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Titillating Tattoos of Exotic Dancers

David Reyes @davidreyesart

Did you know that nudity is not a requirement of exotic – or, let’s call it what it is, erotic – dancing? Clothing, or the lack thereof, actually has nothing to do with it whatsoever. The same dances can actually be done fully clothed and often elicit the same responses. But you didn’t come here to learn anything about “exotic” dancing, did you? You’re here to check out these exotic dancing tattoos. Granted, there’s only so much we can show you without turning our respectable tattoo site into a porn site – which has all sorts of business ramifications – but we’re sure you’ll enjoy this gallery nonetheless.   Read More »

Incredible Octopus Tattoos

Brandon  @mistah_b

Octopi (that’s the plural form off octopus) have been getting a lot more recognition and interest than ever since Pixar’s Finding Dory featured one as a lovable side character named Hank. That being said, many people have been in awe of octopi well before the movie came out. They’re interesting, unique creatures, and one of the largest invertebrates on the planet. (That means they don’t have a backbone.) Octopi actually don’t have a skeleton at all, which allows them to squeeze into tight spaces you’d think impossible for the rather large looking creature. The only hard part of an octopus is its razor sharp beak, which is hidden in the center of its tentacles, underneath its body, and is primarily used to eat crabs, clams and other mollusks. If you’re interested in octopi then you’re sure to love this tattoo gallery.   Read More »

Horrible Decisions End With Horrible Tattoos


Just when you thought you’d seen the worst tattoos anyone has ever gotten – you can check out our previous horrible tattoos gallery here – we find even more that will shock and appall most tattoo enthusiasts. Seriously people, avoiding bad tattoos are pretty simple. Don’t get tattooed by a friends or family member – unless that person is a well-known, respectable tattoo artist. Realize that “you get what you pay for” isn’t an idiom to be taken lightly. Don’t let a novice practice on you. There are plenty of ways for budding tattoo artists to practice their trade. It’s not funny or cute or a cool story to get a tattoo while you’re drunk, and most respectable tattoo artists will not tattoo someone who is intoxicated. Read More »

Bearded and Tattooed


Do you like manly men, epic beards and phenomenal tattoos? Then this tattoo gallery is perfect for you. For decades tattoos have been associated with rough and tough men, but that ideal is slowly dissipating as more people from a variety of creeds and cultures get into tattoos. We’re dedicating this gallery for the strong men who gave tattoos their fierce reputation in years past. Besides, Father’s Day just passed and what better gallery to follow the holiday up with? Enjoy. Read More »

YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG! #researchyourpiercer


Bad tattoos are one thing. We’ve featured numerous galleries on them and told people multiple times how to avoid getting bad tattoos. But seriously, do we really have to tell you how dumb it is to get poor piercings?! We’re not saying that the people in these galleries shouldn’t have gotten these piercings at all. Follow your id. But if you’re going to get a piercing done, at least get it done right and have the self-respect to worry about your own health and well-being. Some of the pictures featured in this gallery may shock and disgust you. They’re not for the faint of heart or sensitive of stomach. Remember children, don’t do piercings yourself. For your own sake, seek professional assistance for all your piercing needs. Read More »

Life’s a Beach – Go Get a Tattoo

Cali B @artbycalib

It’s summer! The time of the year where people all over the world flock to the sandy paradises nearby and enjoy cooling off. (If you don’t know we’re talking about beaches by now, you haven’t been paying attention. And may have misread the title of this tattoo gallery.) Whether or not you personally like beaches, we’re sure you’ll like the beach tattoos in the gallery below. (That’s what you came here for anyway, right?) Remember, if you have beach tattoos – or any tattoos for that matter – that you want to show off, be sure to share them with us via Instagram and maybe you’ll see your tattoo in an upcoming gallery.   Read More »

Unspeakably Horrible Tattoos


Ummmm…. Uhhhh… Not really sure what to say… These tattoos are just… You’ll see. Read More »

The Phenomenal Benjamin Lloyd Collection


New Zealand tattoo artist Benjamin Lloyd is bringing smiles to sick children’s faces through the use of tattoos. No, he’s not actually tattooing young children. He utilizes a special non-toxic ink and airbrushes the tattoos on. Each one takes about nine minutes to create and washes off in the shower. However, while the tattoos may be temporary, the joy and confidence boost they bring to the children and people in need isn’t. Mr. Lloyd knows as much from first-hand experience. As a child, he was often bullied and teased at school over a burn he had on his hand. In an effort to avoid the bullying, young Benjamin would draw intricate designs over his hand and up his sleeve. Over time and a lot of practice, he became a talented artist. What you see in the videos and galleries below is his way of giving back, of using the lessons he learned throughout his life to better the lives of others. All you have to do is see the smiles on these children’s faces to know he’s making a positive difference in their lives. And it’s all done through tattoos. Sure, they may not be permanent, but the core idea and values still remain. The next time you see someone looking down on tattoos and tattoo culture, politely point them towards the Benjamin Lloyd Collection. It may not change their minds, but it’s might at least bring some positivity to their life – and that’s something we could all use ... Read More »

