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*New* Pictures Added To The TAM Gallery

Tattoos by Ross Carlson Portland, OR   Read More »

Joe Larralde: Polynesian Tattooing in the Pacific Northwest

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 5.22.02 PM

By Joe Larralde Polynesian tattooing is alive and well here in the Pacific Northwest. Washington and Oregon have long been a hub for Hawaiian and other people of Pacific-island descent. Portland in particular has a large and ever growing population, and fortunately for me they are seeking out their roots when choosing their tattoos…Read More »

Portland Tattoo Expo, On the Road in Oregon


By Nicki Kasper I was looking forward to the Portland Tattoo Expo knowing that I had several friends working it and fun and debauchery would ensue. The fact that Portland is just a short drive from where I live was an awesome added bonus…Read More »