10 Modern Old School Tattoos

A while back we talked about new school tattoos and how they are the natural progression of the art form, but that doesn’t mean old school tattoos are dead and gone. The old school style is still very much alive and popular, with hundreds of people all over the world

Incredible Realism Tattoos

When many people talk about tattoo designs they tend to think about tribal marks, embellished pin-up girls, abstract collages, comic book heroes and/or cartoons. Those who pain tattoos in a negative light often proclaim that tattooing isn’t an art form, but we know better. Tattooing is just as much of

Unbelievably Bizare Body Modifications

Tattoos can serve a lot of purposes. They can provide unique body art by which someone can express themselves, they can give back someone control of their body by covering up unwanted scars, and they can serve to enhance forms of body modification to give people an entirely new identity. Body

Tattoos by Viktor Portugal

Viktor Portugal was born in Uruguay, and currently resides in Krackow, Poland.  He started his career tattooing in 1988 when he saw a tattoo by Paul Booth which inspired him, and coincidentally his specialty tends to be black and grey macabre and usually consists of darker, more sinister images. He

Crucifixion Tattoos in Honor of Easter Sunday

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ holds great significance in Christianity. It’s a foundation of Christian faith, believing that Jesus Christ died and rose again to wash away the sins of us all is considered a prerequisite by most Christianity denominations – i.e. you can’t call yourself a Christian

Six Tattoo Artists That Will Blow You Away

  Just like clothing and jewelry, tattoos are a collectible outlet for self expression that show off an individuals style. We love celebrating diversity and finding new artists that have that certain something that sets them apart. These artists have truly peaked our interest and we think they will peak yours

The World’s Worst Tattoo Mistakes

It’s crucial to proofread before writing permanently on your skin. The web is full of absurd examples of tattoos gone bad and we are going to show you the epic fails that made us laugh the most. Some of them are just misspelled, some others are so ugly that is difficult to

Koi Fish Tattoos – the History and Symbolism Behind the Colors

Koi fish tattoos are often very intricate and detailed and are usually the central character in Japanese tattooing. These beautiful creatures, mean carp in Japanese and are usually representative of overcoming life’s obstacles. Chinese and Japanese mythology has a story of the koi which made this fish a symbol for strength

Sexy, Pregnant, and Inked – Maternity Tattoos

The image of a woman with child is one of the most beautiful pictures one can capture.  If you add tattoos to that sexy, maternal, ethereal woman you have the holy grail of beauty.  These woman are some of the sexiest, most beautiful pregnant tattooed females we have found.  

Amazing Skull Tattoos

Skull tattoos have many meanings, it can mean recognition of death, celebration of life, and just about everything in between. As such, it’s not uncommon nowadays to have fully customized inked versions of the skull at particular parts of the body. Every tattoo artist has got at least one in his portfolio and

Tattoos by the Famous Dr. Woo

THE BEST TATTOOS BY THE FAMOUS BRIAN WOO AKA (DR. WOO) AT SHAMROCK SOCIAL CLUB IN LOS ANGELES, CA These intricate, detailed tattoos are the handiwork of Dr. Woo, a 33-year-old tattoo artist that boasts a string of celebrity clients including Drake, Ellie Goulding and the actress Sarah Hyland. Quick-witted and eminently

Badass Batman and Superman Tattoos

How does a mortal man take on a god? While that may not be the literal premise, it’s a major question being asked in the upcoming film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. What’s sure to be the second major comic book movie release of the year and one of

Arrow Tattoos You Have to See to Believe

Arrows were one of the most popular tattoo designs requested by people in 2015. They’ve been gaining in popularity for years, and your guess as to why is as good as anyone else’s. Did The Hunger Games series spark a ton of interest in arrow tattoos for young people, who