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Badass Dinosaur Tattoos


According to the Jurassic World box office results, everyone LOVES dinosaurs. (Either that or Chris Pratt has a metric ton of pull with a wide range of audiences.) We figured it’s been a while since most people have seen some awesome looking dinosaurs, so we put together a dinosaur tattoo gallery with some of the best dino-related tattoo pictures on the internet. The gallery also has a lot of style and design variety, which should give everyone something specific to love and a lot of inspirational possibilities. Maybe your upcoming dinosaur tattoo will be part of our next dino-based gallery! Read More »

Badass Zelda Tattoos


The Legend of Zelda was one of the first major franchise video game franchises to see mass popularity and success. The original game, titled The Legend of Zelda (go figure, right?), was released in 1986 on the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). It was the first NES title to sell over one million copies and wound up selling 6.5 million in total. Despite what the game’s title may have you believe, The Legend of Zelda franchise centers around a player named Link who’s usually given the task of rescuing Princess Zelda from the series’ primary antagonist named Ganon. Over the last 20 years the game has released 18 titles that pertain to the main storyline, although many of them don’t serve as direct sequels to each other and often feature a wide variety of differing gameplay mechanics, styles and graphical representations. Of course there have also been numerous spin-off titles over the years too. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the newest upcoming main entry in the series. It’s set for a 2017 release date and has been shown to be more of a modernized open world hack-and-slash game than the Zelda franchise has ever been before, with everything from weapon durability to point-of-interest discovery. Zelda has and likely forever will be one of the most iconic franchises in Nintendo’s arsenal. Link is on par popularity-wise to Mario in the gaming industry and synonymous with all things Nintendo. As such, all Zelda games have been Nintendo exclusives. Link ... Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Cam Lamley

Cam Lamley @camlamleytattoo 9

Cam Lamley is an excellent tattoo artist in the middle of a major career shift. He’s been tattooing professionally for years but is currently in the process of opening his own shop – Tayport Tattoo Collective – in Tayport, Scotland. According to his Facebook page, which you can find a link for in this tattoo gallery post, the shop is incredibly close to being ready and will probably be open by the time many people see this. Lamley is a very talented black-and-grey realism artist. Anyone looking to get a tattoo in Scotland by one of the best tattoo artists in the business should definitely seek out Tayport Tattoo Collective and Cam Lamley. Scotland, UK IG – FB – Read More »

Tremendous Tree Tattoos


Trees are popular entities in tattoos for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, there are a lot of different types of trees to choose from and they work well as backdrops in animal and nature tattoos – which are some of the most popular and common tattoo design topics in the industry. However, sometimes a tree is more than a tree. They can stand for beauty, wisdom, strength, stability, eternal life and many other symbolic meanings that most people understand as soon as they see a tree tattoo. While often overlooked, trees are very good tattoo design subjects, and you may find yourself wanting a tree tattoo of your own after seeing this tattoo gallery. Read More »

Skulls, Skulls, Skulls II

Fernando Tampa @tampatattoo

The other day we brought you a gallery all about skull tattoos. (Well, it was yesterday but this is the internet where time is relative so…) We found a ton of skull tattoos while looking for content for that gallery. So many, in fact, that we decided to break them up into two galleries instead of hitting you with just one massive list. It’s pretty incredible how much variety can be seen throughout these two skull tattoo galleries. They show off just how creative artists can be while utilizing similar subjects, ensuring no two tattoos – even if they’re created by the same person – are alike. (Unless you specifically wanted your tattoo to look exactly like someone else’s of course.)   Read More »

Glorious God of War Tattoos


We’re not talking about Ares or the God of War from some other now mythological religion. We’re talking about the video game franchise that was first released in 2005. God of War focuses around the character of Kratos, a Spartan solider who was saved from certain death in battle by Ares and then tricked into killing his family by the same God before being turned into the “Ghost of Sparta”. Kratos proceeds to go after vengeance and the rest of the story goes on from there. As you’ve probably noticed from the title, the series is quite violent. It’s very different from the franchises we’ve covered previously. It’s an action role-playing hack-and-slash game series historically rated M for “mature” that features a lot of blood, a bit of gore and various visages of naked women. Since the sequel, titled simply God of War II, was released in 2007, a new game (or remastered version of a previous title) has been released. The series was supposedly meant to end after God of War III, which was released in 2010, but now a 4th game in the main installment has been announced and is seemingly set for release in 2017. Being a Playstation exclusive franchise, Kratos is one of primary Playstation mascots. It’s not uncommon to see him being featured in the promotional material of new Playstation systems or Sony Interactive Entertainment features. There have been God of War games on every Playstation system since the PS2, including handheld devices. We did ... Read More »

Interesting Infinity Tattoos


The infinity symbol was originally used a religious symbol, but it started being used as a way for mathematicians to incorporate the concept of infinity into calculations in 1655 by John Wallis. Unfortunately he never explained by he chose to use the sideways eight to depict infinity, he just did it. The concept of infinity is difficult for people to grasp and is found to be awe-inspiring by many. It’s often used in tattoos to depict the love someone has for a family member, significant other, friend or an important aspect/idea. As you’ll see in the tattoo gallery below, there are a lot of creative ways to use the sign and it’s sure to remain one of the most popular tattoo designs for years still to come. Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Marcin Aleksander Surowiec

