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Donate To TAM

DONATE to the TAM and support our Tattoo Community Project

Bringing you unique information, interviews, and designs takes hundreds of hours each month. If you enjoy reading our articles, watching our video interviews and seeing thousands of tattoo design ideas, please consider becoming a Supporting Member with a recurring monthly donation of your choosing. We will certainly appreciate!

Who we are:

Tattoo Artist Magazine is the longest running, independent, community-created art project on modern tattoo art & culture in world. It is completely self-funded and offers high-quality printed magazines for collectors featuring the very best tattoo art, artists and educational material available.

donate-to-TAM-2The TAM project is and always has been a tattoo community project.

Eleven years, 39 issues, 150 interviews, and more than 250 contributing artists later, TAM has evolved to include books, a complete digital library, a robust social media network (of more than 5million followers), and this blog- a space where conscientious artists, collectors and respected companies can share their views, educate the masses, and help elevate the ancient art and craft of tattooing.


The TAM blog has 1700 articles and more than 4Million views to date.

All free and all funded by proceeds from magazine sales. (Pick up a subscription and support the cause!)

TAM’s mission is to Educate, Inspire & Entertain artists, fans & seasoned collectors by presenting the very best modern tattooing has to offer.

DONATE to help TAM continue this mission, any amount will be welcome. Based on our donations, here are what our supporters donate:

$higher donations

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