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Badass Sideburn Tattoos


Don’t want sideburns but don’t like how you look without them either? The people in this gallery found a fun way to take care of that issue with unique and badass sideburn tattoos that ensure they’ll never dislike seeing the side of their faces ever again. While sideburn tattoos are pretty cool looking, they’re some of the most visible tattoos you can get. If you work in an office environment or plan to work in a suit-and-tie situation later on in life, you may want to avoid getting sideburn tattoos. But, as always, we also encourage you to follow your id and see where life takes you. Enjoy the gallery.   Read More »

For MOM!

Gregory DiGiacinto @mrblueskytattoo

Anyone who’s seen our recent realistic heart tattoo gallery – or any gallery with hearts in it for that matter – may have noticed that the word “mom” and heart designs tend to go hand-in-hand. For a lot of people, getting a tattoo dedicated to their mother is a great way to immortalize the memory of the person who brought them into this world and greatly impacted their lives in that unique way only a mother can. Even if you don’t rush out and get a mom tattoo of your own, take this as a gentle reminder that Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Even if you have a rocky relationship with your mom, she’s still the person who carried you for nine months and went through the pain of child birth to give you a chance at life in this world. She may not be perfect, but she does deserve your respect if for no other reason than that.   Read More »

Cute Tiny Tattoos

Zachariah @tattoos_by_zachariah

It’s the little things in life that often have the biggest impact, and nothing’s more proof positive of this ideal in the tattoo world than tiny tattoos like these. They may not be massive, incredibly detailed works of art, but that doesn’t make them any less impressive or interesting. This gallery of tiny tattoos is incredible and should serve as an inspiration for people who may not be able to afford the larger tattoos on their wishlist but still want to get something to express themselves with. We hope you enjoy this tiny tattoo gallery as much as we do.   Read More »

Badass Tattoo-ception


Hey, I heard you like tattoos, so we put tattoos on your tattoos! Okay, maybe that reference is a little dated, but these tattoos certainly aren’t. A lot of people, and apparently animals, simply look better with tattoos. Tattoos gives them character, accentuate their muscles and curves, and – most importantly – look really badass. See! Disney princesses aren’t the only characters that look better with tattoos. For everyone who loves tattoos as much as we do, we’ve put together this tattoo-ception gallery all about tattoos sporting other tattoos. We love it, and we’re sure you will too.   Read More »

Stunningly Impressive Portrait Realism Tattoos

Screen shot 2016-04-25 at 2.23.47 PM

For those of you who don’t know, portrait realism is an artistic style that involves creating portraits of people that looks so real they could almost be mistaken for photographs. However, it’s important to note that not all portraits are just straight shots of people’s face. A portrait can also add a bit of flair, such as having the subject look off into the distance or rising out of a pool of blood, in order to create a more thought provoking picture. The tattoos featured in this gallery are some of the most impressive portrait realism tattoos we’ve ever seen, and we think you’ll agree with us too.   Read More »

Bas Ass Inner Lip Tattoos


Inner lip tattoos are a bit of oddity as far as tattoos go. Most people who get tattoos are looking for a beautiful artistic design that holds some sort of special meaning or significance for that, something that’s going to last forever. Inner lip tattoos don’t. Have you ever bit or burned your lip and noticed just how fast it healed? Well the same rules apply when you get something inked. It takes a while, sure, but inner lip tattoos fade much faster than traditional tattoos and are pretty much guaranteed not to last. There’s something to be said about being able to get a non-permanent tattoo though. You can get anything tattooed on your inner lip without worrying about possibly having to cover it up in the future or disliking it later on in life. In retrospect, it’s the perfect place to get a current boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s name tattooed. That being said, since inner lip tattoos are such a new phenomenon, we feel obligated to warn you that inner lip tattoos run a much higher chance of infection than regular tattoos. Your mouth is full of bacteria, which means the healing process for an inner lip tattoo is going to be a major hassle. If you’re not someone who’s going to be incredibly meticulous, thorough and health conscious after getting the tattoo, don’t do it. You think getting an infection on your thigh is bad? Having one inside your mouth is much worse. If you’re going to get ... Read More »

Unforgettable Elephant Tattoos


Elephants are one of the largest land-walking mammals in the world. Their heritage is derived from mastodons and mammoths, and you’ll find various species of elephants scattered all over the African and Asian continents. Despite their intimidating stature, elephants are herbivores and tend to be seen as serene animals – which is probably why they’re so revered by ancient cultures and religions. Unfortunately elephants aren’t doing so hot nowadays. African elephants are listed as vulnerable while Asian elephants are endangered species according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Elephants have been heavily hunted for their ivory tusks, use as war machines and circuses, and put on display in zoos all over the world. They say elephants never forget, and you’ll definitely be able to relate to that sentiment after seeing these unforgettable elephant tattoos.   Read More »

