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10 Tattoos by Jay Cavna — Mesa, Arizona

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 5.31.42 PM

Tattoos By Jay Cavna FOLLOW HIM ON Instagram Immaculate Tattoo (Mesa, AZ) Sanctity Tattoo (Tucson, AZ)  *To see MORE and learn about some of the MOST AMAZING tattoo artists of our age, check out these deals from Tattoo Artist Magazine! There’s a reason tattooers themselves consider TAM the most informative and important tattoo magazine ever –   *Be sure to check out the digital issues of Tattoo Artist Magazine ON SALE NOW– JUST $2.99 – $7.99. TAM DIGITAL ISSUES And look at our $.99 collection of  TAM VIDEO Downloads available now! Either way, See the BEST TATTOOS from the BEST ARTISTS in the world. Add to your collection today!   Read More »

Unusual Tattoo Subjects

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In many of our blogs we group tattoos together by subject matter, such as animals or horror. Or we might showcase back tattoos or full sleeves in a single blog.  Most of the tattoos here don’t seem to fit into our other categories, they are unique, interesting and very unusual. Jay Joree @jayjoree We absolutely LOVE these faceless head tattoos, and the incorporation of geometric designs in general. Her style seems to merge pure traditional elements with a modern spin.         Cesar Romero @luckykattat   Guy Aitchison @guyaitchisonart This tattoo looks like an alien landscape of shapes, sinews and color, obviously over some seriously scarred & burned skin. The care a patience it took is incredible. Guy is one of the undisputed leaders in tattooing, and he’s been teaching professional tattooers how to push the limits for more than 20 years now! The style Guy generally works in is called Bio-Mech, (emphasis on the bio portion). It’s truly in a class all its own, as is this revolutionary artist. Kamil Mocet Terczynski @kamiltattoos Jose Chalarca  @jchalarca   Wade Johnson @thehumansprocket Ibrahim Barboza @ibrahimtattoo  Jeremy Sutton @jeremysutton Check out Jeremy Sutton on the opening of Electric Anvil Tattoo  *To see MORE and learn about some of the MOST AMAZING tattoo artists of our age, check out these deals from Tattoo Artist Magazine! There’s a reason tattooers themselves consider TAM the most informative and important tattoo magazine ever –   *Be sure to check out the digital issues of Tattoo Artist Magazine ON SALE NOW– JUST ... Read More »

10 Grimmest Skull and Skeleton Tattoos

Feature Skulls

All the PHOTOS in this GALLERY of Skulls & Skeletons are from professional tattooers in the TAM community who have shared their work with us on instaGram! When it comes to the design you want for your tattoo, sky is the limit. The array of designs you can find in each category is endless, not to mention that every individual owns creativity! The type of tattoo one decides to put on their skin is essentially a message they give to the world. A Skull and/or Skeleton tattoo, is it a symbol of death or life? To quite a lot of people when they see a skull tattoo, the word that immediately comes to their mind is death and danger. Yet, before tattooing was even a thing, the sign of a skull was always associated with life and even a symbol to celebrate it. In ancient societies, skulls and skeleton were meant to bring great change, and the greatest of all changes in one’s life is death. People who opt for skull tattoos each have their own motivations, meanings, and reason for getting them. To each individual personally, it can mean anything from celebration of life to recognition of the inevitability of death. While the symbolism of a skull tattoo holds significance, nowadays, it has become a display only, rather than holding its inherent meaning, and if you really want to find out the message that a person is trying to convey, you will have to ask them that directly. There ... Read More »

Ink Master s6/e9 review – 8/18/15

As the competition continues true colors are revealed.  This week featured underhanded schemes and motives to strategically eliminate the competition on this episode of ‘Ink Master’, Composed and Exposed which aired Tuesday, August 18, 2015. The plotting progressed as the remaining artists formed new alliances. Only 11 artists were left to compete after Saint Marq was sent home last week.  Returning from elimination Chris Blinston exposed himself as a wolf in sheep’s clothing determined to do whatever it takes to win, which sends the other contestants scrambling to find a way to send him packing.  For this week’s challenge, the artists were individually tasked with creating a composition piece in the form of a post card. The elements needed to make sense and move at the same time. The artists were paired with a canvas to create permanent souvenirs to commemorate their travel experiences and “living mas”. Challenges were met immediately as each artist searched for authenticity in their presentation.  After judging the challenge Matt O’Baugh was declared the winner. This gave him the power to assign canvases for the elimination tattoo. As things heated up Craig Foster persuaded Matt unknowingly to do his dirty work by going after Chris’s followers, Dave and Tyler. For the elimination challenge each artist created a piece in the European art form of Trash Polka. Composition and dynamics are a must in the art form that only uses black, gray and red ink. Immediately, the difficult canvases, and those with scattered ideas were used ... Read More »

