Do These Tattoos Bug You?

Were you one of those kids who collect bugs while your friends collected trading cards? Did you own a preying mantis or tarantula instead of cats and dogs? Then this bug tattoo gallery is specifically for you, although we admit that even people incredibly afraid of bugs can find something

Sean Herman: Tattoo Collectors (Part II)

By Sean Herman This past Hell City I was fortunate to tattoo three different collectors. Collectors are a whole different breed of client getting tattooed. They are passionately pursuing specific tattooers, and getting pieces to signify the work from that tattooer, no matter what the subject matter of the piece

Tattoo Artist Magazine California Road Trip

By Crash I'm too old for this shit, but damn, what an adventure! I thought I could write something short to share the TAM Road Trip journey and give TAM Blog a little more content. I believe the potentials we have with the TAM Blog are pretty evident, and given enough time,