Amazing Inner Ear Tattoos

Indy @indyvoet

Following up on our inner tattoos extravaganza – if you missed it, we also talked about inner lip tattoos today here – let’s talk about inner ear tattoos. If the internet is to be believed, we should caution you about getting an inner ear tattoo because it could hurt your chances of employment. However, that’s a little hard to stomach. Is someone really going to pass you over for a job because of a small tattoo inside your ear? Hell, there’s a good chance they may not even notice it during the interview – especially if you have long hair that can cover it temporarily. It’s not the same as getting a face tattoo like Mike Tyson. As for how much inner ear tattoos hurt, it really does depend on the person. What’s more likely to irritate you during the session is the buzz of the tattoo gun being so close to your ear. For most people, getting an inner ear tattoo is no worse than getting a tattoo on your arm or thigh. Still unsure about inner ear tattoos? Well lucky for you we’ve created the gallery you see below. It’s full of some of the most beautiful inner ear tattoos we’ve ever seen. The nice thing about inner ear tattoos are their simplistic design, which is made even better if you make use of the ear’s natural shape. If there’s any major negative to getting an inner ear tattoo it’s that you may want to get two.   Read More »

The Bushiest Bearded Tattoos Ever!

Rob Richardson  @robrichtattoo

Beards are most definitely “in” right now, although we’re not so sure they’ve ever not been popular. A well-groomed bushy beard in explicably seems to attract people and bring about an air of manly regalness. (Okay, sure “regalness” isn’t a word, but you know what we mean.) This tattoo gallery is dedicated to beards. Not tattooed people with beards, we already sort of had a gallery like that which you can check out here. This gallery is all about tattoos that feature bearded people. Some of those people aren’t real and may or may not have an axe grafted into the left side of their face while others depict real life people/celebrities who’ve had epic beards at one point in time or another – such as Tom Hardy in The Revenant and various other films, and Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting. There are a lot of bearded historical and religious figures who’ve significantly impacted or left a very deep impression on people’s lives, so of course it makes sense people would get tattooed representations of these figures with epic flowing beards. You’ll see plenty of these sorts of tattoos in the gallery below too. Bearded tattoos aren’t for everyone. Hell, getting someone else’s face tattooed on your body isn’t for everyone, but these tattoos are amazing. But if you’re looking for bearded tattoos to inspire one of your own, or just want to see some amazing bushy bearded tattoos today, we hope you enjoy the gallery we put together ... Read More »

The Most Memorable Music Tattoos You’ll Ever See


Music is one of the great equalizers. You may not like the same type of music as someone else, but just about everyone likes music of some sort or another. Music can speak to the soul, twist emotions and tell stories in unique ways. You don’t have to be a musician or have a trained ear to enjoy music, and you certainly don’t have to meet any such criteria to get an amazing tattoo like the ones found in the gallery below. These tattoos vary in style almost as much as music varies in genres. You have traditional black and white tattoos, the more modern Trash Polka designs, a watercolored keyboard road and old and new school alike. There are so many design choices that can implement musical symbols and overtones that the possibilities are quite literally endless. When getting a music-based tattoo design, the first question you have to ask yourself is: “What instrument or style of music speaks to me most?” Do string instruments tug at your heart’s strings? Do you enjoy tickling the keys of a piano? Or maybe percussion instruments are most your style. Once you know what you like most about the music you listen to, you can better understand the sort of musical tattoo that’s right for you. Of course, there’s also the gallery featured below. If anything will spark inspiration for your own music tattoo, it’s these fantastic professionally done tattoos. These were clearly inked by talented artists, the type of artists you ... Read More »

Badass Cover Up Tattoos

Fahrettin Demir @fahrettin.demir

We all make mistakes. Sometimes things happen to us outside our realm of control, sometimes we’re just young and dumb. What matters is what we do after those mistakes are made. Do you wallow in self-loathing or pick yourself up by your boot straps and make things right? These people decided to do something about their mistakes. Tired of their poor tattoos, they decided to transform their shameful designs into something much more badass than ever before. The people featured in this gallery prove that you’re not permanently stuck with tattoos you don’t want. At any point in time you can transform horrifically bad tattoos, like the ones found in our recent bad tattoos gallery, into some of the most badass tattoos anyone has ever seen. Covering up a bad tattoo can actually be a fun pastime for some artists. The challenge of taking something that’s already been done and turning it into something better, proving themselves the superior artist, excites many artists – especially the ones who grew up playing Morph as kids. What’s Morph? Morph is an art game where one person draws an image and then another changes the image into something else. This goes on until someone runs out of ideas or draws something that was drawn before. The game goes by many names but it’s essentially practice for the type of tattoos you’ll see in the gallery below. Got a bad tattoo and want some ideas for a nice cover up? Hopefully this gallery will ... Read More »

