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4 Issues: (Subscription with Special DVD Edition)
USA $120.00 – Canada $145.00 – International $150.00

4 Issues:
USA $76.00 – Canada $100.00 – International $130.00

Prices listed above include shipping.

Tam issue 38Tattoo Artist Magazine is a tattoo trade ONLY magazine.

Subscribers to TAM get free stuff with their subscription: t-shirts, stickers, giveaways, etc. Plus for every issue there will be a drawing that only subscribers can participate in: tattoo machines, power supplies, original artwork, limited flash, posters, etc.

Subscribers who choose the Special DVD Edition will receive all the benefits of a basic subscription. Plus they will receive the DVD Edition including: exclusive video footage, extended tattoo galleries including hundreds of photos, content, and much more.

Stay up to date with top artists, tools, and much more!

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  1. Please contact the magazine’s shipping department. Info on the main website, or email:
    he will need your full name, address(es), and …maybe that’s it.

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