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Clever or Ridiculous?


There’s a fine line between genius and insanity, and some of these people may have erased that line. (Brownie points for those of you who get that reference.) Seriously though, many of the tattoos featured in the gallery below stand on the line between genius and insanity, and we can’t figure out which side they stand more on. On one hand, they’re impressive, on the other, we’re not sure they’re good tattoos. We’ll let you decide which is which. We’re sure you’ll have plenty of questions by the time you’ve made your way through all of the images, but maybe you’ll walk away with new tattoo inspiration too. Read More »

Unsanitary – Friends Don’t Let Friends Get Tattooed At Home


“I know this guy who’s a GREAT artist and has his own tattoo kit! He’ll do it for a lot less!” If someone says these words to you, politely decline and stick with getting your tattoo from a studio-based professional. We’ll grant you that some of the professionals we’ve shown off in our galleries and spotlight posts got their start in kitchens and living rooms, but the fact is that they’re the exception to the rule. The rule being: NEVER GET A TATTOO FROM SOMEONE IN THEIR, OR YOUR, HOME! Seriously, do we really have to point out how unsanitary and how much of a bad idea it is to get amateur hour tattoos? You get what you pay for, and we don’t recommend you put that saying to the test where your health is involved. Read More »



What’s worse? A tattoo that was clearly a bad idea from the onset or a good idea that’s been executed poorly? We can see how these tattoos might have been a good idea at one point in time, before they went horribly wrong and ended up the monstrosities you see now. Okay, maybe they all weren’t great ideas, but a good artist can make even the worst tattoo ideas look good. Please use these terrible tattoos as examples of what not to do. Friends don’t let friends get tattoos that are this shitty. Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Erik Campbell

@Erik_ez_campbell 5

Erik Campbell started tattooing as an apprentice under Matt Jones in 2002 and has been tattooing in Colorado for over a decade. He tends to design illustrative new school-like tattoos but, as you’ll see in the gallery below, is no stranger to a myriad of styles and can proficiently create black-and-grey realism tattoos just as well as colorful new school tats too. He currently tattoos out of The Raw Canvas in Grand Junction, Colorado alongside a team of other extremely talented artists. His primary goal in life is to continue to grow as an artist and he clearly has a wonderful future ahead of him. Grand Junction, Colorado IG – Read More »

Hauntingly Beautiful Hourglass Tattoos

Daniel Novais  @danielnovaistattoo

The hourglass is one of the oldest time measuring tools in existence, but it’s unclear where it originally came from. The oldest depiction of an hourglass is from a sarcophagus dated back to 350 AD, which goes against the idea that it was created during the Early Middle Ages. That being said, it wasn’t used predominantly in Europe until the 14th century. The look of the hourglass has always captured a lot of artistic imagination. Being a symbol of time and the vertical symbol of infinity, the hourglass can hold a lot of symbolic meaning. We hope you enjoy these hourglass tattoos as much as we do.   Read More »

Let’s NOT Tattoo Ourselves


If you’re a long time visitor of our site then you’ve seen hundreds, if not thousands, of phenomenal tattoos. Fun fact: None of those tattoos were created by the people who own them! We understand the desire for DIY (do-it-yourself) nowadays, as people try to find ways to save money any way they can. But there’s a reason why even the most talent tattoo artists in the world get other people to create their tattoos. Tattooing yourself is very difficult and risky. One mistake could have a lot of poor health implications and can also wind up ruining your entire tattoo. Don’t be a loser, get a tattooer. Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Anais B

Anais B @anaisbtattoo 5

Anais B is a professional tattoo artist who works out of Spa, Belgium and specializes in a variety of primarily black-and-grey styles. She’s probably best known for her jewel and lace designs that strategically add a splash of color and show off her amazing shading ability that is a great example of how less can indeed be more. If you find yourself in or around Belgium and looking for a tattoo by one of the best tattoo artists in the world, look up Anais B. You certainly won’t be disappointed. Belgium Anaïs B Tattoo IG – FB – Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Zack Taylor

Zack Taylor themachine13  @themachine13 9

Zack Taylor is a professional tattoo artist who works out of Evermore Tattoo in Los Angeles, California. He’s a massive fan of bold, classic traditional tattoos and have brought that style into the new school with his own work. If you’re looking for a phenomenal artist to get your own colorful new school tattoo, then look no further than Zack Taylor. In addition to tattoos, Zack is also a fan of motorcycles, surfing, his dog, and family and friends. Chances are, you have something in common with this great artist and can together come up with a one-of-a-kind tattoo design you can both be proud of. Evermoretattoo Los Angeles CA IG – FB – Read More »

WTF Allowed These Tattoos to Happen?


