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Artist Spotlight – Andy Walker

Andy Walker  @4ndy_w4lker5

Andy Walker is a phenomenal tattoo artist in the UK who works at creative VANDALS and specializes in new school tattoos often featuring favorite fictional characters from various pop culture outlets. His designs are often colorfully bright and feature a lot of personality to go along with the subject of the tattoo, making it seem as though it’s threatening to come to life at any moment. If you’re looking for a colorful tattoo with a lot of character, Andy Walker is definitely your man. Of course, an artist with this level of talent could likely create any tattoo you could possibly desire. Andy Walker @4ndy_w4lker Creative Vandals Hull, England IG –   Read More »

Awesome Koi Fish Tattoos

KIRK EDWARD NILSEN II @kirknilsentattoos

We already went over the history of koi fish and the significance of their colors in a previous gallery, which you can check out by clicking here, so there’s no real need for us to go into all that again. Koi fish have a rich history and long been favored due to their unique color variety. Koi pond lovers are sure to enjoy this gallery. If you get your own Koi tattoo in the future, be sure to share it with us on Instagram. You never know when we might have so many amazing Koi fish tattoos that we decide to make another gallery like this one.   Read More »

Sublime Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing Tattoos

John Barrett  @yogi_barrett

The “wolf in sheep’s clothing” idiom is largely associated with Aesop’s fables but actually originates from the Bible. In the King James Version, Matthew 7:15 states, “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” The lesson of falsehood has been passed down over the centuries and is one of the most widely understood idioms around the world today. These tattoos have chosen to take the idiom a bit more literally than it intends, and to sublime artistic effect. This tattoo gallery is a massive testament to how the same bit of symbolism can be used in strikingly different ways, so that no two tattoos ever look alike.   Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Steve Butcher

Steve Butcher  @stevebutchertattoos

Steve Butcher is a top-notch tattoo artist who operates out of Matt Jordan’s Ship Shape Tattoo studio in West Auckland, New Zealand. He specializes in realistic tattoos, particularly portrait realism like the ones you’ll see here and in the gallery below. That being said, he’s clearly a gifted artist who can create any design you can come up with. If you’re looking for one of the world’s best and find yourself in New Zealand, don’t pass up the chance to get a tattoo done by him. Butcher’s also a massive NBA fan. People interested in tattoos and basketball will find a lot of content on his Facebook page. Read More »

These Tattoos Will Give Anyone Nightmares


Fans of horror will really enjoy the frightfulness of this gallery. It’s dedicated to horrifying tattoos, from scary, grotesque monstrosities to creepy people in masks and face paint. Normally we’d save something like this for Halloween but we thought, “Why wait?” Spooky, horrifying things can be enjoyed all year round. Fear and disgust are not season specific. We’re always looking for unique tattoos, horrifying or not, to feature in our daily galleries. If you have a spooky tattoo you want to show off, be sure to show it off to us on Instagram and maybe your tattoo will wind up in a future gallery.   Read More »

Badass Hand Tattoos

MISTY MASON @xxbleedgoldxx

Get a hand tattoo like these and you’ll never want to wear gloves or mittens ever again! These hand tattoos are some of the most amazing high quality tattoos we’ve ever seen, and we definitely mean in general. You won’t want to miss out on these amazing tattoos. That being said, if you plan on being a hand model then you may want to steer clear of getting hand tattoos. (Yes, hand models are a real thing believe it or not.) And they may not be for every office exec, but if you can swing or just can’t fight the urge, please show us your badass hand tattoo on Instagram.   Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Nikko Hurtado

Nikko Hurtado @nikkohurtado7

Nikko Hurtado @nikkohurtado Hesperia, CA  Black Anchor Collective Is there anything we can say about Nikko Hurtado that isn’t painfully obvious from his work? He’s one of the best tattoo artists in the world right now and has his own website with all the biographical information you could ever want! You’ve seen his work all over our site, but here’s even more for those of you who love premium tattoo art as much as we do. Anyone looking for their own Hurtado tattoo will have to make their way out to his shop, Black Anchor Collective, out in California. It may be a costly trip depending on where you live, but it’ll be well worth it in our opinion. Don’t believe us? Check out the gallery below and his portfolio, it’s sure to change your mind. Instragram – Facebook- WEBSITE –   Read More »

