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Skulls, Skulls, Skulls

David García @davidgarciatattoo

People generally don’t like being faced with their own mortality, but for some reason a carefully crafted professional skull tattoo doesn’t do that. Maybe it’s because skulls are just badass-looking, or that people can overlook the reminder when simultaneously faced with amazing art. For whatever reason though, skulls are found everywhere in tattoos. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone with a body full of tattoos that didn’t have at least one skull design of some descript. Even people who don’t have skull tattoos can appreciate them too, so that’s why we’ve put together this badass tattoo gallery that’s all about skulls.   Read More »

Sensual Succubus Tattoos


A succubus is a feminine supernatural entity, often portrayed as demonic in nature, that seduces men through sexual activity and feeds off them in some way, shape or form. In today’s vampire and werewolf focused culture, succubi aren’t often used in works of supernatural fiction. However, they’ve been around in folklore for millennia. Their seductive overtones make succubi perfect icons for tattoo designs. They’re easily used to make statements on the idea of the feminine figure and its glorification, or just as a unique subject for a supernatural pin-up girl tattoo or some other sexy design. Enjoy. Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Dmitry Chernov

@xdimtattoox 1

Dmitry Chernov is a Russian tattoo artist who specializes in neo-traditional tattoos. He works at Berger Tattoo & Piercing in Voronezh, Russia and enjoys creating abstract, eye-catching, high-quality tattoos for people from around the world. Getting a tattoo by Dmitry ensures your tattoo design will come out looking fantastic and one-of-kind. If you ever find yourself in Russia looking for a master artist with colored ink, Dmitry should definitely be on your list of artists to check out. Moscow IG – Read More »

Badass Knee Tattoos


We’ve covered a lot of tattoo areas. Bisceps, triceps, breast tattoos – hell, we’ve even created a gallery dedicated to boob tattoos! We thought we’d covered just about everything, and then we realized we hadn’t ever even mentioned knee tattoos. There are a lot of leg tattoo areas that people commonly get tattoos on – the knee is not one of them. Sure it’ll get covered if you get a tattoo all the way down your leg, but not many people get a specific tattoo on the front or back of their knee. With this gallery, we’re showing off a bunch of knee tattoos that you’ve probably never seen before.   Read More »

Are You Still Playing Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is one of the biggest mobile app phenomena of recent memory. After numerous new articles and over five million Instagram pictures tagged with #PokemonGo, it seems the hype is finally dying down a bit. In honor of the game’s impressive ability to get millions of people to get off their ass and move around more in five weeks than the Wii ever has, we’re bringing you this Pokemon tattoo gallery. Yes, we know, you’re probably sick of seeing Pokemon or remotely hearing the name by now. Consider this the franchise’s last hurrah, at least for a little while, on this site and enjoy. Read More »

Can you Endure and Survive?


If you enjoyed our last two video game galleries, the ones focused on the Fallout and Witcher franchises, then you’ll probably enjoy this post just as much. If not, well, you were warned these galleries might become regular occurrence in the Witcher post and they’re great tattoos regardless of your interest in video games anyway so… Unlike the previous two gaming galleries, this one isn’t focused on a franchise but on a singular title – The Last of Us. (Although it’s surely going to get the sequel and spin-off treatment soon because money.) The Last of Us is a game developed by Naughty Dog, an illustrious gaming developer studio that’s been around since 1984 (when it was called Jam Software) and brought gamers everywhere some of the most popular titles in gaming history, such as Jack and Daxter, Crash Bandicoot and the Uncharted series. For The Last of Us, Naughty Dog partnered with Sony Computer Entertainment as its publisher, making the game a Playstation 3 exclusive. Ironically enough, it was released at the tail end of the Playstation 3’s primary life cycle and was one of the last PS3 exclusives to be released just before the PS4 was launched. Everyone was all set for the next generation of console gaming when this game hit shelves and made a massive waves in the gaming industry. To say The Last of Us garnered a positive critical reception would be a massive understatement. Every year games media outlets proclaim the “Game of the ... Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Myles Vear

Myles Vear @myles_veartattoo 7

Myles Vear is a highly talented tattoo artist who works out of Cloak and Dagger Tattoo Parlour in London. He specializes in his own unique spin of neo-traditional tattoos that add a hint of new school to the designs to make them a nice blend of both worlds, taking everything eye-catching of the new techniques and inks now usable in today’s modern age while still keeping each tattoo imbued with a traditional feel. His designs are very clean, utilizing bold lines and colors with precise purpose to recreate the vivid picture in his head on each client’s epidermis. If you’re in London, we highly suggest looking him up for your next new tattoo. London IG – FB – Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Max Celli

Max Celli @maxcellitattooer 6

Max Celli is an Italian tattoos artist who specializes in neo-traditional tattoos. He uses new age techniques and inks to give traditional tattoo design styles a fresh new look, bringing them into the 21st century with style and a level of quality that so few tattoos had back in the day. That being said, Max is no stranger to other tattoo styles and is just as good at them as he is with neo-traditional designs. In the gallery below you’ll see hints of new school tattoos and a badass black-and-grey realism design, which show the depth of his ability and should assure anyone who gets a tattoo drawn by Max that they’ve hired a very talented professional. Rimini, Italy IG – FB – Read More »

Olympic Athletes with their Badass Tattoos!

