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Luscious Lip Tattoos

Who doesn’t like a tattoo of a sexy pair of lips?  Lips are a focal part of an expression and almost always noticed as an important part of a woman’s sexuality. We think these are some of the most luscious lip tattoos around, what do you think?        Read More »

12 Of The Most Inappropriate Tattoos – These Tattoos are Obviously NSFW

Inappropriate tattoos are often misspelled tattoos, tattoo fails, ugly tattoos or stupid tattoos, but these you will surely agree are just WRONG on so many levels.    Read More »

16 Insane Optical Illusion Tattoos That’ll Blow Your Mind

Screen shot 2016-04-14 at 4.05.56 PM

Optical Illusions neither trick the eye or fool the brain but they are perceived by the brain in a manner that differs from objective reality.  There are three main types:  literal optical illusions that create images that are different from the objects that make them, physiological illusions that are the effects of excessive stimulation of a specific type (brightness, colour, size, position, tilt, movement),and cognitive illusions, the result of unconscious illusions. See if you can guess which each of these are.    Read More »

These Badass Owl Tattoos are a HOOT!

Jun Cha @juncha

Normally for these themed galleries we provide a bit of insight into the subject matter of the theme or about what the theme symbolizes in tattoo designs. However, there’s not much to say about owls or owl tattoos. Owls are unique species of birds that a lot of people find beautiful and/or fascinating. Simply put, owls are owls and some people just like owls. From a symbolic standpoint, owls tend to represent knowledge/wisdom and ferocity. (Complete opposite ends of the spectrum, right?) Their wide eyes and neigh-on 360 degree vision makes them seem like pretty perceptive animals – despite being bird-brained creatures – and many species of owls have notoriously wild tempers with razor sharp talons to boot. That’s why two owl tattoos sitting side-by-side can be so radically different in design and imbue opposing emotions. One owl might have a graduation cap and be reading a book while another is depicted flying around with the skull of its latest victim. If you’re here, we’re going to assume you like owls – or are at least mildly interested in them. (Hell, maybe you’re just bored and looking for some interesting tattoo pictures to share with your friends or Reddit.) The following gallery is made up of a bunch of professionally crafted owl tattoos.  Read More »

Happy Thomas Jefferson Day! – 7 Thomas Jefferson Tattoos that Celebrate This Founding Father


Happy Thomas Jefferson Day!  Thomas Jefferson Randolph was a founding father, the third President of the United States and the principal author of the Declaration of Independence. These are a few tattoos that celebrate the man himself.    Read More »

Majestic Unicorn Tattoos (With a Bit of Blood)


Who’s ready for a historical mythology lesson? No one? Well tough, you’re getting one anyway. Today’s tattoo gallery focuses around unicorns, one of the oldest mythological creatures still regularly talked about and depicted today, so we’re going to illuminate you on the subject. First and foremost, unicorns are not, and never have been, real. This may seem like a bit of no-brainer, but there have been numerous historical accounts of people setting out on unicorn hunts. The longstanding hypothesis was that unicorns existed just outside the fringes of the known world, but explorations and colonization of the vast majority of Earth have proven such claims to be false. In 1663, Otto Von Guericke, who was the mayor of Magdeburg, Germany at the time, used fossil bones of a wooly rhinoceros and a mammoth along with the horn of a narwhale to create a two-legged unicorn skeleton. The people of the time were so dumb that one of the most skeptic and well known scholars of the era, Gottfried Leibniz, examined the remains and was convinced the fossils were from a real unicorn skeleton. He’s not the only one to have been duped by a narwhale horn though. They have a longstanding tradition of being pawned off as unicorn horns to ignorant noblemen for an exorbitant payday. Marco Polo mistook rhinoceroses as unicorns, describing them as, “They have the hair of a buffalo and feet like an elephant’s. They have a single large black horn in the middle of the forehead… ...Read More »