Incredible Constellation Tattoos


Did you know there are 88 modern recognized constellations? We’re not going to pretend to know which ones are represented in the gallery below, but you don’t have to know the constellations by name to be impressed by these amazing constellation tattoos. Do you know what the constellations on each tattoo are? Know the constellations by heart? Really like all things space? Be sure to check out our previous space tattoo gallery here after enjoying today’s constellation gallery, and check back regularly for more tattoo galleries featuring all sorts of themes and topics. Enjoy.   Read More »

Amazing Rib Tattoos

Joey Armstrong. @jarmstrongtat2

Rib tattoos can be a little odd to get because the sensitivity along the side of most people’s body differs greatly from location to the next. However, if you can sit through it, rib tattoos are some of the biggest and most detailed concealable tattoos you can get. The rib tattoos featured in this gallery are some of the most amazing rib tattoos we’ve ever seen. They make some of us want to go out and get a big rib tattoo too, but unfortunately the longer sessions involved in getting such detailed works of art aren’t for everyone. Still, if you want to get one and can manage it, be sure to share your full rib tattoo with us on Instagram and maybe your tattoo will appear in our next gallery!   Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Anthony Flemming

Antony Flemming @antonyflemming11

There’s not much we can say about Anthony Flemming and his phenomenal work that isn’t said or shown in the video above and the gallery below. We hope you enjoy both and if you have an opportunity to get a tattoo by Flemming, we suggest you take it. Antony Flemming @antonyflemming Belgium World of Tattoos IG – Read More »

The Best Native American Tattoos You’ll See

Adam Knowles @babyknowles

If you haven’t checked out our previous Native American galleries, you can check them out here and here. We’ve recently released quite a few Native American tattoo galleries because of how popular their culture and symbolism is in tattoo designs, and we hope all of you enjoy this gallery as much as you like those. These tattoos are just too good to ignore, and they just might be the best Native American tattoos we’ve ever seen. If these don’t make you want to get a Native American tattoo, nothing else will – which is okay, because at least you still get to see some premium art.   Read More »

15 Cheerful Chimpanzee Tattoos

Led Coult @ledcoult

Do you like chimpanzees? Do you like cheerful tattoos? Then you’re going to love this gallery. It’s full of nothing but cheerful chimpanzee tattoos that’ll brighten your day and make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Like all the tattoos we feature, except for the occasional bad tattoo galleries, these tats are top-notch and will leave you wanting to get a chimpanzee tattoo of your very own. If you do, we highly recommend sharing it with us on Instagram so we can possibly feature it in our next chimpanzee gallery. Until then, we hope you enjoy these fifteen tattoos and we’ll see you later.   Read More »

Rad Geometric Tattoos


You don’t need to have paid attention during geometry class to understand and enjoy these geometric tattoos. These patterns may have geometric origins based on equations, but that doesn’t make them any less enjoyable to view or harder to understand. They look cool, so we’ve created a gallery celebrating some of our favorite mathematics-based tattoos. Geometric tattoos can be a bit harder to conceptualize depending on how/why you want them, but the good news is that any artist can draw a design a design based on a mock-up in front of them.   Read More »

13 Mind-Blowing Chest Tattoos

Nick Baxter. @burningxhope

The chest area gives tattoo artists a lot of room to work with and offers a large canvas that can be easily hidden while at work or on an interview, making it an ideal area for people who are looking for a large tattoo but don’t want their future working career to potentially suffer for it. (It’s an unfortunate but still somewhat true fact of life, although a lot of employers are starting not to care about tattoos anymore.) How much a chest tattoo hurts to get depends entirely on your own levels of sensitivity and structure. People have reported it hurting quite a bit while others describe it as altogether painless. Of course, we wouldn’t recommend a tattoo newbie to start out with a large chest tattoo – it’s better to dip your toes in the water with something far. Why tell you all this? Well these chest tattoos are spectacularly done and may give many of you a desire to rush out and get a chest tattoo of your own, so we thought it’d be responsible to re-up our disclaimers. Hope you enjoy this chest tattoo gallery and be sure to check back to tomorrow for more amazing tattoo galleries.   Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Nathan Marti

Nathan Marti @nathanmarti3

Nathan Marti is a tattoo artist and painter from northeast Ohio who lives in Columbus and tattoos at Stained Skin Tattoo and Art Gallery. He started tattooing back in 2010 and specializes in black and grey tattoos featuring mostly dark subject matter paired with abstract organic structures. He tends to conceptualize and create his own designs with complete freedom, which seems like a good idea judging by the amount of badassery seen in his gallery below. He’s clearly talented and hirable by anyone, so be sure to check out his work below and on his portfolio page. You won’t regret it. Read More »