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Sick Samurai Tattoos


Cool-looking armor, iconic weapon usage, known for being honorable to a fault and utilizing a unique fighting style that’s still passed down and practiced to this day are all things that make samurais extremely interesting to people to this day. Samurai were the military nobility and officer caste of medieval Japan and continue to be popular concepts utilized in fiction to this day. There are a lot of different reasons why someone may choose to get a tattoo design centered around a samurai, and we’ve put together the gallery below to show you some of the best samurai-centric tattoos we’ve ever seen.Read More »

Majestic Mass Effect Tattoos


Mass Effect is one of the most controversial gaming franchises of recent memories. The first game, titled Mass Effect of course, was released in 2007 and from the onset the series set-out to be a trilogy where player choices from the first game would significantly impact the sequels, allowing players to have a significant impact in the story the ultimately experienced over all three games. How effective Bioware was at achieving this goal is a hotly debated topic to this day – even 4 years after the final entry was released. But regardless of its flaws, there are still tons of fans who are highly anticipating Mass Effect: Andromeda – the first game in a new series that’s set to be released in 2017. Enjoy.Read More »

Badass Harley-Davidson Tattoos

Jonathan Campos @urbanstattoo

Even if you’re not a fan of motorcycles, you’ve probably heard about Harley-Davidson before. They’re easily one of the most well-known and recognizable motorcycle brands in the world. The company was started in Milwaukee, Wisonsin in 1903 and was one of only two major American motorcycle manufacturers to survive the Great Depression. Today the company is still going as strong as ever before, bringing in over $5 billion in revenue each year with close to 6000 employees and over $9 billion in total assets. Harley-Davidson isn’t going anywhere any time soon, and you can expect many most tattoos like the ones seen in the gallery below to be had by generations of Harley fans for many more years still to come.  Read More »

Awesome Star Trek Tattoos


Star Trek was one of the first science-fiction franchises to see widespread popularity. It began as a television series in 1966 and actually didn’t do very well at first. NBC was so unhappy with the show’s ratings that it threatened to cancel the show during the second season. The network ultimately renewed the series, but moved it to what was commonly called the “Friday night death slot”. The series was subsequently canceled after the third series. The years following the original series saw a major cult following that quickly made the series more popular than it ever was while it was on the air. An animated series ran from 1973 to 1974 and the first major motion picture came out in 1979, but Star Trek ultimately wouldn’t return until 1987, when The Next Generation premiered. Star Trek has seen various ups and downs ever since. As of this year, the franchise has had 13 feature films and 6 separate television series – the 7th, named Discovery, will premiere in 2017. We hope you enjoy these Star Trek tattoos whether you like the franchise or not.  Read More »

Dominating Domino Tattoos


The oldest known mention of dominoes comes from 13th century China, but the game is thought to have been created and played many years prior to this account. For those who don’t know, dominoes is a game played with specialized rectangular tiles. One side of each tile is left blank and serves as the backside of the tile while the other side is split down the middle and features two dice-like faces. Tiles are matched together with each player playing one at a time until someone is completely out of dominoes, which is generally how someone wins. Granted, the game is more complex than that, but for our purposes you need only appreciate high-quality tattoos like those featured in the dominoes tattoo gallery below.Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Jojo Ackermann

Jojo Ackermann @jojoackermann 10

Jojo Ackermann has been tattooing since 1992 and was in a street shop until recently moving to Ten Thousand Waves in Sherman Oaks, CA. As you’ll see from his work featured in the gallery below, Jojo doesn’t really specialize in any single tattooing style. He enjoys giving his clients the ability to customize their requests however they want and challenging himself to be able to create any sort of vision. That being said, he is a true artist and his least favorite types of tattoos are quotes and/or lengthy lettering designs. He also prefers to create original designs instead of simply recreating something someone saw on Pinterest or found on Google Images. In addition to tattooing, Jojo also paints and sells each of his paintings. He rarely makes prints, making each purchase a one-of-a-kind original, and he does paint by commission too.  Read More »

Remarkable Resident Evil Tattoos


The Resident Evil franchise is one of the oldest horror video game franchises still going strong today, and that’s despite numerous criticisms for the last few main installment titles. The first game, titled simply Resident Evil, was released in 1996 on the Sony Playstation and got rave reviews after quickly becoming a best seller in North America. It sold over 5 million copies and a Director’s Cut edition was released in 1997 that sold nearly an addition 4 million units. The game series officially falls under the category of survival horror, featuring mechanics like limited inventory management, exploration and puzzle solving to survive against a zombie outbreak. (This was way before zombies were being used in everything.) The series has had numerous main protagonists but generally always centers around the player uncovering shady operations being carried out by Umbrella Corp – a powerful corporation who creates zombie-like outbreaks often while pursuing ethically questionable research subjects. Over the last twenty years, only 4 haven’t seen at least one Resident Evil title released. Due to the recent remake craze sweeping the games industry, many of Resident Evil’s titles have been receiving the remake treatment. There have been 6 main installment entries released for the franchise, and many gamers agree that Resident Evil 4 is the best by far. 5 and 6 received a lukewarm reception at best, which is probably why the developers of Resident Evil 7 are making drastic changes to the franchise. They’re getting away from the third person perspective ...Read More »

Adorable Penguin Tattoos


Penguins, as you probably know, are a group of flightless aquatic birds that pretty much live exclusively in Antarctica. (That’s the South Pole area. There are no penguins in the Arctic, or North Pole region.) The largest species of penguins are the emperor penguins, which grow to an average height of 3 feet, 7 inches. A general rule of thumb is that you can find larger penguins in colder areas and smaller penguins in warmer climates. But that’s not what makes penguins so interesting. They’re adorable little tuxedo-wearing birds, making them some of the cutest animals on the planet. Hence why there are more than enough penguin tattoos for us to make the gallery below.Read More »