This is why we offer artist spotlight articles, so that shitty tattoos like these don’t happen to you. Seriously, what does on in someone’s head to get tattoos like these? Common sense really must not be common anymore. Do yourself a favor and make sure you don’t wind up as an example of what not to do. If you’re going to get tattoo, make sure you’re paying a quality, practiced artist and remember that you get what you pay for. That being said, people apparently love looking at terrible tattoos. Feel free to share one with us on Instagram if you want to see it in an upcoming gallery. Read More »

Badass Tea Cup Tattoos

Adam Aguas  @adamaguastattoos

Tea and crumpets anyone? Or maybe just tea? While it’s largely drunk today recreationally, tea actually originated in southwestern China as a medicinal drink. Its recreational popularity was promoted by the Chinese Tang dynasty and it started to spread to various other East Asian countries before finally reaching the West in the 16th century. The popular beverage has been depicted in various pieces of art over the centuries, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that it’s now being utilized to create amazing tattoo designs. These tea tattoos celebrate a wide variety of things, showing just how varied tattoo designs can be.   Read More »

It’s Finally Shark Week


Remember when we talked about Shark Week last week? Well it’s finally here! Shark Week is in full swing and we found another gallery of shark tattoos that are too awesome not to show off. We’re sure you’ll love these shark tattoos as much as we do. Please keep in mind that sharks are not the human serial killers so many people believe they are, but because of that perception they’ve been hunted to levels of species endangerment. That’s the whole point of Shark Week, spreading the word about the reality of sharks and their existence on our earth. Jaws is a fictional film people. Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Carlos Montilla

Carlos Montilla @closmontilla 11

Carlos Montilla @closmontilla Carlos Montilla graduated with honors from Massachusetts School of Art and Design in 2013 and currently tattoos at Visible Ink in Malden, Massachusetts. He specializes in colorful new school tattoos but, as you’ll see in the gallery below, is no strangers to black-and-grey tattoo design either. Montilla is a budding, eclectic tattoo artist you should definitely keep your eye on and get a tattoo from as he gets even better than he already is. Visible Ink Malden, MA IG – FB – Read More »

Devastatingly Delectible Dagger Tattoos

Zack Taylor @themachine13

Daggers actually predate human history. They’ve been used for close combat confrontations for about as long as the human race has existed and continue to be used today. In many ancient cultures, they were also used for ceremonial and ritual purposes, and even today there are art knives that people put on display simply for their aesthetic appeal. This dagger tattoo gallery features all sorts of daggers, with a variety of symbolical meanings too. You don’t have to be a weapon nut or history buff to understand the appeal of these dagger tattoos, and we hope you enjoy this gallery as much as we do.   Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Victoria Benea


Victoria Benea is a phenomenal tattoo artist who creates designs in a variety of forms and styles. Any sort of tattoo you could possibly want is within her range of abilities, and she’ll even take your moderate or poor tattoo and turn into a wonderful work of art. If you have a chance to get a tattoo done by Victoria Benea, we suggest you don’t pass up the opportunity. Riga, Latvia Home of Tattoos IG – FB –   Read More »

Be A Pineapple!


Being a pineapple means standing tall, wearing a crown and being sweet on the inside. (We’re choosing to ignore the prickly outer shell in this analogy.)   Many people find the pineapple’s unique look quite appealing. Being a tropical fruit, it represents areas of the world that are often known for white sand beaches and paradisiacal landscapes, which is probably why so many people find them perfect subjects for tattoo designs.   The name pineapple comes from which it was first referenced in 1664 by European explorers as resembling a pine cone. We hope you enjoy this pineapple tattoo gallery whether you like the taste of pineapples or not.   Read More »