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You Can’t Be Serious…


This just in! Tattoos that are only halfway done do not look cool! We’re not sure if some of these people did it on purpose or just couldn’t afford to get the entire tattoo finished. We just wanted to make sure you all knew not to follow in their footsteps. Actually, don’t follow in any of these people’s footsteps. Do yourself a favor and hire a professional tattoo artist for all of your tattooing needs. Yes, it can be expensive and time consuming, but we’re talking about art that’s created by actually wounding yourself. Sometimes cutting corners and prices just isn’t worth it.Read More »

Point Out the Fail…..Ready, Set, GO!


Have you ever seen those old “Spot the Difference” images – where two nearly identical images are placed side-by-side and you have to point out the subtle differences? Think of this tattoo gallery like that, only there’s only one image and you get to point out all the ways the tattoo or piercing in the image went wrong. Feel free to talk about placement, design, line work, etc. These images are so bad that you don’t need to be a professional tattoo artist or piercer to see where they went wrong. So have fun and let us know what you find in the comment section below.Read More »

Horrendous Tattoos


The last few days we’ve enjoyed showing off superb tattoos created by talented artists, but now it’s Monday and we have to give the people what they want. And yes, all the numbers suggest that people want to see horrendous tattoos like these. We’re being upfront about this. We hate bad tattoos. We hate looking at them or even thinking they exist, let alone run rampant on epidermal layers all over the world. But for some reason most of you enjoy looking at them more than actual works of art, so we’ll give you what you want. Don’t say we never listened to you.Read More »

Why You Shouldn’t Let Scratchers Tattoo You


Your friend has a tattoo gun and is looking for people to practice on? He/she can draw really well so you’re sure it’ll come out fine?! We’d like to think the people below had a conversation that included someone else asking those questions in an incredulous fashion, but the truth is probably that half of the people featured in the gallery below were drunk on some level and thought, “Tattoo? Hell yeah!” Do yourself a favor and make sure the tattoos you get are done by a professional and not some in-home scratcher that will leave you in one of our “bad tattoos” galleries.Read More »

When Tattooing Goes Horribly Wrong!


Tattoos can go horribly wrong is a variety of ways, from misspelled words to design confusion. Unfortunately, tattoo guns don’t come with erasers. Mistakes often aren’t easy or simple to fix. You either have to go over the mistake again and hide it within the design or potentially be left with the mistake forever. The gallery below shows a bunch of tattoos who went horribly wrong, either in the overall decision-making process or during their application. Most of them are clearly screwed up because they were crafted by amateurs, and are prime examples of why you should always hire a professional for all of your tattooing needs.Read More »

Wow, Very Bad!


There are a lot of bad tattoos in the gallery below that will surely shock and amaze you at just how terrible they are. However, we’d like to talk about one in particular – the man with the dick down his leg. First of all, the tattoo is terribly drawn. It’s not even a good-looking dick. Secondly, this is one of the worst tattoo ideas anyone could ever have. Why would you get a tattoo of something that dwarfs one of your own body parts? It’s essentially a reminder of your own inadequacy at that point, because it’s clear as day you won’t ever reach the proportions of your tattoo! In short, we’re pretty sure he’s massively over compensating for something.Read More »



SERIOUSLY! WE’VE BEEN OVER THIS AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN! We’re sure many of you are tired of us showing and talking about bad tattoos just as much as we are, but for some reason people still haven’t gotten the message. Tattoos like these are BAD – something these people should be ashamed of. They say bad things about each person’s decision-making capabilities. Yes, we know that sounds cruel, but just look at the gallery! It’s pretty self-explanatory. A professional may cost a lot more money, but we’re talking about a permanent piece of art. Something that’ll last longer than your next car! Get it done right or not at all.Read More »

The Full Spectrum of Bad Tattoos


The gallery contains the full spectrum of bad tattoos, from dangerously infected tats to poorly drawn touch-ups. Ever wondered what all forms of bad tattooing looks like? Just check out the gallery below and you’ll see all the examples you could possibly need. (But don’t worry, we’ll keep you stocked with periodic bad tattoo pictures from now until the end of time.) Don’t yourself a favor and learn from these people’s example of what NOT to do. Hire someone with actual talent to craft your tattoos and make sure you take proper care of your tattoos after they’re applied.Read More »



