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It doesn’t matter if any of these piercings are purposeful or not. All of the people in this gallery need to seek medical attention as soon as humanly possible. If your piercings look like this then you at least need to speak to a mental health professional at the very least! We’re not saying you shouldn’t be allowed to do whatever you want to your own body. We’re just not sure these results 100% safe and/or intentional. But of course someone thought that taking a picture was more prudent than seeking medical attention, so what do we know?! Do you agree with our assessment? Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Magdalena Pliszka

Magdalena Pliszka @pliszkamagdalena 3

Magdalena Pliszka is a Polish tattoo artist who, compared to many of the artists we regularly feature, hasn’t been tattooing for very long. However, her talent far surpasses her years of experience AND she’s already created a unique art style of her own that you won’t find anywhere else. Pliszka specializes in her own unique sketch-like design style with a splash of watercolors to create the beautiful tattoos you’ll see in the gallery below. You can generally find her at the 9th Circle in Cracow or Redberry Tattoo Studio in Wroclaw, but she also guest tattoos at a variety of studios and conventions all around Europe. Like what you see below? Then we highly suggest you seek her out for your own Magdalena Pliszka original. Wroclaw, Poland IG – FB – Read More »

Extremely Bad Tattoos


Do you hate your body? Do you hate tattoos? Do you enjoy terrible art? Then this gallery is going to be eye-wateringly beautiful to you! For the rest of us, this gallery of terrible tattoos is a nice reminder than we didn’t end up entirely messed up human beings and are at least capable of making some decent life decisions that others are not. Oh, was that a bit mean? Should we give these poor souls the benefit of the doubt and act like they could learn not to be stupid enough to get such awful tattoos permanently etched on their bodies? Well we’ve done that plenty of times. Sometimes you have to institute a nice healthy heaping dose of tough love… without the love. Read More »

Did a 5th Grader Tattoo These?


Some of you may remember the American quiz show Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?, where contestants were asked questions that children in 5th grade of elementary school were expected to know. The show, while mostly entertaining for its comedic overtones, opened a lot of people’s eyes to just how much 5th grade school students – who are generally between the age of 10 & 11-years-old – knew. Granted, that’s not exactly what this gallery hopes to accomplish, because we’re sure there are many 5th graders who could do a better tattoo job than the rubbish crap you’ll see in the gallery below. Read More »

These People Need HELP!


You may think we mean they need some sort of mental evaluation or something along those lines. While some of them may benefit from such assistance, that’s not what we’re talking about. These people need a talented tattoo artist or tattoo removal specialist immediately. (A few may actually need medical attention first though.) The artist can cover these horrendous tattoos with beautiful works of art, while the specialist can take it away and ensure they’re not left with a permanent mistake. It’s never too late to recover from a poor tattoo decision. As long as you keep your skin healthy, you can easily right any wrongs that may occur. Keep that in mind as you cringe your way through this gallery. Read More »

The Bad & The Ugly!


Welcome to what’s quickly becoming your daily dose of terrible tattoos. Here you’ll find plenty of pictures featuring some of the worst tattoos ever recorded and captured by the internet. (Do these people not understand how everything that gets on the internet stays on it whether they want it to or not?) We know how much you all love looking at terrible tattoos, we’re just not sure why. Is it for self-reassurance? Does it make you happy to know someone else out there has a tattoo that’s much worse than yours? Or is it train wreck syndrome? Seeing something so bad that your curiosity simply won’t allow you to look away? Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Makinucci

@makinucci 4

Makinucci is a tattoo artist who studied art at the Institut Del Theatre in Barcelona. She currently resides in Ibiza but has been a guest artist in studios all around the world. Take one look at the phenomenal work she’s known for in the gallery below and you’ll see why studios are chomping at the bit to have her work in their shops. She specializes in a variety of styles and enjoys mixing them together to create one-of-a-kind designs you won’t find on anyone else. Her preferred styles include the following: Dotwork Linework Blackwork Watercolor Abstract Geometric Nontraditional That being said, it should come as no surprise that this talented artist can create just about any design you could possibly desire. If give half the chance, we highly suggest getting your very own Makinucci original tattoo. IG – FB – Read More »

Some Extremely Terrible Blow Outs


This is your fault. If all of you stopped being so fascinated in the grotesque, we might never have to see stomach-churning pictures like these ever again. But you guys flock to these galleries faster than the ones with professionally crafted, beautiful tattoos so here we are again. What’s a blow out? Aside from you simply having to scroll down to see a clear cut example of what a blow out is, it’s when the inside of your piercing is forced to the back of the piercing. It usually occurs if you put something too large in your ear too quickly or before your ears have had a chance to fully heal. Long story short, take this as a warning sign to get all your piercings professionally done and to manage them properly. Read More »

