below and be sure to share with us your favorite moment from the series in the comment section while you’re here.  Read More »

Amazing Tattoo Artists in Southern California


Living in Southern California awards you some amazing perks, one being having some of the most amazing tattoo artists all within reach.  These are some of the most amazing tattoo artists in Southern California today. Mike Devries Mike is located at 9545 Reseda Blvd. #2, Northridge, California 91324.  Read More »

WTF Allowed These Tattoos to Happen?


This is why we offer artist spotlight articles, so that shitty tattoos like these don’t happen to you. Seriously, what does on in someone’s head to get tattoos like these? Common sense really must not be common anymore. Do yourself a favor and make sure you don’t wind up as an example of what not to do. If you’re going to get tattoo, make sure you’re paying a quality, practiced artist and remember that you get what you pay for. That being said, people apparently love looking at terrible tattoos. Feel free to share one with us on Instagram if you want to see it in an upcoming gallery.Read More »

Bearded and Tattooed


Do you like manly men, epic beards and phenomenal tattoos? Then this tattoo gallery is perfect for you. For decades tattoos have been associated with rough and tough men, but that ideal is slowly dissipating as more people from a variety of creeds and cultures get into tattoos. We’re dedicating this gallery for the strong men who gave tattoos their fierce reputation in years past. Besides, Father’s Day just passed and what better gallery to follow the holiday up with? Enjoy.Read More »

YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG! #researchyourpiercer


Bad tattoos are one thing. We’ve featured numerous galleries on them and told people multiple times how to avoid getting bad tattoos. But seriously, do we really have to tell you how dumb it is to get poor piercings?! We’re not saying that the people in these galleries shouldn’t have gotten these piercings at all. Follow your id. But if you’re going to get a piercing done, at least get it done right and have the self-respect to worry about your own health and well-being. Some of the pictures featured in this gallery may shock and disgust you. They’re not for the faint of heart or sensitive of stomach. Remember children, don’t do piercings yourself. For your own sake, seek professional assistance for all your piercing needs.Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Andrea Lanzi

Andrea Lanzi @antikorpo11

Andrea Lanzi @antikorpo Andrea Lanzi is a self-taught artist who has been tattooing for over 20 years and is practiced in all forms of art from simple drawings to sculptures. He specializes in a sort of new school realism tattoo style that he’s cultivated through over a decade of tattooing and made his own. A lot of his designs are inspired by random pictures he finds online. Lanzi’s first tattoo, which he did at 17, was a six-pointed star he drew on his subject’s forearm. He wasn’t a dedicated tattoo artist at the time, but it’s been his primary focus even since he opened his tattoo studio, ANTIKORPO, in Italy over 15 years ago. Orzinuovi, Lombardy, Italy IG – FB – More »

Artist Spotlight – Tony Sklepic

Tony Sklepic @tonysklepictattoo14

Tony Sklepic @tonysklepictattoo Tony Sklepic started tattooing in 2002 after he graduated high school and hasn’t stopped since. The realism that inspired him to become a tattoo artist in the first place, such as the work by artists like Nikko Hurtado and Paul Acker, is readily evident in the work you’ll see in his gallery featured below. In addition to being an avid tattoo enthusiast, Tony is also a self-proclaimed comic book, movie and music nerd who specializes in applying his full-color realism tattooing skills to large pop-culture influenced designs. Some of his biggest artistic influences outside of the tattoo world are comic book artists, like Jim Lee, Tony Moore and Ryan Ottley. In 2014 he founded Sanitarium Studios with fellow tattoo artist Karl Sundquist and has been tattooing from the Edmonton studio ever since. EDMONTON ALBERTA CANADA SANITARIUM STUDIOS IG – FB – More »

Sensational Scenic Landscape Tattoos

Scenic-Tats (1)

People have been hanging up wondrous scenic displays on their walls since before they had walls to hang them on. (That’s a caveman reference.) This tattoo gallery shows off the tat version of the scenic landscape paintings people have seen in the art galleries for centuries. This is another gallery that shows off how tattoos can be, and often are, just as artistic as traditional pieces of art. Anything you can put on a canvas can be inked on human skin without losing an ounce of artistry, it just takes a talented tattoo artist like the many we’ve created spotlight articles on thus far.  Read More »