Sexy Tattoos on Women: Backs, Thighs and Chest

Feature sexy thighs

The woman’s body. Sensual, powerful and full of wonderful curves!  And nothing is sexier than a confident woman who enhances her natural beauty with a stunning tattoo.  Check out some of our favorite locations on the woman’s body. Check & Neck In Europe they call this area the décolletage. The skin is soft, often exposed to sun and for the most part, exposed the majority of the time. To many it is the most feminine part of the body.  A tattoo in this area is a true statement that a woman knows who she is, now and will be for her lifetime. @tomastomas108 Artist Unknown – If you know this artist, tell them to submit more work to us on Instagram @tattooartistmagazine Jen Carmen Under the Breasts The newest and sexiest trend, right under the breast. Sometimes the designs graces the sensual curves of the cleavage and sometimes the design follows the curves of the underside of the breasts.  These are especially sensual as they are covered more than shown so you know these tattoos have a very deep and personal meaning to the wearer. @austinjevans Brandon Collins Stephan Vogel   Thigh & Buttocks Next on the list is the highly erogenous area of a woman’s body, the thighs. It’s perhaps the best place to get a seductive tattoo and with short skirts, it can play peek-a-boo for the rest of your life. Many women start by small meaningful tattoos and gradually turn them into full body canvas, while others ... Read More »

“I love staring at my breast again” by Toni

Mastectomy. toni

Each month we a feature the inspirational and transformative Stories of few post-mastectomy cancer survivors and the artists & ink that help change their lives. Please support these Warrior Women by sharing their stories with those you love! It’s all these women ask. And remember- schedule your exams, ladies! -TAM Warrior: Toni S. Artist: Shane Wallin Shop: Garnet Tattoo Studio, San Diego, CA by Toni Skane My story all started in September of 2009. I woke up one morning feeling just weird, like something was wrong inside. I didn’t feel sick or have any pain. It was just my intuition telling me to go get checked.  I went to my doctor and asked for a complete physical and blood panel.  She did everything except a mammogram because I was only 39 and no there was no reason to do one; generally you have to be 40 or with symptoms. All my tests came back normal. I walked out of there telling her, “OK, but something isn’t right”. In 2010, just before a gallbladder surgery, I noticed that my right breast was really itchy. When I was scratching I discovered a golf ball size lump. The next morning I was back in my doctors office telling her ” I knew it!, I knew something was wrong”.  I proceeded with the gallbladder surgery and knew I would need some time to recover before I could go get the mammogram done and ultrasound to look at the lump I found.  I was scheduled for that appointment ... Read More »

Borneo Headhunter Tattoos – Support this Kickstarter film!


NEW INFO ADDED  at the bottom of this post! Deep in the jungles of Borneo live the last headhunter cannibal tattooists. I’m tattoo artist Fade FX and along with film-maker Tom Kelly I will be traveling deep into the inhospitable jungles of Borneo on a journey into the ancient past of tattooing. Along the way I will look at the plight of the indigenous people under threat from deforestation and try to find a solution for how the rainforest, its wildlife, people, and traditions can be saved. Travel is in my blood and my upbringing was far from conventional. I spent my formative years crisscrossing Europe in a vintage 1959 Bedford Embassy bus with my bohemian family. I have tattooed all over the world, met some unforgettable people and been to some amazing places, but my spiritual home is Borneo. It was deep in the rainforests by the mystical Skrang river that I learned the ancient art of hand-tapped tattooing from a one of the last Iban tribal elders skilled in the indigenous arts. The Iban tribe were once feared by Europeans as fierce head hunting cannibals but their hand tapped tattoos are some of the most beautiful in the world. As one of a handful of westerners entrusted with this scared knowledge I feel it is my duty to go back to Borneo to highlight the plight of the forest people whose land is being destroyed by loggers and whose culture is under threat from a hostile modern world. ... Read More »

Virginia’s 2015 Tattoo Arts & Film Festival!

