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Mario Desa at MUSINK


[youtube] (Mario can be found at Chicago Tattoo Company in beautiful Chicago, IL)Read More »

Steve Byrne at MUSINK

steve byrne

[youtube] (Steve Byrne can be found at Rock of Ages Tattoo in Austin, Texas)Read More »

Dan Smith: “With the Light of Truth” (Video)


[youtube] (Dan Smith can be found at High Voltage Tattoo and Dan Smith Tattoos.)Read More »

Troy Denning at Musink (Video)

troy pic

[youtube] (Troy Denning can be found at Invisible NYC in New York)Read More »

MUSINK: On the Road in Orange County

This thing was the size of a small child...

By John Musink was three days of skating, rock ‘n roll and hanging with some old peeps, while meeting some new ones… Oh, I guess some people got tattooed as well? Above is a video compilation we put together from some of the activities at Musink. However, it’s hard to cram a whole show into a three minute video clip, so we have added some pics and another short video below… Enjoy!Read More »

Mike Shea from Redemption Tattoo at Musink

[youtube] (Mike Shea can be found at and More »

R.I.P. “Rollo”/Mike Malone Memorial Video: TAM

Portrait of Rollo M. By Thomas Woodruff 1992

In the city of Chicago, mid-2007 at the memorial celebration for legendary tattoo artist Mike “Rollo Banks” Malone upwards of 25 tattoo artists, family and friends concluded the day by getting tattooed with an ink batch containing a spoonful Malone’s ashes. It was a loving act of tribute to the man perhaps most responsible for the gigantic growth of modern tattooing in the mid to late 20th century, both inside the craft of tattooing and in the larger public perception of tattooing itself. Mike changed the world, (our world, anyway),even co-curating New York’s very first exhibit of tattoo-based art and history, represented as a true form of American Folk Art. That was Mike’s introduction to the tattoo world, by the way. The rest is history. Chase LIsbon filmed and photographed for all of us that day and created this touching 3 min video to commemorate our ongoing celebration of Rollo, his art and his legacy. For us and for posterity. To this day, it’s hard to get through this video without an uprising of tears in my eyes. Tears of sadness, yes, but also tears of joy. — Long Live ROLLO BANKS!! — Teacher. Friend. And so many. Tattooing would not be what it is today without you, Mike. (Neither would I.) Thank you. -Crash [youtube=] [Video edited by Chase Lisbon] Read this touching account of Rollo by famed artist Dave Waugh- “Happy Birthday, Rollo”    *LIMITED QUANTITY- We have uncovered perhaps the last few copies of TAM #6, Mike Malone’s ...Read More »

West Texas Tattoo Convention: On the Road from San Angelo, Texas

Alex Trufant getting tattooed by Aaron Coleman

By John After a week-long stay in Austin, Texas (ATX) following the Star of Texas Convention, I jumped in a cargo van and drove out to the West Texas Tattoo Convention in San Angelo. It turned out that a few people from the ATX show also made the scary journey through the west Texas dessert, including Richard Stell, Rock of Ages, Austin Tattoo Co., Electric 13 Tattoo and Triple Crown Tattoo. I’m sure there were others and I apologize for not mentioning you here.Read More »

State of Grace Tattoo Convention, San Francisco: PART I

State of Grace Dinner of Champions

By Crash: This has long been one of my favorite conventions each year and 2010 was better than ever. A million ‘Thanks’ to Horitaka and crew for doing such a fine job organizing and promoting the STATE OF GRACE show (as usual) and for taking such good care of TAM and all the attending artists/vendors. On Sunday evening, following the power outage at our hotel (more on that later) and early-ending to the convention,  my partner Kent Smith, friend Hunter Spanks and I all shared my usual sushi and sake (cold, unfiltered) celebratory dinner at the very fine Barracuda Japanese Restaurant. During the meal we each discussed our favorite aspects of the weekend. It was an interesting exercise and this blog entry is the result. I hope it proves entertaining to readers.Read More »