Death Defying Tattoos

Death-Tats (1)

People have been personifying death for millennia in an attempt to explain and understand why everything dies eventually. Death is the great equalizer. The end we are all doomed to meet eventually. Some people choose to go about ignore that fact, while others choose to embrace it. The people who got the tattoos in this gallery likely fall in the latter category. They were clearly interested in death enough to have it personified on their person for all of eternity. (Do you think Death is flattered upon meeting people with tattoos of itself?) Regardless of your stance on death, these tattoos are pretty awesome. Enjoy.  Read More »

Awesome Ancient Greek Tattoos

Greek-Tats (1)

Ancient Greece and Greek culture has been studied and admired for centuries by people various professions, cultures and creeds. It’s a civilization that lasted between the 8th century BC to about 600 AD and had a massively influential role on the Roman Empire, making Classical Greece the seminal culture that provided the foundation for which most modern Western culture and civilization is based. Going over the history of Ancient Greece and all the highlights of the era would take multiple years and entail a wealth of information most of you already know and/or don’t care about. For our purposes it’s simply important to note that Ancient Greece is where the Greek pantheon of gods originated from. A lot of classical tales of heroism, and in fact the very idea of the western hero and hero’s journey, started in Ancient Greece. This is why so many of the tattoos you see in this gallery depict either Greek gods or creatures from Greek mythology, like the ever popular Medusa. They’re not focal points of this gallery just because they belong to Greek mythology. Greek mythology is arguably the most impactful mark Ancient Greece left on the world. The Roman Gods, which would come soon after the fall of Ancient Greece, were practically carbon copies and rip-offs of the Greek pantheon, which is why so many people have a hard time telling the two apart. The impact Greek mythology and storytelling has had through the centuries is difficult to understate. Without it some ...Read More »

The Most Impressive Lizard Tattoos You’ll Ever See

Lizard-tattoos (1)

Lizards are a group of reptiles with over 6000 species spread around the globe except for Antarctica. Many lizard species have evolved to look quite differently from its cousins depending on the conditions the species had to adapt to in order to survive. Lizards are so good at adapting that many are directly descended from dinosaur species. Many species have gained very unique and interesting abilities, like being able to change color and camouflage at will or even regenerate entire body parts. It’s no wonder why so many people find lizards interesting enough to warrant a tattoo, and there are quite a few amazing lizard tattoos out and about. (It was hard to pick only ten for this gallery.) We hope you enjoy the gallery and look forward to the next as much as we do.  Read More »

Tattooed Father’s and Their Kids

In anticipation for Father’s Day, June 19th, we bring you the cutest, sweetest tattooed dads and their little ones.    Read More »

VW Love


STOP! Take a moment and look around. What do you see? Chances are you see a variety of products and items that have been purchased to make your life easier or that you value in some way. Take toilet paper for example. We all value it and it makes our lives easier, and generally speaking when we run out of it we go to the store and buy more. Studies have shown that consumers as a whole will continue to stay loyal to the brands they identify with and those who add value to their lives. Brand tattoos are definitely a bold and permanent statement that comunicate in a split second who you affiliate with, where your values may lay, even what social group you belong to. When it comes to showing their unwavering support for a brand, few loyalists represent harder then VW ( Volkswagen ) owners. There are some awesome VW tattoos that really showcase the brand.Read More »

Fascinating Famous Serial Killer Tattoos


Some Serial Killers have made it to notoriety and some to become downright famous.  Here are some of the most well known Serial Killers throughout the ages that have attained this status and become immortalized in ink.      Read More »

California Love – 12 Cali Inspired Tattoos

California, or Cali as most locals refer to it is the most populated state in the U.S.  California has major influence on Global Pop Culture, because of the birth of the film industry, many tech companies getting their start here and the birth of the hippie culture.  If your from California or have ties to there, you might be thinking of a way to commemorate Cali for you in ink.  Here are some of the raddest ideas to choose from.      Read More »