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The Cutest Rabbit Tattoos Ever

Rabbit (2)

Rabbits are some of the most commonly found animals in the world. They thrive in a number of biomes, procreate at explosive rates and adapt quite well – which has resulted in a lot of different rabbit species. That being said, rabbits are some of the cutest looking animals on the planet and are beloved by millions for their cutesy looks and the way their nose wiggles. This gallery is made up of some of the most amazing looking rabbit tattoos you’ll ever seen. If you like rabbits or tattoos, you’re going to love this gallery.Read More »

Badass Unique Animal Tattoos

Mark Duhan @markduhan

There are a lot of animals that get a bunch of love from tattoo enthusiasts, like dogs, cats and lions. But there are a ton of animals that you don’t see nearly as often, making it hard for us to create a full length gallery for them. That’s why we’re bringing you today’s unique creatures gallery. These are badass animal tattoo designs that feature animals that aren’t the subject of tattoos as often as their more popular counterparts. We’re not saying these animals are less popular in general, we just have a hard time finding stunningly done tattoos of them. If you have a unique animal tattoo design you want to share, be sure to do so on Instagram and maybe you’ll all make it possible for us to feature some of these animals in their own gallery.  Read More »

Puurrfect Cat Tattoos

Matteo Pasqualin @matteopasqualin

Earlier we talked about man’s best friend (you can check it out here),so it’s only fair we now bring you a gallery about its feline counterpart. The ongoing debate about whether or not dogs and cats are better will continue to rage despite any claims we make, and frankly there are people in both camps here at TAM so we wouldn’t be able to come up with a definitive answer anyway. That being said, even dog lovers can’t deny how amazing these cat tattoos look. If you’re a lover of great tattoos, you’ll find a way to set aside your dog/cat opinions and love these tattoos no matter what.  Read More »

Incredible Lion Tattoos


The lion, aka the “King of the Jungle”, is the second-largest living cat after the tiger – which you can see a gallery for by clicking here. When most people think of lions they envision the power male lion with its large bushy mane, but female lions look more panther-like in appearance, giving artists a sort of noticeable gender variance that isn’t seen in many animal species. Lions have been inspiring people for years and become largely associated with myths and legends, like the chimera depiction you’ll see in the gallery below. There’s so much intense symbolism you can use with lions that the design options are endless. We hope you enjoy this gallery as much as we do.  Read More »

Sublime Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing Tattoos

John Barrett @yogi_barrett

The “wolf in sheep’s clothing” idiom is largely associated with Aesop’s fables but actually originates from the Bible. In the King James Version, Matthew 7:15 states, “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” The lesson of falsehood has been passed down over the centuries and is one of the most widely understood idioms around the world today. These tattoos have chosen to take the idiom a bit more literally than it intends, and to sublime artistic effect. This tattoo gallery is a massive testament to how the same bit of symbolism can be used in strikingly different ways, so that no two tattoos ever look alike.  Read More »

15 Cheerful Chimpanzee Tattoos

Led Coult @ledcoult

Do you like chimpanzees? Do you like cheerful tattoos? Then you’re going to love this gallery. It’s full of nothing but cheerful chimpanzee tattoos that’ll brighten your day and make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Like all the tattoos we feature, except for the occasional bad tattoo galleries, these tats are top-notch and will leave you wanting to get a chimpanzee tattoo of your very own. If you do, we highly recommend sharing it with us on Instagram so we can possibly feature it in our next chimpanzee gallery. Until then, we hope you enjoy these fifteen tattoos and we’ll see you later.  Read More »

Wicked Wildlife Themed Tattoos

Artist Meehow Kotarski

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Six Animalistic Tattoos

Feature Animals

It doesn’t matter whether one accepts it or not, there is a natural affinity between human beings and animals. This is the reason why many people feel more comfortable around animals than they do around other people. Animals and people have evolved together.  In many cultures certain animals are sacred while in a different culture that same animal is domesticated. Animal tattoos have been popular for centuries.  Some animals are chosen because they represent something unique and specific to the wearer and others are chosen because they have a more universal meaning. As we are about to find out, there are countless ideas when it comes to animal tattoos. These tattoos are rendered rather realistically, and sometimes incorporate old school, tribal or water colors to the overall artistic elements of the design. When it comes to the placement of animal tattoos, they can be inked anywhere on the body and usually, they are placed according to the preference of an individual getting the tattoo. In this blog, we are going to share the work of some of the most talented artists out there. Prepare to be blown away by the rawness of these creative minds. If you wish to follow the work they do, their names and Instagram handles are given below.   A sinister tattoo of a snake wrapped up around a razor with a flowery background. It brings to mind that beauty can only exist with sacrifice. Johnny Wogan is a family man and a tattoo artist at High Noon Tattoo Studio in ...Read More »

The Best Tattoos For Dog Lovers


A dog is man’s best friend, and the most common household pet. The dog is well known for its companionship, loyalty and being a playful mate, which makes it a good pet. For these reasons people have been getting tattoos of their dogs or it’s paw prints as a way of showing love for the animal. People who love dogs like the idea of having dog print tattoos tattooed on their body.  Dog paw tattoos can be composed of various designs. You can have a design whereby you have your dog’s paw together with its name. This makes the tattoo more specific. It demonstrates the love you have towards your dog. Another great design for this tattoo is whereby you include the head of the dog and it’s name. If you like huge tattoos, you can have the image of the whole dog and also it’s name. It is an amazing tattoo that is admired by many. We think these are some of the most unique and best doggie tattoos out there. Which one is your favorite?    Read More »

Tattooed Turtles- Trying to stop turtle extinction!

Turtle Tattoo Party! members of the TSA mark turtles to save their lives.

You Can Tattoo a Turtle? Tattoos have been used for wildlife identification for years. ID numbers have been inscribed on rabbit ears, bear lips, and on the bellies of various mammals.  But turtles don’t have big floppy ears, nor do they have big fleshy lips, and their “belly” is a hard shell.  How could one possibly tattoo a turtle?  Turtles have walked the earth for 220 million years, outlasting their early contemporaries – the dinosaurs. These ancient animals now face an unprecedented extinction crisis, as they have become the most endangered group of vertebrates in the world. The Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA) is a globally recognized force in turtle and tortoise conservation with an international network of centers, field, research, conservation, and recovery programs with a commitment to zero turtle extinctions. One of the more unconventional tools in our conservation toolbox is a simple tattoo machine.  Tattoos were first used by our North American Freshwater Turtle Research Group, which surveys springs in Florida and Texas using volunteers (no experience required!). The team does a lot of work with softshell turtles in these areas and the traditional methods for marking turtles (filing a notch in the shell) were ineffective with these species because of their cartilaginous shell. Andy Weber, one of our volunteers, had heard about tattooing bear lips and modified the technique for use on softshell turtles.  A unique number tattooed on the underside of the turtle allows scientists to identify the turtles as they are recaptured over the years, ...Read More »

10 Amazingly Cute Furry Animal Tattoos!


Whether it’s a pet or you’re just an animal lover, animal tattoos never go out of style! Here’s a small collection of furry animal tattoos from the artists at STR Body Modifications for your viewing pleasure…Hope you’re not allergic!Read More »