XXX Tattoo Artist Spotlight – Nicolas Rambaud

@sad_amish_tattooer 6

In the tattoo industry, artists are constantly trying to find a way to differentiate themselves from one another. For most people, they do this through a unique artistic style, making a name for themselves by create a new art style other people have never done before – like Trash Polka tattoos.  Nicolas Rambaud, the tattoo artist featured in this special spotlight, choose to set himself apart in a slightly different manner. Instead of creating a new artistic style, Nicolas decided to tackle a taboo in tattoo form – pornography. All of his designs are pornographic in nature to some degree. It’s a bold choice that has worked wonders for Nicolas, making him the one of the few professional pornographic tattoo artists in the world. (No, your local scratcher that’ll etch crude drawings into your skin doesn’t count.) Anyone looking to get a Nicolas Rambaud original can find him tattooing in Aix-en-Provence, France. Aix-en-Provence, France IG – Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Victor Chil

Victor Chil  @victor_chil1

Victor Chil started his art career as a teenaged graffiti artist before he began going to art school in Barcelona. Then one day he decided to get a tattoo by Rafa from Ronin Tattoo and became fascinated with the artistry of tattooing. He asked Rafa to apprentice him and he’s been tattooing ever since. Victor specializes in a unique new school style that’s very clean and mixes splashes of realism and absurdity to create unique tattoos you won’t find on anyone else. Being talented in a form that utilizes a bit of both ends of the artistic spectrum, he’s able to craft tattoos in a variety of styles effectively and with a consistent high level of quality regardless of how different each tattoo is from the next. If you ever find yourself in Barcelona, Victor Chil is definitely the man you want to see about getting a new tattoo while you’re there. BARCELONA, SPAIN IG – Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Mattia Mambo

Mattia Mambo @mambotattooer 12

Mattia Mambo started tattooing traditional tattoos years ago. Back then he was your average budding, talented tattoo artist looking to get better at his craft while maybe making a name for himself along the way. He’s done just that by creating his own unique art style called “destructured” tattoos. These tattoo may look quite simplistic, and design-wise they admittedly are, but what sets Mattia Mambo’s unique design style apart is how much it says about its subject. You know people say a picture is worth a thousand words? Mambo’s unique art style essentially uses the least amount of words possible to concisely tell two thousand words with each tattoo he designs. It’s minimalism and mocking humor at its finest. While it may not be for everyone, we’re sure some of you out there love it too. If you find yourself in Italy, or able to get there, and you’re looking to get a unique tattoo, just ask around for Mattia Mambo. You won’t leave disappointed. Meda. Milano. Italy. IG – FB – Read More »



No matter how many bad tattoos we come across, they never get any less cringe-worthy. Just take a look at these atrocious insulting to tattooing! We’d MAYBE understand if they were prison tats, but they’re not. These are pictures of people proudly showing off their horrendous tattoo jobs. Yes, you read that right. These people are SHOWING OFF THESE TATTOOS WITH PRIDE! It’s like they’ve never seen a good tattoo in their life. You know what? Maybe that’s it! Maybe these people just don’t know any better because they haven’t seen what’s possible when you hire a good artist. Which is all the more reason for us to work together to get the word out and bring the gift of good tattoos to the masses. WHO’S WITH US?! Read More »

Well, That Escalated Quickly


The beginning of this piercings gallery probably won’t shock many of you. You’ve probably seen something like this before, especially if you’re a regular TAM visitor. As you go down the rabbit hole though, things quickly escalate into a level of weird many of you may not be comfortable with. (But that’s why you’re here anyway, right?) You may think you’ve seen things escalate quickly before, but when you hit the real freaky portion of this gallery you may have to rethink your stance on what escalating quickly really means. You’ll want to avert your eyes, to not progress to the next pictures, but something inside will force you to continue on until you see some of the strangest piercings you’ve ever seen in your life. Oh, and all the pictures are real by the way. No editing. These piercings really happened. Have fun. Read More »



In our Artist Spotlight galleries we’ve featured numerous artists who got their start as scratchers. However, even those artist will readily admit that they made plenty of mistakes while scratching and would never recommend anyone get a tattoo done by a scratcher. Professionals who were once scratchers are the exception, not the rule. Most tattoo artists nowadays get their starts as apprentices and practice alongside their mentor for years before they start professionally tattooing. The truth of the matter is that tattooing involves bodily harm. If not done in a sterile environment by a professional with training and experience, you could wind up sustaining serious damage. Escaping with just one of these terrible tattoos is more of a blessing than a curse. Do yourself and your body a favor. Get tattooed by a professional, not a scratcher. Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Abey Alvarez

Abey Alvarez @abeyalvarez 1

Abey Alvarez is a tattoo artist who owns and operates out of 3 Foot Radius Tattoo in Southern California. He learned about tattooing from his cellmate while incarcerated in the late 90s and tattooed himself upon release with a homemade tattoo gun. From there he started tattooing anyone who would let him and will readily admit that his work during his time as a scratcher was far from good, but that’s how he learned and eventually became the master craftsman he is today. He’s an award winning tattoo artist who specializes in black-and-grey tattoos. Abey’s mostly well known for his realism designs, but he’s also no stranger to various other styles of art. He’s constantly looking to better himself as an artist and expand his horizons. You don’t have to take our word for it though. The video above and the gallery below should be more than enough to show you just how special of an opportunity getting a tattoo done by Abey Alvarez would be. Southern Cali IG – FB – Read More »