Realistic Heart Tattoos

Levente Vacsi @levente_vacsi

We know you’re used to emoji hearts like <3 but, news flash, that’s not what hearts really look like. The heart is an engine that pumps blood throughout your body to keep you going, oxygenating your muscles and keeping you refreshed and rejuvenated. Something like <3 couldn’t possibly get all that done unless you were one of the cartoons from our recent animated gallery. The real deal may not look as cutesy or poetic as your typical Valentine’s Day heart designs – which we also have a gallery of that you can check out here – but there’s something to be said for the powerful nature that a real heart design represents. These realistic heart tattoos show one of our body’s most vital organs in all its uncensored glory, which speaks volumes when the design is placed strategically or paired with various other words, names or symbols. These tattoos tell a lot about the people who sport them. We don’t have to see their face or any other tattoos to see that some care greatly for their mothers, freedom or people named Mor. (Does anyone else think they may have misspelled mom or run out of room for it on that one?) Regardless of their meaning, all these tattoos look amazing and certainly belong within the annals of our site. Have you been thinking about getting a heart tattoo? Did you even consider getting a realistic depiction over the usual <3 before coming across this gallery? Hopefully this gallery inspires ... Read More »

Guns, Knives, Bombs and Sweet Bow Tattoos

Raph WEAZEL @raphwzl

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but these weapons will slice, dice and disintegrate them. Luckily these weapons are tattooed depictions and not the real thing. Yes, we know weapons are a bit of a sensitive topic and no, we’re not here to talk about or debate politics. We’re here to focus on the artistry behind all tattoos regardless of their subject matter, and these weapon tattoos look fantastic. Unlike our last gun tattoo gallery, you get a little bit of everything in this one. Guns can represent more than aggression or hard opinions on weapon legislation. They can represent independence, protection, heritage and a myriad of other ideals depending on how they’re utilized within a design. Hopefully this gallery will give you a little more insight into the various types of weapon tattoos that are available or maybe even give you a bit of inspiration for your own weapon-based tattoo. Even if you prefer to make love instead of war, you can’t deny these weapon tattoos look absolutely fantastic.   Read More »

The Cutest Hello Kitty Tattoos Ever


Hello Kitty was originally created by Yko Shimizu as a character aimed towards appealing to pre-adolescent females, but so many adults took to the anthropomorphic white Japanese Bobtail cat with a bow that the Sanrio – the Japanese company that owns the character – shifted their products to include their adult consumer-base. As such, it should come as no surprise to anyone that there are Hello Kitty tattoos aplenty walking about in the world, and we’ve created a gallery just for all the Hello Kitty fans. Sanrio first developed and introduced Hello Kitty back in 1974, and by 2014 it had already become a trademark powerhouse worth $7 billion a year. What’s most impressive is the brand has grown so substantially with virtually no advertising whatsoever. If you’ve seen some of our past Japanese character-based tattoo galleries – like Pokemon or Dragonball Z – then Hello Kitty’s popularity should come as no surprise. Hello Kitty offers an animated series, comic book, music, video games and a full-length feature film is slated for release in 2019. However, most of Hello Kitty’s fans don’t know about any of her many entertainment pursuits. The characterization alone brings in massive amounts of revenue in the form of everything from Hello Kitty clothing, jewelry, office supplies and other small items. What does Hello Kitty do? Who is she? We here at Tattoo Artist Magazine seriously have no idea. But one thing’s for sure, people love Hello Kitty’s look and over all atmosphere. We hope you ... Read More »

Amazing Abstract Tattoos

Royal Jafarov  @royaljafarov

Are you a fan of abstract art? Then this gallery is sure to be for you. Tattoo artists all over the world have brought popular artistic styles from all sorts of classically trained studios and art schools to the epidermal layer of people everywhere. Abstract art came about during the early 19th century as a form of artistic independence. Romanticism, impressionism and expressionism were all artistic movements that contributed heavily to the formation of abstract as an art style. It’s steadily gain in popularity over the last two centuries, allowing artists to express themselves without restricting their images to mere representations of the mundane and understandable. We hope you enjoy these abstract tattoos and check back regularly for more galleries featuring all sorts of artistic styles.    *To see MORE and learn about some of the MOST AMAZING tattoo artists of our age, check out these deals from Tattoo Artist Magazine! There’s a reason tattooers themselves consider TAM the most informative and important tattoo magazine ever —   *Be sure to check out the digital issues of Tattoo Artist Magazine ON SALE NOW– JUST $2.99 – $7.99. TAM DIGITAL ISSUES And look at our $.99 collection of  TAM VIDEO Downloads available now! Either way, See the BEST TATTOOS from the BEST ARTISTS in the world. Add to your collection today! Read More »