Awesome Astrology Tattoos

Astrology-Tats (6)

Astrology is a very divisive topic of conversation. Some people swear by it, and in fact make major life altering decisions utilizing it, while others brush it off as hokey foolishness. For those who don’t know, astrology is the study of movements and the relative positions of celestial objects in order to divine information about human affairs and upcoming events. The study has roots as old as the 2nd millennium BCE and was been a hotly debated topic among the scientific community for centuries before it became largely ignored by most people. We created this tattoo gallery because, whether you believe in it or not, astrological symbols make for good tattoo designs. But the question remains: where do you stand on astrology? Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Andrea Lanzi

Andrea Lanzi @antikorpo11

Andrea Lanzi @antikorpo Andrea Lanzi is a self-taught artist who has been tattooing for over 20 years and is practiced in all forms of art from simple drawings to sculptures. He specializes in a sort of new school realism tattoo style that he’s cultivated through over a decade of tattooing and made his own. A lot of his designs are inspired by random pictures he finds online. Lanzi’s first tattoo, which he did at 17, was a six-pointed star he drew on his subject’s forearm. He wasn’t a dedicated tattoo artist at the time, but it’s been his primary focus even since he opened his tattoo studio, ANTIKORPO, in Italy over 15 years ago. Orzinuovi, Lombardy, Italy IG – FB – Read More »

Tantilizing Tribal Tattoos

Tribal-Tats (1)

By definition, tribal tattoos are tattoos that refer to and celebrate tribes – which means only people who belong to particular tribes with their own tribal tattoo designs would represent said tribes with their tribal tattoo. (Confused yet?) Most people with tribal tattoos nowadays aren’t part of tribes though, so that definition has pretty much been tossed out of the window. Nowadays, the term “tribal” mostly refers to a design/art style – which you’ll see plenty of in the gallery featured below. This style tends to utilize thick lines and geometric patterns. We hope you enjoy these tribal tattoos as much as we enjoyed putting this gallery together for your enjoyment. Read More »

In Honor of Our Forefathers on Father’s Day

Christina Sramos @christinasramos

While he know it’s a coincidence, it seems oddly interesting how Father’s Day is organized so closely to Independence Day, (you can find out more about Father’s Day by clicking here) when the US’s forefathers wrote, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…” Being Father’s Day, we feel it’s only right to acknowledge the forefathers of the country in which TAM operates. That’s why we’re bringing you this US-focused tattoo gallery today instead of two weeks from now. Say what you will about the U.S., hypocrisy and how things played out, the flag still stands for the pure ideals the country was founded upon.   Read More »

Father’s Day Football (aka Soccer) Tattoos


We covered the NBA in a tattoo gallery earlier in honor of Father’s Day, but it doesn’t seem right to ignore the most popular sport in the world – football, aka soccer. (We’re a US-based company, we have to at least acknowledge it’s called soccer too.) Football Fathers everywhere are sure to have spent many hours watching their favorite sports with their favorite kids, and that’s what we’re looking to celebrate with this tattoo gallery. We hope you enjoy it as much as you enjoyed spending time with and/or remembering your father today.   Read More »

A Few NBA Favorites for Father’s Day

CODY DARLING @codeezytattoos

It’s Father’s Day, which means we’re going to focus on father-centric tattoo galleries today. What’s more father-like than sports? Millions of people have memories of watching sports with their fathers. The first sport we’re looking at today is basketball, particularly the NBA (National Basketball Association) which is based out of the United States and is considered the world’s premiere pro basketball league. For that reason, and because the sport was born in the US too, basketball is largely considered an American-centric sport, but it’s played and enjoyed throughout the world. Even if you’re not an NBA fan, you’ll probably recognize a few of the superstars depicted in these tattoos.   Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Becky Foster

Becky Foster @beckyfostertattoo 9

Becky Foster @beckyfostertattoo Becky Foster is a phenomenal tattoo artist who works out of Norwich, England and doesn’t tend to specialize in any given form of tattooing. One day she’ll design a traditional portrait realism piece, the next she might be working on a watercolor abstract tattoo.  You’ll see the high variance of her abilities in the gallery below. Like a lot of tattoo artists, Becky prefers for people to focus more on her art than herself, so we’ll let the tattoos speak for her from here on out. We just hope you enjoy the gallery, and if you ever find yourself in Norwich, England you should look her up for a badass Becky Foster original of your own. Norwich UK IG – FB – Read More »