Matt Anderson @mja5041

One of the last Olympic galleries we showed off was a collection of Olympic athletes who had gotten tattoos in honor of the Olympic Games. We spoke about how it was a momentous occasion for those individuals and just made sense. But in looking back over the post, we see how it could be easy to mistake what we said as saying that all Olympic athletes only get Olympic Games tattoos. This gallery is all about showing off Olympic athletes who have badass, non-Olympic-centric tattoos. These are some of the world’s fittest, most gifted athletes who also have impeccable taste in tattoo designs and artists. Hope you enjoy.   Read More »

Badass Witcher Tattoos


FAIR WARNING: One of the people who helps TAM put together these galleries is an avid gamer and is bringing you the gallery below. The rest of this post will be about the game. If you don’t care to know what The Witcher is, just skip to the gallery. The Witcher is a role-playing video game series created by CD Projekt RED, a game development studio based out of Warsaw, Poland. The first game in the franchise, titled simply The Witcher, came out on PCs in 2007 and received massive critical acclaim, particularly for its high quality pre-rendered visuals and soundtrack. It has since spawn two sequels, the last iteration of which – titled The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – was released on May 19th, 2015. The series has you play as Geralt of Rivia. He’s a Witcher – a genetically enhanced and highly trained human with special powers who primarily hunts to rid the world of dangerous monster. They travel the world in search of monster hunting contracts and take on the fiends that go bump in the night, but always for a price. Of course, the game’s story becomes much more convoluted than simple monster hunting as Geralt finds himself in the middle of warfare and political intrigue as kings and rebel leaders alike battle for land, freedom and power all around him. The Witcher franchise is, up to this point, the only series of games CD Projekt RED have worked on in the last decade. Each entry ... Read More »

Tattooed Olympic Athletes

Luisa Peters

If you’ve ever watched the Olympic Games for ten minutes then you’ve probably seen one of the somber tales of an Olympic athlete’s road to the Olympics. To be fair, it’s always the same thing. They worked really hard, were told in some way or another that they weren’t going to make it, but worked even harder and now they’re competing for the pride and joy of their home country. The story is the same because each athlete dedicates their life to getting in shape and good enough at their respective event to possibly get a chance to represent their country at the Olympics. Unlike athletes in other more popular professional sports, most Olympic athletes aren’t paid millions of dollars for their blood, sweat and tears. As most of us know, tattoos are a great way to memorialize life accomplishments, so it should come as no surprise that many Olympic athletes get tattoos to celebrate seeing their dreams come true. Here’s a gallery all about Olympic athletes and their tattoos.   Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Milker Cordova

MILKER CORDOVA @milkercordova 10

Milker Cordova is a highly talented Venezuelan tattoo artist who works out of Elite Tattoo Studio in Caracas, Venezuela. He specializes in realism tattoos but isn’t a stranger to most abstract or cartoony work either. He’s able to bring any crazy idea you have to life and make it look so real you might think he’s actually seen the crazy creation of your dreams (or nightmares). He’s well versed at covering poor tattoos with insanely beautiful professional designs. If you have a tattoo you want to cover with something better, he’s definitely a top contender to work with. If you find yourself in Caracas, we highly suggest getting a tattoo by this master craftsman. Elite Tattoo Studio Caracas, Venezuela IG – FB – Read More »

Awesome Torch Tattoos

Alemão @tattooalemao

The 2016 Rio Olympic Games are being held right now, as this is being written, which means the torch relay has been achieved and the Olympic fire has been lit. While the Olympic flame has always been a symbol of the Games since ancient times, the torch and torch relay event at the start of the opening ceremony started in 1936 during the Summer Olympics in Berlin. The torch connects each Olympic Games location with its origins in Greece by running the torch from the ancient site of the Olympic Games in Olympia, Greece to wherever the events are being held in the chosen host country. Today the torch is lit several months before the opening ceremony. Eleven women, who represent the Vestal Virgins, perform a celebration at the Temple of Hera where the torch is lit by sun rays that are concentrated by a parabolic mirror. The torch then travels around Greece before it starts making its way to the host city. After the torch lights the Olympic flame, the flame is kept lit throughout the Games until it is put out to symbolize their official end.  The torch has become the modern official symbol of the Olympic Games and the final stretch of the relay, which is often run by a celebrity of some sort, is one of the most watched events of the entire celebration. Over the years a lot of unique torch images have served to represent the Olympic torch. With so much cultural heritage behind ... Read More »

Does It Get Any Stranger Than This?!


Working within the tattoo and body modification industry for years, we’ve all seen a lot of strange things over the years. Which is why we have to ask if it gets any stranger than what you’ll see in the galleries below. Granted, we’re sure many people will think, “Oh course there are stranger things. There’s a lizard man walking about the world right now!” But the thing is, we at least understand those types of body modifications more than these travesties. At least the lizard man had a clear idea of what he wanted and achieved his ideal body image. We have no idea what happened to the people in this gallery though. And that makes it all incredibly strange to us. Read More »

Why You Shouldn’t Let Scratchers Tattoo You


Your friend has a tattoo gun and is looking for people to practice on? He/she can draw really well so you’re sure it’ll come out fine?! We’d like to think the people below had a conversation that included someone else asking those questions in an incredulous fashion, but the truth is probably that half of the people featured in the gallery below were drunk on some level and thought, “Tattoo? Hell yeah!” Do yourself a favor and make sure the tattoos you get are done by a professional and not some in-home scratcher that will leave you in one of our “bad tattoos” galleries. Read More »