Nutritious Apple Tattoos for the Epidermis


Started looking into apple tattoos because we thought there’d be a bunch of Apple Inc related tattoos, people with designs featuring iPhones and Macs. (With the zealot like commitment and ferocity many people apply to their consumer electronics, you’d think there’d be a ton of Apple Inc tattoos – and there may be.) But instead we found a ton of phenomenally well drawn tattoos featuring actual apples, which is why we’re giving you this apple-based tattoo gallery. Despite the title, apples actually aren’t very nutritious. They typical serving weighs in at 242 grams and consists of 126 calories with a decent amount of dietary fiber and nothing else. Go figure.Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Andrés Acosta

Andrés Acosta @acostattoo 1

Andres Acosta began tattooing in Venezuela in 2009 before moving to Houston in 2010 to pursue a professional career as a tattoo artist. While he may have only been tattooing for seven years, he’s been an artist his entire life, which is why his artwork is leagues ahead of many other tattoo artists who’ve been in the industry for just as long as he had. He specializes in colorful realism and surrealism tattoos that are incredibly eye-catching and detailed. He’s easily one of the most talented tattoo artists in the world and, if possible, you should definitely try to have him add a piece to your collection. Austin, TX. IG – FB –  Read More »

Masterful Metal Gear Solid Tattoos


The Metal Gear franchise is a long standing series of action-adventure stealth games created by Hideo Kojima and developed and published by Konami. Each game in the series typically follows, or at least heavily involves, a character named Solid Snake. While the games mostly all follow the same storyline, that story is so intricate and complex that we’re not going to bother even trying to recap it a bit here. “If the franchise is called Metal Gear, why does the gallery title say Metal Gear Solid?” Great question hypothetical curious reader! The first game in the series, which was released in 1987, and its sequel were named simply Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2. They were released on the MSX 2, a Microsoft video game platform that was active in the 1980s. However, following Metal Gear 2’s release, Hideo Kojima left to work on other projects and the franchise was put on hold for 8 years – during which time there was a major shift in gaming console capabilities and availability. The third title in the franchise was named Metal Gear Solid, and ever since the franchise’s main installment titles would carry on the new name – up until the latest title, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The franchise’s popularity exploded with Metal Gear Solid, which came out on Playstation in 1998, and all the tattoos featured in this gallery come from the 3rd installment on. Unfortunately, Konami decided to bite the hand that feeds them and Hideo ...Read More »

Outstanding Neck Tattoos


Neck tattoos are risky. First of all, for whatever reason, a lot of people try to get the name of significant others tattooed on their neck. One of the photos in the gallery below even shows the cover-up job of someone who did that. Secondly, neck tattoos are neigh-on impossible to cover-up – meaning a lot of people with corporate jobs can’t get them out of fear of screwing over their career dreams. That being said, each of the neck tattoos featured in the gallery below prove that tasteful, high-quality neck tattoos are very much real. (Even the original tattoo with the name is pretty good.) So if you’re going to get a neck tattoo, we suggest you follow in these people’s footsteps.Read More »

Badass Dinosaur Tattoos


According to the Jurassic World box office results, everyone LOVES dinosaurs. (Either that or Chris Pratt has a metric ton of pull with a wide range of audiences.) We figured it’s been a while since most people have seen some awesome looking dinosaurs, so we put together a dinosaur tattoo gallery with some of the best dino-related tattoo pictures on the internet. The gallery also has a lot of style and design variety, which should give everyone something specific to love and a lot of inspirational possibilities. Maybe your upcoming dinosaur tattoo will be part of our next dino-based gallery!Read More »

Badass Zelda Tattoos


The Legend of Zelda was one of the first major franchise video game franchises to see mass popularity and success. The original game, titled The Legend of Zelda (go figure, right?),was released in 1986 on the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). It was the first NES title to sell over one million copies and wound up selling 6.5 million in total. Despite what the game’s title may have you believe, The Legend of Zelda franchise centers around a player named Link who’s usually given the task of rescuing Princess Zelda from the series’ primary antagonist named Ganon. Over the last 20 years the game has released 18 titles that pertain to the main storyline, although many of them don’t serve as direct sequels to each other and often feature a wide variety of differing gameplay mechanics, styles and graphical representations. Of course there have also been numerous spin-off titles over the years too. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the newest upcoming main entry in the series. It’s set for a 2017 release date and has been shown to be more of a modernized open world hack-and-slash game than the Zelda franchise has ever been before, with everything from weapon durability to point-of-interest discovery. Zelda has and likely forever will be one of the most iconic franchises in Nintendo’s arsenal. Link is on par popularity-wise to Mario in the gaming industry and synonymous with all things Nintendo. As such, all Zelda games have been Nintendo exclusives. Link ...Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Cam Lamley

Cam Lamley @camlamleytattoo 9

Cam Lamley is an excellent tattoo artist in the middle of a major career shift. He’s been tattooing professionally for years but is currently in the process of opening his own shop – Tayport Tattoo Collective – in Tayport, Scotland. According to his Facebook page, which you can find a link for in this tattoo gallery post, the shop is incredibly close to being ready and will probably be open by the time many people see this. Lamley is a very talented black-and-grey realism artist. Anyone looking to get a tattoo in Scotland by one of the best tattoo artists in the business should definitely seek out Tayport Tattoo Collective and Cam Lamley. Scotland, UK IG – FB – More »