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Point Out the Fail…..Ready, Set, GO!

Have you ever seen those old “Spot the Difference” images – where two nearly identical images are placed side-by-side and you have to point out the subtle differences? Think of this tattoo gallery like that, only there’s only one image and you get to point out all the ways the tattoo or piercing in the image went wrong. Feel free to talk about placement, design, line work, etc. These images are so bad that you don’t need to be a professional tattoo artist or piercer to see where they went wrong. So have fun and let us know what you find in the comment section below. Read More »

Badass Dead Space Tattoos

Dead Space is a third-person shooter gaming franchise that started very much as a survival horror game series before pivoting to pure action. It was basically hit with the Predator effect – where everything’s full of suspense and intrigue until you know what the Predator looks like. Since the franchise started in 2008 there have been three main titles and three spin-offs. The last Dead Space game to come out was Dead Space 3 in 2013. It was reported that EA shut down production of Dead Space 4 due to poor sales figures for Dead Space 3, but the publisher has said that the report of Dead Space 4’s demise is “patently false”. However there’s still no word on whether or not another Dead Space game is in development. Sure, it’s a bit of an obscure series, but we hope fans of the franchise enjoy the tattoo gallery below. [the_ad id=”36293″] [the_ad id=”36294″] Read More »

Lovely Lower Back Tattoos… We Think…

It was really difficult to find decent looking lower back tattoos. Either the tattoos were awful or the pictures were taken by a 4-year-old who couldn’t keep his hand still while tapping the camera button on his iPhone. (Seriously, why are so many people bad at taking pictures?) We’ll let you be the judge on whether or not these lower back tattoos are actually good. They were some of the better pictures we came across and the tattoos look decent at the very least. It certainly seems like lower back tattoos get a bad reputation for a good reason. [the_ad id=”36293″] [the_ad id=”36294″] Read More »

Amazing Leopard (Jaguar?) Tattoos

Yes, we put together the tattoo gallery below with the intention of focusing on leopards but we’re not quite sure all of the tattoos depict leopards. Some of the tattoos look like they may be of jaguars. While both big cats fall into the Panthera genus, they are not the same. But we’re not zoologists and we’re assuming most of the tattoo artists and customers involved in the tattoos below aren’t either. (That should be a pretty safe assumption.) Does it really matter though? If you’re a fan of leopards then you probably like jaguars too. So here’s a leopard gallery that might have some sneaky jaguar tattoos too. [the_ad id=”36293″] [the_ad id=”36294″] Read More »

Badass Mortal Kombat Tattoos

Mortal Kombat is a fighting video game franchise that began in 1992 and has been as popular and influential to the fighting game genre as the Street Fighter genre ever since. The series made a name for itself by essentially being the R-rated version of Street Fighter, with bloody finishing moves called Fatalities that were considered so gruesome they were partially responsible for the creation of the ESRB video game rating system. Over nearly 25 years the franchise has spawn dozens of gaming titles, multiple movies, comic series, stage shows and even collectible card games. It’s beloved by many, which is why it was easy to find these ten fantastic tattoos based on characters from the franchise. [the_ad id=”36293″] [the_ad id=”36294″] Read More »

Amazing Angel Tattoos

Angels are regarded as supernatural/spiritual beings that are superior to humans in every respect. They appear in a variety of religious texts and thousands of supernatural stories, often as forces of good dedicated to helping good vanquish evil. They’re usually the most virtuous beings in any stories where their featured. However, in recent times they’re often shown to have flaws or are not the virtuous do-gooders everyone makes them out to be. You’ll even see these ideals featured in the angel tattoo gallery below. Where do you stand on angels? Do you have any angel tattoos of your own? [the_ad id=”36293″] [the_ad id=”36294″] Read More »

Fabulous Vegas Tattoos

Las Vegas is easily one of the most wondrous cities in the world. People fly from all over to gamble in luxurious casinos and resorts on the famous – or infamous, depending on your luck – Las Vegas Strip. It’s a city with some of the brightest lights that can be seen from space, and where starry eyed youths tend to lose thousands of dollars before hopefully learning hard lessons and stemming the blood flow from their bank accounts. Yes, it’s a wondrous city full of hopes and aspirations. Which is why many people have chosen to immortalize the city on their skin. We hope you enjoy these Vegas tattoos as much as you do or don’t enjoy the city itself. [the_ad id=”36293″] [the_ad id=”36294″] Read More »