You might be wondering about the title of this post. What could it possibly have to do with a tattoo gallery?! You’re probably even ready to jump into the comments section and angrily type out something about “clickbait”. But you see, these tattoos are so bad they’ll sneak up on you like Jaws. You’ll just casually start scrolling through then BAM, you’ll finally see the most horrendous tattoo of your life! A tattoo so bad you’ll start to rethink your stance on tattoos altogether. Either that, or our brains are fried from seeing so many horrendous tattoos recently that we thought, “F it. Why not?”Read More »

18 Absolutely Awful Tattoos


Have you ever seen a TV show or movie make fun of bad tattoos by having someone get a poorly translated foreign language tattoo they can’t read, or getting a misspelled “No Regrets” tattoo? Well apparently people are actually dumb enough to get tattoos that are just as bad, if not worse, than the comedic exaggerations that make fun of them. WARNING: Some of the tattoos you’re about to see may cause you to facepalm so hard that you knock yourself out. A helmet may be advisable. (You think we’re kidding, but good luck getting through this gallery without feeling the intense need to facepalm.)Read More »

Awfully Awful Tattoos


We’re not so sure that some of the tattoos featured in this gallery aren’t infected, but we do know they’re all dreadfully awful. Have you ever wondered just how badly someone can screw up a textual tattoo? This gallery has multiple horrendous font tattoos that’ll probably cause you to reevaluate what you think constitutes a bad tattoo. Either that, or you’ll walk away with a new level of horrible on your grading scale. These tattoos are so bad we wouldn’t wish them on our most hated enemies. No one deserves to have tattoos as bad as these, and yet apparently there are people out there who are happily showing them off.Read More »

More Absolutely Horrible Tattoos


We heard you like to look at bad tattoos. Why? We’re seriously asking. Because we’re incredibly tired of seeing these atrocities, but you all flock to them like someone who’s been stuck in the desert for 3 days would haul ass to an oasis. (Too bad it’s always a mirage.) So please, at least tell us why you like looking at horrible tattoos more than tattoos that are drawn by extremely talented industry professionals. At least explain to us why you’re still not tired of seeing horrible tattoos like we are. Maybe it’s because you don’t actually have to sift through them day after day. Whatever the reason, here are more absolutely horrible tattoos. Enjoy.Read More »

Fucking Ridiculous Tattoos


Would you look at that! More horrendous tattoos that people are showing off online. You’d think it’d be harder to find these because people wouldn’t want them their mistakes broadcast for the world to see, but it’s actually easier to find bad tattoo pictures than good ones. If you’re going to honor your religion and belief system with a tattoo, why wouldn’t you get something high quality? We’re not sure we even want to know what “BLUT EHRE” means. And we hope you enjoy the side-by-side comparison showing how you get what you pay for. Please don’t make the same mistakes these people made.Read More »

Extremely Bad Tattoos


Do you hate your body? Do you hate tattoos? Do you enjoy terrible art? Then this gallery is going to be eye-wateringly beautiful to you! For the rest of us, this gallery of terrible tattoos is a nice reminder than we didn’t end up entirely messed up human beings and are at least capable of making some decent life decisions that others are not. Oh, was that a bit mean? Should we give these poor souls the benefit of the doubt and act like they could learn not to be stupid enough to get such awful tattoos permanently etched on their bodies? Well we’ve done that plenty of times. Sometimes you have to institute a nice healthy heaping dose of tough love… without the love.Read More »

Did a 5th Grader Tattoo These?


Some of you may remember the American quiz show Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?, where contestants were asked questions that children in 5th grade of elementary school were expected to know. The show, while mostly entertaining for its comedic overtones, opened a lot of people’s eyes to just how much 5th grade school students – who are generally between the age of 10 & 11-years-old – knew. Granted, that’s not exactly what this gallery hopes to accomplish, because we’re sure there are many 5th graders who could do a better tattoo job than the rubbish crap you’ll see in the gallery below.Read More »