richmond festival header

Tattoo-fueled festivals have been cropping up all across the country. Check out the festival that took place at the Honolulu Museum of Art! When the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, Virginia, decided to host Japanese Tattoo: Perseverance, Art, and Tradition (on view until September 27), they also decided to create an arts and film festival to complement the exhibition. The first festival of its kind in Virginia, the Tattoo Arts and Film Festival on September 4th and 5th uses alternative art forms—from film to storytelling—to express the nature and spirit of tattoo. VMFA chose the films with a curatorial eye for top-notch cinematic qualities and tattoos functioning strongly in the narrative. Each will be introduced by world-renowned experts. Eastern Promises (2008): This taut crime movie, starring Viggo Mortenson and directed by David Cronenberg, tells the story of a shrewd criminal trying to rise in London’s Vory v Zakone Russian Mafia, where tattoos are earned for status and respect. Utamaro and His Five Women (1946): This Japanese classic B&W film by Kenji Mizoguchi dramatizes the creative drive and features a sub-theme relating tattoo with Japan’s woodblock print tradition. Tattoo Nation (2013): The recent documentary historicizes the U.S. tattoo practice by focusing on the Los Angeles shop that may have started the mass movement in body art. Japanese Anime Tattoo Traditions: VMFA explores examples of the particularly Japanese animated cartoon art, anime, with a tattoo inclination. With Anh Do, VMFA and VSU faculty animation expert In conjunction with the films, ... Read More »

Unusual Facts about People with Tattoos

Feature Facts

Given the amount of lore and culture associated with tattoos from contemporary modern expressionism to ancient art, there are numerous reasons why people get tattoos and reasons why they don’t. Let’s take a closer look at the number of people in America that choose to get tattoos. According to an online survey conducted by Harris Interactive in 2012, out of 2016 adult Americanssurveyed, the results were as follows: One in every five adults in the United States had a tattoo. This number represented a percentage of 21%, which had significantly increased from 14% and 16% in a survey conducted in 2003 and 2008 respectively. In terms of geographical location, tattoos were more prevalent in the West; with about 26% of the individuals having tattoos. The remainder percentages were of the South at 18%, East at 21% and the Midwest at 21%. What Tattooees Think About Their Ink Statistics of individuals with tattoos were also quite interesting, as about 86% of the sample said that they never regretted their decision to get a tattoo. Out of these, 30% of the people also admitted that tattoos make them feel sexier. One-quarter or 25% of the sample also believed that tattoos made them feel rebellious. About 21% of the people believed it made them feel stronger and more attractive while 16% of the people said that it made them feel more spiritual. Others felt more athletic (5%), intelligent (8%), and even healthier (9%). What People without Tattoos Think On the flip side, 2 ... Read More »

Fan Favorites: Movies, Musicians, Singers, TV Characters

Feature Entertainment

Celebrities, pop gods, icons . . . there is an undeniable aura and mystique about many celebrities.  They connect with us, we often get lost in the characters they play or fall in love with their well crafted public persona.  Weather we identify with a particular role or the individual themselves, in our culture, celebrities are often on a pedestal; they are indeed, American Royalty.  It seems every couple of years a new image becomes part of pop culture or certain genre dies off and then finds a new cult following to make its way into mainstream. You need not travel further than a Hot Topic Store at the local mall to find out what images and entertainment figures are the rage in today’s endless world of entertainment figures. Choosing a celebrity, movie, TV or character tattoo is particularly fascinating as our tastes and fascinations change over time. How many of us had posters on our walls as kids and now are grateful we didn’t choose those images as our first tattoos? Or how many of us choose a tattoo that reflected something we loved all our life? All tattoos are a commitment, but there is something even more telling about tattooing a celebrity image on your body. It really is a statement about how you feel when you see a particular celebrity or entertainment genre when you choose this type of tattoo. Celebrity tattoos are the ultimate in fan memorabilia and loyalty. Check out this gallery with everything from ... Read More »

10 Flower Tattoos That Should be Scratch and Sniff

Feature Image 10 flowers

Flower tattoos maybe were not as popular in the 1970s or 80s, but they have become famously embraced on a mass scale over the past few decades. This acts as a testimony to the fact that tattoos, particularly tattoos on women, has become very acceptable in our modern society. A floral tattoo is a good piece for a young woman looking for a first tattoo but who wants something subtle. But make no mistake, flowers are far more than a pretty image on beautiful women; flowers are the embodiment of age-old symbolism. Flower tattoos do have feminine characteristics, but given the considerable amount of variety with regard to the overall look and the style, it depends on how it is portrayed. And men are just as likely to have floral motifs, even as just part of their larger scale work. They can be anywhere from small delicate petals to big and luscious flower gardens. Traditional flower images often include the lotus blossom or cherry blossom, and roses never go out of style.  To many flowers represent beauty, life and the ability to see beauty in nature.  Flowers are often used to represent love or the memory of a loved one. Color is often just as symbolic as the flower itself, and florists make their livings helping clients figure out how to say just the right thing with a bouquet! Flower tattoos are not exclusive to women.  Many powerful images incorporate flowers, they bring in color and can add a balance ... Read More »