The Best Gaming Tattoos Ever


As with tattoos and tattooing, most people view video games and gaming as a hobby. For those people it probably is a hobby, something they take part in here or there and forget about for the majority of their lives. However, for a lot of people, gaming is a culture. It’s an industry/hobby that greatly impacts and defines their lives/experiences. It’s hard for people outside of a culture to understand what makes something like gaming such a vital part of another’s life, but it’s also something that tattoo enthusiasts and gamers have in common. For decades, and even still today, people who enjoyed and got tattoos were looked at as pariahs. Negative stigmas and stereotypes were, and sometimes still are, ascribed to tattooed people. They’re criminals, gang members, menaces to society, etc etc. As people ingrained in the tattoo culture, we know this isn’t true or even remotely representative of the whole. People who get and enjoy tattoos come from all walks of life, and most of us are respectable individuals who’ve never been convicted of anything other than loving tattoos. Gamers have gotten the same sort of bad rap. For decades they’ve been considered anti-social, unathletic basement dwellers who are wildly disconnected from reality and enjoy wasting their time. But those within the gaming community know that isn’t true. There are professional athletes who are so into gaming that they stream on Twitch in their spare time. Many gamers have families, run their own businesses, and enjoy gaming for ...Read More »

The Best Pokemon Tattoos We’ve Ever Seen

Dan Czar @danczartattoo

When most people think about Pokemon they think about a kids cartoon/video game series that’s meant for young children. For the most part, that’s also the demographic that The Pokemon Company – yes, that’s the name of the company who owns the rights to all things Pokemon – targets. However, Pokemon has been around for over 20 years. The Pokemon fan base now spans multiple generations and many fans are now well into their mid-20s and 30s, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many of these fans have Pokemon tattoos. This fact is also well supported by the characters represented in the tattoos featured in the Pokemon tattoo gallery featured below. Avid fans of the franchise will recognize that most of the characters being featured are from the original Pokemon series, which have long since been replaced by thousands of new Pokemon that have been introduced over the past 20 years since the franchise started with its initial round of 151. Younger generations of fans have their own particular generation of Pokemon to identify with, whereas the older fans who were children and teenagers when the franchise was first released have a special connection with the original 151 Pokemon of yesteryear. (Although it also probably helps that the original 151 Pokemon were by far the best ever created.) Even if you’re not a Pokemon fan, the artistry depicted in the gallery below is simply astounding. Sure, Pokemon fans will be able to better appreciate some of the finer ...Read More »

The Best Dragon Ball Z Tattoos We’ve Ever Seen

adam perjatel @perjtattoo

In the Pokemon tattoo gallery we posted earlier today, we talked about a popular 90s franchise whose fans have grown old enough to start getting nostalgic tattoos of the franchise they’ve adored for over 20 years. Dragonball Z is one such franchise. In fact, it predates Pokemon by about seven years. Dragonball Z was initially released as a manga series in Japan’s Weekly Shōnen Jump back in 1988 before it premiered as a Japanese animated TV show on Fuji TV in 1989. While it quickly gained in popularity in Japan, it wasn’t released to the world until the animated series was dubbed in 1996, the same year Pokemon started taking the world by storm too. The initial manga ended in 1995 and was quickly followed by the anime’s conclusion in 1996. However, despite its relatively short lived story, Dragonball Z amassed a worldwide cult following and continued to be a popular franchise for almost two decades after its conclusion. In 2015, Toei Animation started airing Dragon Ball Super, an anime that picks up where the original franchise left off and continues the storyline of one of the most successful mange/anime franchises ever conceived. With over 20 years of history, the Dragonball Z tattoo gallery featured in this post should come as no surprise. The franchise has impact many people’s lives and is often fondly recalled by people who were fans of its initial run back in the 90s when they were children and/or teenagers. The artistry in the tattoos featured ...Read More »

Six Animalistic Tattoos

Feature Animals

It doesn’t matter whether one accepts it or not, there is a natural affinity between human beings and animals. This is the reason why many people feel more comfortable around animals than they do around other people. Animals and people have evolved together.  In many cultures certain animals are sacred while in a different culture that same animal is domesticated. Animal tattoos have been popular for centuries.  Some animals are chosen because they represent something unique and specific to the wearer and others are chosen because they have a more universal meaning. As we are about to find out, there are countless ideas when it comes to animal tattoos. These tattoos are rendered rather realistically, and sometimes incorporate old school, tribal or water colors to the overall artistic elements of the design. When it comes to the placement of animal tattoos, they can be inked anywhere on the body and usually, they are placed according to the preference of an individual getting the tattoo. In this blog, we are going to share the work of some of the most talented artists out there. Prepare to be blown away by the rawness of these creative minds. If you wish to follow the work they do, their names and Instagram handles are given below.   A sinister tattoo of a snake wrapped up around a razor with a flowery background. It brings to mind that beauty can only exist with sacrifice. Johnny Wogan is a family man and a tattoo artist at High Noon Tattoo Studio in ...Read More »

