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Amazing X-Men Tattoos

XMenTats (2)

  X-Men: Apocalypse is the ninth film in the X-Men film series that comes out this weekend and we’re celebrating now with a special X-Men tattoo gallery full of amazing X-Men tattoos. The movie is directed by Bryan Singer, who directed the highly praised X-Men: Days of Future Past and stars James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Oscar Issac and even Evan Peters who’s reprising his role as Quicksilver – which was arguably the most talked about scene from the last X-Men movie. The plot is set to feature Apocalypse, one of the most iconic X-Men villains from the comics and the X-Men animated series. However, it’s important to note that the film will not follow the storyline as comic fans know it, which is sure to turn off a lot of fans. Thus far the film has been given mediocre reviews, with most of the criticism being place on the story as a whole. Even if you decide not to see the new X-Men film, or are disappointed by it later this week, at least you’ll always be able to come back here to TAM and enjoy the X-Men tattoo goodies that will forever exist in this amazing X-Men tattoo gallery. Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Domantas Parvainis

Domantas Parvainis  @domantasparvainis5

Domantas Parvainis @domantasparvainis We’ve covered a lot of tattoo artists from the US and UK, but there are highly talented tattoo artists all over the world and today we’re shining the spotlight on Domantas Parvainis. He’s an artist based out of Siauliai, Lithuania who specializes in a unique sort of abstract realism, creating detailed collages of real images to create one eye catching design you won’t see anywhere else. Domantas Parvainis is one of the most unique and talented artists we’ve ever seen, and we hope the fact that he’s in Lithuania won’t stop anyone from seeking out a badass tattoo by him. You certainly won’t regret the trip.  Siauliai, Lithuania IG – FB – Read More »

The Cutest Rabbit Tattoos Ever

Rabbit (2)

Rabbits are some of the most commonly found animals in the world. They thrive in a number of biomes, procreate at explosive rates and adapt quite well – which has resulted in a lot of different rabbit species. That being said, rabbits are some of the cutest looking animals on the planet and are beloved by millions for their cutesy looks and the way their nose wiggles. This gallery is made up of some of the most amazing looking rabbit tattoos you’ll ever seen. If you like rabbits or tattoos, you’re going to love this gallery. Read More »

Badass Crazy Skull Tattoos

Przemyslaw Aero Walkowiak

Death and the human skeletal structure have fascinated people since the dawn of time. Skulls are often used as depictions of death, symbolically representing the end in many ways. That being said, to many people, skulls just look cool and it has nothing to do with symbolism or any sort of meaning outside of looking badass. These are some of the most badass skull tattoos we’ve ever seen. They’ve each clearly been done by professional artists who are masters of their craft and are some of the best tattoos in a very supersaturated design genre. If you’re going to get a skull tattoo, we recommend getting one like this.   Read More »

Artist Sportlight – Bryan Merck

Bryan Merck @bmerck_ink1

Bryan Merck @Bryan Merck Bryan Merck is a tattoo artist who works out of The Séance Tattoo Parlor in Bensalem, PA. He specializes in black-and-grey and color portrait realism tattoos and is clearly one of the best in the business. Just check out the gallery below and you’ll probably start wanting a portrait realism tattoo from Bryan as soon as possible. Luckily Bryan is quite readily available and accessible for a lot of people – at least as accessible as a trip to Pennsylvania can be depending on your personal situation. But even if you can’t get an original Bryan Merck tattoo of your own, at least you can enjoy his spotlight gallery. The Séance Tattoo Parlor Facebook – Instagram – WEBSITE –   Read More »

27 Awe-inspiring Sea Tattoos

Yall Quiñones @yallzee

The sea is a pretty important place for Earth and its residents. It contains 97.2% of the known water reserves on Earth, which is essential for life most lifeforms to live and thrive, and it covers more than 70% of the Earth’s surface. The depths of the sea also make up the last uncharted areas on Earth, giving the sea and air of mystery that has existed for millennia as people seek to uncover potential hidden treasures – from sunken treasure to the discovery of new and potentially dangerous lifeforms. So many people take a fascinated interest in the sea that it only makes sense they’d get sea-centric tattoo designs, which is what we’re showing off today. These todays seek to celebrate all that the sea has to offer, and they’re also phenomenally well done too. Enjoy.   Read More »

28 Die Hard Fans – Tattoos of Their Favorite Celebrities

Nikko Hurtado. @nikkohurtado

A celebrity is someone with a large amount of fame and public attention who is often followed and admired by a large amount of people, either for how they live their life, what they do for a living or some major incredibly feat they’ve accomplished. Being such an influential figure in so many lives, it should come as no surprise that celebrities are often the subjects of tattoo designs. There are so many celebrity tattoo designs out there that we’ve put together a gallery of 28 pictures that feature new and old celebrities alike. You’ll probably recognize a lot of the faces you see.   Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Christopher Brand

Christopher Brand @cbrandworks15

Christopher Brand  @cbrandworks Los Angeles, CA Christopher Brand is a major voice for positive change in tattoo culture and believes in bringing tattoos out of the grungy underground that many people view it as and shine a light on the positive nature of tattoos and tattoo culture. He’s primarily known for combining Japanese and Chicago tattoo styles, which you’ll see in the gallery below. Brand is a Los Angeles artist and member of UGLAR (Unified Group of Los Angeles Residents) Works, which is a group of visual artists who serve as pre-certified muralists for the city of Los Angeles and seek to honor the mural heritage of public works projects. Check out the video above and the tattoo gallery below for more insight into Christopher Brand and his tattoo style than anything we say could ever do justice, and if you’re in the LA area we urge you to look up Christopher Brand for your next tattoo design if you can. IG –   Read More »