ladies amazing and eye-catching rib tattoos

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 4.53.44 PM

Rib Piece Tattoos – As anyone who has one can attest, the ribs HURT! In spite of it being one the most painful places to get tattooed their popularity continues to grow, and it certainly hasn’t stopped these lovely ladies from adorning their sides with detailed and extensive tattoo work. Check out the work and, if you like what you see, be sure to follow the artists on their social networks. Tattoo by Johnny Smith Artist Florian Karg Artist Nikko Hurtado Artist Sebastian Nowacki Artist Sergey Gas The next 2 pieces are by Rom Azovsky. Very soft and feminine work with animal motifs.      *To see MORE and learn about some of the MOST AMAZING tattoo artists of our age, check out these deals from Tattoo Artist Magazine! There’s a reason tattooers themselves consider TAM the most informative and important tattoo magazine ever –   *Be sure to check out the digital issues of Tattoo Artist Magazine ON SALE NOW– JUST $2.99 – $7.99. TAM DIGITAL ISSUES And look at our $.99 collection of  TAM VIDEO Downloads available now! Either way, See the BEST TATTOOS from the BEST ARTISTS in the world. Add to your collection today!   Read More »

Inside the Mind of a Tattoo Apprentice

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Every artist starts somewhere and these days, IF you want to be a legitimate and respected practitioner in the field, that means earning your right to a tattoo machine through a tattoo apprenticeship.  For every apprentice out there trying to do it the right way, there are hoards of unethical & untrained hacks more interested in short cuts then they are in getting better, (or in the best interests of those they are scratching up, generally speaking.) You see, tattooing didn’t start with reality television. It’s a time-honored tradition. The art & craft of tattooing is something that has been passed down for hundreds of years from trained masters to eager young artists who can show they have what it takes to make an actual contribution to the industry.  For the professional tattoo artist, finding someone who brings this sort of grit and potentially something new to tattooing can be extremely exciting, as every great artist once began at the bottom of the tattoo totem pole. That being said, Ana Nasuro of House of Color Tattoo in Bay Shore, New York, is here to share her voice on the life of an aspiring tattoo artist. “I knew that I wanted to tattoo since I was in high school. It was something I had always loved and been fascinated by. But it wasn’t until I got my first tattoo at 16 that I decided that it was what to do for the rest of my life!”  Like many artists in the industry, ... Read More »

Turn Heads with These Amazing Arm and Calf Tattoos!

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 11.57.07 AM

Arm and calf tattoos have been popular for decades.  Some choose these areas because you can show off or cover up your tattoos easily and some choose to tattoo the arms and calf areas because the pain is minimal and very manageable.  There is a lot flesh and soft skin to work with on the extremities, and the artist can do his/her work without tattooing directly on thin skin that is over a bone, which can be very uncomfortable.   Plus, over the years, your extremities are the slowest to age and change, so your tattoo remains consistent for decades. (Assuming you worked with a talented and qualified artist, of course). Tattoo sleeves are essentially a collection of various designs or one long tattoo that completely covers most of the arm. Sleeve is a serious tattooing style that requires commitment for a lifetime. It begins at the shoulder and then runs down, depicting a centralized theme. Here are some fine examples that have been shared with us on Instagram by brilliant tattoo artists. (*ARTISTS: submit YOUR work by tagging us an using #tattooartistmagazine on IG !!) 1 – Kajan @KajanTattoo All this tattoo requires is silent admiration. In art, faces and hands are traditionally very difficult to perfect. Notice her eyes follow you as you move from side to side and her hands are in perfect proportion to her wrists and body. While we can only speculate on the origins of this image and the meaning to the wearer, we can’t ... Read More »

Jeremy Sutton on the opening of Electric Anvil Tattoo


By Nicki Kasper Tell us a little bit about your history in the tattoo industry… How long have you been tattooing?  What shops did you call home before opening Electric Anvil? Etc… I have been tattooing for 18 years. Josh Egnew has been tattooing for 10 years. We both came from Three Kings Tattoo. Josh has tattooed in Brooklyn his whole career. He started out at Hand of Glory. Before Three Kings I worked at Guru Tattoo in San Diego and before that with Russ Abbott at Ink and Dagger. Who do you credit for teaching you the trade, and what was that experience like?  I learned to tattoo in Toccoa, Georgia from an old biker named Ole Roy. He taught me all the foundations of tattooing. But I really accredit the crew at Alien Arts Tattoo (now the crew of Anonymous Tattoo) in Savannah, Georgia for really helping me understand the craft of tattooing. They are also incredible artists so the envelope was always being pushed. Josh never had a formal apprenticeship, but was fortunate to have some great people looking out for him. Regino Gonzales and Marco Serio being at the top of that list. Between those guys and all of the amazing people he’s worked with over the years at Hand of Glory, Three Kings and on the road, I’d say the experience has been pretty fantastic. What made you decide to open a shop?  Well it’s been a long time coming. Just turning the key to ... Read More »

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