Stay Humble with Dave Wah: The Exclusive Tattoo Snob Interview

By Kevin Miller I generally excited about everything that’s posted on Tattoo Snob, but I’m really excited about my interview with Dave Wah. Dave has been killing it for a long time, and he recently opened Stay Humble Tattoo Company in Baltimore, Maryland. I shot Dave a handful of questions about his tattooing, opening

Nipple Tattoos and their Michelangelo

By Katy Watson Source: BBC News, Baltimore: A tattooist in Baltimore has built up a huge customer base because of his unusual specialty - tattooing nipples on to women who have suffered from cancer and had their breasts removed. There is something very familiar about the suburbs of small towns across America. The

Baltimore Tattoo Convention: On the Road in Maryland

By John Baltimore single-handedly wiped me out… Well, actually, one night with Hunter Spanks wiped me out! And how about those Orioles, huh? Anybody? No… okay. I love the Baltimore Tattoo Convention because I get to spend three days with Hunter. Except, that particular weekend we crammed three days into one night!