10 Bold Full Body Canvas Tattoos

Screen shot 2016-04-12 at 8.55.28 AM

Tattoos are works of art where your body serves as the canvas. Most people opt for one of two small tattoos at a time, but there are those enthusiasts who decide to make full use of their available space and get full body tattoos from head-to-toe. The most common form of full body tattoos is a collage made up of dozens of smaller tattoos. This is the easiest to accomplish because you regularly wind up with finished pieces you can show off to friends and family. A lot of people who use this method tend to have an overarching theme that ties many of the tattoos together to create one large work of art, like when someone uses a bunch of smaller pictures to make one giant picture. However, there is the more extreme case where someone gets one large portrait drawn along their body. These pieces are impressive in scope and competition, often taking days, sometimes weeks, of work consisting of multiple four-to-eight hour long tattooing sessions before the arduous task finally pays off. You can see examples of both in the pictures below, which give a variety of tattoo ideas for those looking to make full use of their own canvas. There are hundreds of art forms and styles to choose from that can pull together a full body tattoo, whether it’s a collage or one giant design. While these tattoos are quite impressive and admirable, we still recommend tattoo newcomers to get a single tattoo first before ...Read More »

Cherishable Cherry Pie Tattoos


WARNING: Reading this tattoo gallery may make your mouth water and cause you to spontaneously start craving pie. Reader discretion is advised. Cherry pie has been around since pie was first invented back in… um… the dawn of time? Who knows or cares? Cherry pie is delicious! (Whoops, that fell off the rails rather quickly.) Did you know that February 20th is National Cherry Pie Day for the United States of America? Neither did we, although we’re sure the rest of the world isn’t surprised that the U.S. has a day devoted to just one kind of pie. While we may not agree with an arbitrary day being assigned to a type of pie that isn’t apple, we’re dedicated to bringing you tattoo galleries for any holidays we can. There’s a long lived precedent of all things cherry going well with tattoo designs, and cherry pie is no exception. While they may not be directly tied to National Cherry Pie Day, the tattoos you see below are some of the most creative and vibrant cherry pie tattoos we’ve seen yet. The versatility of cherry pie tattoos can’t be understated. It can represent all sorts of meaning depending on the words and imagery it’s paired with. If you’re a cherry pie lover, or simply looking to get a design that utilizes cherry red, take a look at the tattoos in the gallery below before deciding on your next tattoo. There’s no telling what kind of inspiration these vibrant designs may invoke.   ...Read More »

Funniest Buttcrack Tattoos 1

We are all about the humor and jokes, and these guys definitely take the cake when it comes to butt humor. Here are some of the most disturbing, and funniest buttcrack tattoos out there today.  Read More »

Some of the Most Amazing German Tattoo Artists

Nomi Chi

Germany tends to turn out some amazing tattoo artists.  These artists all have a unique design aspect they use when tattooing that really tends to stand out. We dedicate this blog to some of the most amazing German tattoo artists out there, let us know if there’s any we missed!  Read More »

10 Mischievous Muerte Tattoos

Screen shot 2016-04-11 at 10.49.04 AM

Death has been personified by people for millennia, from simple artistic depictions of life and death to underworld gods taking human form. There are few personifications of death more readily identifiable than Santa Muerte, the folk saint of death acknowledged throughout Mexico and the Southwestern region of the United States. Santa Muerte is said to reign over life and death, offering healing, protection and safe passage to the afterlife for those who follow and worship in her name. While you may not have heard of Santa Muerte before, you’ve likely seen various depictions of her without realizing who/what you were looking at. She often appears as a skeletal female figure wearing a long robe and holding either a scythe, globe or variety of objects. However, muerte tattoos have taken on a life of their own. They usually break the mold and show either a fully-fleshed out woman or zombie-esque rendition of Santa Muerte with bone-like tattoos and body paint mixed with a variety of religious symbols. Tattoo artists all over the world have enjoyed depicting Santa Muerte in new and unique ways, making her easy on the eyes and appealing to a wide audience. Santa Muerte and, by extension, muerte tattoos have gained widespread popularity over the past couple of decades largely due to the worldwide recognition of the Day of the Dead. Oddly enough, worship of Santa Muerte has been opposed by the Catholic Church for as long as her worshippers have been around. Until very recently, Santa Muerte ...Read More »