Some of the Best Ear Tattoos

The ear doesn’t give much room to work with, but that doesn’t mean your tattoo options are as limited as you may think. You don’t even necessarily have to get a tattoo that people are bound to see. Tattoos on the back of, or behind, the ear are easily concealable even during work interviews while under close inspection. Ear tattoos also don’t hurt nearly as much as you may think – albeit tattoo pain is different for everyone. Hopefully this gallery at the very least fascinates and/or entertains most of you and possibly even inspires a few of you. [the_ad id=”36293″] [the_ad id=”36294″] Read More »

Impressive Megaman Tattoo

Megaman, which is also known as and more accurately written as Mega Man, is a video game franchise created by Capcom. The games often star a robotic character named Mega Man, although some have starred one of the various side characters, as he tries to either save the world or someone/something dear to him that’s been taken by a nefarious villain. The first Megaman game was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987 and since there have been over 50 games in the franchise on a long list of different gaming platforms that fall into all kinds of genres. [the_ad id=”36293″] [the_ad id=”36294″] Read More »

Smart Einstein Tattoos

Albert Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist who’s most known for his general theory of relativity and mass-energy equivalence formula E = mc2. He lived from 1879 to 1955, won a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921, and left behind a legacy as one of the most intelligent men to ever live. The brilliance of Albert Einstien and his intellectual nature continues to garner him many fans even after his death. That’s why it’s not uncommon to see new tattoos of him to this day, and there are sure to be more and more new tattoos on him for many decades still to come.   [the_ad id=”36293″] [the_ad id=”36294″] Read More »

Badass Piano Tattoos

The piano is a popular musical instrument played with a keyboard that was invented sometime in the 1700s, although no one seems to know the exact date of its inception. Despite its lack of portability and typically expensive price tag, the piano’s versatility and elegance has attracted a large number of musicians over the centuries. A traditional piano features 88 keys that, when pressed, cause a hammer to strike a tuned cord within the frame. Each cord makes a unique sound that can be held even when the keys are released by foot pedals at the base. We hope you enjoy this piano tattoo gallery even if you’re not a fan of the piano itself. [the_ad id=”36293″] [the_ad id=”36294″] Read More »

Awesome Pigeon Tattoos

Yes, pigeons. We made a tattoo gallery based around pigeons – which apparently many people widely misspell as “pidgeons”. This is the type of tattoo gallery that gets made on a Friday afternoon when you just can’t think of anything else. And frankly, it’s remarkable that there are so many high quality pigeon tattoos out in the world to begin with. Apparently people really like pigeons, and also confuse them with doves. Unless doves are a type of pigeon, but that fact doesn’t really seem important enough to Google right now. So, without further ado, we present to you, pigeons. [the_ad id=”36293″] [the_ad id=”36294″] Read More »

Fantastic Ninja Tattoos

Okay people, we need to have a bit of a discussion about what constitutes a ninja tattoo and what doesn’t. While Naruto may involve ninja-esque characters, they are quite a ways removed from actual ninjas. Therefore, when searching #ninjatattoo on Instagram, we don’t expect to see the slew of Naruto tattoos that we saw. Also, there’s a difference between ninjas and samurais. They may have existed during the same time period, but they are not the same. The pictures featured in the tattoo gallery below feature ninjas, and quite a wide variety of them too. Enjoy. [the_ad id=”36293″] [the_ad id=”36294″] Read More »

Phenomenal Bear Tattoos

Who doesn’t like bears? There are a lot of lovable brand bears, from Yogi to Smokey to even the Charmin bears. Bears are wonderful furry creatures who have just the right mix of adorableness and ferocity. If you like bears then you’re going to love the gallery. We found some amazing bear tattoos, and there were more than enough to choose from – so many that we may even make another one! Do you want another bear tattoo gallery? Let us known in the comment section below, because we’re always sure to give the people what they want. [the_ad id=”36293″] [the_ad id=”36294″] Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Robert Pho

Robert Pho is a masterful tattoo artist who has been professionally tattooing for over 25 years. He’s the founder of Skin Design Tattoo, a tattoo studio based out of Las Vegas, and has received international acclaim as being one of the best black-and-grey tattoo artists on the planet. A true student of the game, to this day Robert Pho is constantly working to better his craft and raise the standard for black-and-grey ink within the industry. His waiting list is routinely months long, but if you can find yourself sitting in a chair getting tattooed by this man then you should certainly take advantage of the opportunity. To see more badass work by Robert Pho and many others, check out TAM Issue 38! IG – FB – [the_ad id=”36293″] [the_ad id=”36294″] Read More »