Totally Magical Disney Tattoos

Sarah Miller @sarahmillertattoo

You’ve seen tatted up Disney characters, the stunning Disney artwork of Tim Shumate and some of the most detailed Disney tattoos we’ve ever come across. You can never have too much Disney art though, can you? Today we’re bringing you another Disney-focused tattoo gallery that’s all about capturing the Disney magic so many people have come to know and love. Disney was founded in 1923 and has been impacting lives for almost a century, so it’s pretty reasonable to assume we’ll probably be showing off another Disney tattoo gallery in the foreseeable future. If you have a Disney tattoo you want to show off, be sure to share it with us on Instagram and your tattoo could be featured! Read More »

Amazing Bill Murray Tattoos

Nikko Hurtado @nikkohurtado

Bill Murray is a beloved movie star who has been in a variety of popular films since the 1970s. His list of accomplishes includes iconic roles in moves like Caddyshack, Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day and Zombieland just to name a few. He’s won a Golden Glode, a BAFTA Award for Best Actor, an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor and two Primetime Emmy Awards. Murray’s charismatic personality has won him massive support by fans everywhere on top of the fans who grew up watching his movies over and over again as children and young adults. His profound impact on people’s lives over the last thirty years he’s spent in the movie industry has won him the admiration of millions, so this gallery of Bill Murray tattoos should come as no surprise. Seriously, IT’S BILL FUCKING MURRAY! (Brownie points if you get the reference.)   Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Coen Mitchell

Coen Mitchell @coenmitchell14

  Coen Mitchell @coenmitchell Auckland, New Zealand Coen Mitchell is a professional tattoo artist based in Orewa, Auckland, New Zealand who works alongside Steve Butcher and three other talented artists at Matt Jordan’s Ship Shape Tattoo Studio. Even though he’s only been tattooing for three years, Coen has made a name for himself with what he calls “mosaic flow”, a unique form of linework/dotwork tattooing style. He was inspired by Polynesian patterns, symmetry and use of flow on the body to create his unique style. You’ll find plenty of mosaic flow tattoos in the gallery below, but he also tattoos black and grey realism/portrait tattoos – although he’s no stranger to using color too. If you ever find yourself in New Zealand and looking for a unique tattoo style for your next tat, you can’t go wrong with Coen Mitchell. IG – FB –   Read More »

Badass Unique Animal Tattoos

Mark Duhan @markduhan

There are a lot of animals that get a bunch of love from tattoo enthusiasts, like dogs, cats and lions. But there are a ton of animals that you don’t see nearly as often, making it hard for us to create a full length gallery for them. That’s why we’re bringing you today’s unique creatures gallery. These are badass animal tattoo designs that feature animals that aren’t the subject of tattoos as often as their more popular counterparts. We’re not saying these animals are less popular in general, we just have a hard time finding stunningly done tattoos of them. If you have a unique animal tattoo design you want to share, be sure to do so on Instagram and maybe you’ll all make it possible for us to feature some of these animals in their own gallery.   Read More »

Puurrfect Cat Tattoos

Matteo Pasqualin @matteopasqualin

Earlier we talked about man’s best friend (you can check it out here), so it’s only fair we now bring you a gallery about its feline counterpart. The ongoing debate about whether or not dogs and cats are better will continue to rage despite any claims we make, and frankly there are people in both camps here at TAM so we wouldn’t be able to come up with a definitive answer anyway. That being said, even dog lovers can’t deny how amazing these cat tattoos look. If you’re a lover of great tattoos, you’ll find a way to set aside your dog/cat opinions and love these tattoos no matter what.   Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Dave Wah

DAVE WAH @davewahtattoos2

  Dave Wah   @davewahtattoos Dave Wah is a tattoo artist that works at and owns the Stay Humble Tattoo Company in Baltimore, Maryland. He strives to be the best tattoo artist in the world and, while best is an opinion that can never be proven, the high standards he holds for himself certainly show in each piece he designs. Wah does both black and grey and colored ink tattoos, choosing to follow a well-rounded path of being able to do anything instead of specializing in any one particular tattoo style. He often frequents tattoo conventions and events all over North America, and could be one of the most accessible tattoo artists we’ve covered. Westminster, Maryland STAY HUMBLE TATTOO COMPANY IG – FB –   Read More »

Stunning Man’s Best Friend Tattoos

Matteo Pasqualin @matteopasqualin

Dogs are man’s best friend. This is usually the point where we’d give you some fun facts as to why this idiom exists, but do we really have to? It’s a well-known fact all over the world – like dogs being a thousand times better than cats. (Okay, maybe that last bit was more opinion than fact.) Recent studies have discovered that many domestic dogs come from the now extinct Taymyr wolf that once existed tens of thousands of years ago. These new findings suggest that domesticated dogs started to arise around the time people became hunter-gatherers, not agriculturists – which is much sooner than previously thought. We’ve put together a tattoo gallery all about man’s best friend. Even if you – for some unknown reason – prefer cats over dogs, you can’t deny these tattoos are simply amazing.   Read More »