Marcin Surowiec @surowiec 2

Marcin Aleksander Surowiec is professional tattoo artist who works out of Warsaw, Poland and specializes in… well, that’s a little difficult to explain. Some people would say that he primarily works in surrealism, but we’re not so sure that’s an accurate way to describe Marcin’s unique tattoo design style. That’s why we’re not going to categorize him. Granted, we don’t want to categorize anyone, but genre titles tend to make it easier for us to describe a tattoo artist’s particular style. This is one of those moments where nothing would do the artist justice though. We highly suggest you check out the gallery below and come to your own conclusion. Regardless what you conclude though, he’s undoubtedly a highly talented artist. Warsaw, Poland IG – FB – Read More »

Skulls, Skulls, Skulls

David García @davidgarciatattoo

People generally don’t like being faced with their own mortality, but for some reason a carefully crafted professional skull tattoo doesn’t do that. Maybe it’s because skulls are just badass-looking, or that people can overlook the reminder when simultaneously faced with amazing art. For whatever reason though, skulls are found everywhere in tattoos. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone with a body full of tattoos that didn’t have at least one skull design of some descript. Even people who don’t have skull tattoos can appreciate them too, so that’s why we’ve put together this badass tattoo gallery that’s all about skulls.   Read More »

Sensual Succubus Tattoos


A succubus is a feminine supernatural entity, often portrayed as demonic in nature, that seduces men through sexual activity and feeds off them in some way, shape or form. In today’s vampire and werewolf focused culture, succubi aren’t often used in works of supernatural fiction. However, they’ve been around in folklore for millennia. Their seductive overtones make succubi perfect icons for tattoo designs. They’re easily used to make statements on the idea of the feminine figure and its glorification, or just as a unique subject for a supernatural pin-up girl tattoo or some other sexy design. Enjoy. Read More »

Fascinating Final Fantasy Tattoos


We’re continuing our trend of gaming related tattoo galleries with one dedicated to the Final Fantasy franchise – a series so old and popular that one of the most anticipated games of the year is Final Fantasy XV. Yes, you’re reading those Roman numerals right. It’s the 15th game in the main arc of the franchise. The first game, simply titled Final Fantasy, was released in 1987 on the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). Nearly 20 years later, the franchise is still going strong and one of the most widely recognized and beloved video game franchises in the world. Final Fantasy is a science-fiction and fantasy based rpg (role-playing game). None of the main installments are direct sequels of one another. Each takes place in a different world with different characters and often drastically different settings. That’s how the series gets away with reinventing itself with each iteration. Players wait on baited breath for each new installment because they don’t know what they’re going to get. It may be called Final Fantasy XV but, compared to the rest of the games in the franchise, it might as well have a different title altogether. There are some elements the games all tend to have in common. Many feature the idea of crystals being the impetus of the universe, chocobos, summons or ediolons like Ifrit and Shiva, characters named Cid or Biggs and Wedge, and a lot of other small similarities. But that’s all they are. Nods to the previous games. Acknowledgement of ... Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Dmitry Chernov

@xdimtattoox 1

Dmitry Chernov is a Russian tattoo artist who specializes in neo-traditional tattoos. He works at Berger Tattoo & Piercing in Voronezh, Russia and enjoys creating abstract, eye-catching, high-quality tattoos for people from around the world. Getting a tattoo by Dmitry ensures your tattoo design will come out looking fantastic and one-of-kind. If you ever find yourself in Russia looking for a master artist with colored ink, Dmitry should definitely be on your list of artists to check out. Moscow IG – Read More »

Badass Knee Tattoos


We’ve covered a lot of tattoo areas. Bisceps, triceps, breast tattoos – hell, we’ve even created a gallery dedicated to boob tattoos! We thought we’d covered just about everything, and then we realized we hadn’t ever even mentioned knee tattoos. There are a lot of leg tattoo areas that people commonly get tattoos on – the knee is not one of them. Sure it’ll get covered if you get a tattoo all the way down your leg, but not many people get a specific tattoo on the front or back of their knee. With this gallery, we’re showing off a bunch of knee tattoos that you’ve probably never seen before.   Read More »

Beautiful Bioshock Tattoos


Continuing with our gaming tattoo coverage, because video games are popular and inspire millions of tattoo designs each year, we’re taking a look at the Bioshock franchise. Originally developed and published by 2K Games in 2007, Bioshock is a game that tells the story of a protagonist who’s plane crashes in the ocean near a lighthouse with a sphere that transports him to an underwater city teeming with superpowered, violent drug addicts. The original game is heralded to this day as a masterpiece by many gamers and widely considered to have one of the best narratives in gaming history. After Bioshock came Bioshock 2 in 2010 and Bioshock Infinite (which took things from under the sea to up in the clouds) in 2013. Later this year, on September 13th, 2016, Bioshock: The Collection, which will feature all three games and their single player DLC (downloadable content) expansions. Even people who weren’t a fan of the sequels are sure to find a lot of bang for their buck from the remastered edition. It’s a beloved franchise through and through, which is why it was a breeze to find a gallery’s worth of quality tattoos featuring the game’s iconic imagery and phrases. Even if you’re not a massive fan of the Bioshock franchise, we’re sure you’ll find something to like in the tattoo gallery below. Read More »

Horrendous Tattoos


The last few days we’ve enjoyed showing off superb tattoos created by talented artists, but now it’s Monday and we have to give the people what they want. And yes, all the numbers suggest that people want to see horrendous tattoos like these. We’re being upfront about this. We hate bad tattoos. We hate looking at them or even thinking they exist, let alone run rampant on epidermal layers all over the world. But for some reason most of you enjoy looking at them more than actual works of art, so we’ll give you what you want. Don’t say we never listened to you. Read More »